He's a Linderman Guy


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Scene Title He's A Linderman Guy
Synopsis Liz comes over with a dress and heels, helps Abby snap some pea's for dinner and voices the concern about who the date is, while Abby voices back that no one seemed to worry before.
Date March 8, 2010

Old Lucy's - Upstairs

When the text came from Teo that he could catch up with her at Abby's, that suited Elisabeth just fine. She'd just fielded a call from Abby. It was the best call ever. Abby wants a dress. Elisabeth is happy to oblige. When she arrives at the apartment over the bar, Elisabeth is bearing a garment bag from her apartment. She and Abby are of a size, thank goodness, so Liz just raided her own closet. Not like her club-wear gets any use these days. And no woman is without a basic Little Black Slinky Thing. And she even included the strappy fuck-me heels, too. The ones that are only two inches instead of the four-inchers — cuz Abby will complain over the four-inch spikes, she's pretty sure.

Knocking twice on the front door, Liz tries the knob pretty much expecting that Abby's left the door open for her. She always does even though Elisabeth grouses every time it happens. She herself is looking casual and comfortable in scruffy jeans (beneath which hide thermals!) and a heavy leather jacket. "Hey Abs!" she calls as she enters.

In abigail's defense, it's because there's a bar between her and the lurkings of evil outside. That and she knows Liz is coming and the woman might not have the new code to the door this week. "Kitchen!" The harried blonde calls out, no smells of dinner yet happening. The roast itself big enough to feed eight people but with the intention of dinner for only two. But leftovers for the guys. Brenda had slipped up earlier to put it in. Apple pie made the night before and ready to be reheated, the snapping of pea's happening in the kitchen.

"I didn't have time today, just getting anywhere was crazy enough with the bus and then when we got there, we were getting yelled at for not getting there in time to suit the patients or their family. praise the lord we didn't loose anyone, Johan did. But. Thank you liz. You'll have to tell me how much I owe you for the dress" She's still in her uniform pants and boots, white cotton undershirt beneath but with hair let down.

"Ffft. Owe me? Are you insane?" Elisabeth sets the garment bag down and slips her coat off, though she does leave her firearm tucked into the front of her pants. It's mostly not visible. "I just pulled it from my closet. Let me help with the peas. Go jump in the shower. It should suit nicely." She shoves the sleeves of her cranberry shirt to her elbows to wash her hands before touching the food. "It's hateful out there," she agrees. "I was helping the Guard distribute blankets and food at one of the shelters today and damned if we weren't overrun with desperate people." She shakes her head. "If this weather gets worse, we're in a world of hurt."

"I'll shower closer to the time. Roberts not showing up till a little before Eight. But many hands make light work" Abigail raises brows at the cold comment. "Liz, it's just barely below freezing out there. It's just the snow really and the ice that makes it all so horrid." the blonde points out. "Spent too much time on the coast I think, training, got used to the coastal weather. Russia was worse than this" She points out. Pea's fall to her mercy, and there's potatoes to peel and cull into little balls. She's going all out for RObert, in as much as she went all out for Lucrezia that one time.

"The cold is workable — it's not to danger levels yet. It's the snow volume. Or more accurately, the ice problem." Elisabeth grimaces as she starts helping out. "There are a lot of senior citizens essentially trapped in their homes and unable to get out. The shelters are getting full because the places people usually sleep in dry weather are obviously not going to work out with four-foot drifts out there." She shakes her head. "And of course, there's the flu situation. Which just scares the begeezus out of me, honestly." She glances at Abby and says quietly, "Eve Mas came down with it."

"Magnes has a seventeen year old living in his apartment, with the evo flu, ferry has a safehouse out by summer meadows that's got some kids with it. This isn't boding well liz, not in the least. This has to be Shanti virus. A further down the line version, but the shanti virus none the less, I mean, how many illnesses affect evolveds only and take away abilities?"

Elisabeth's hands pause in their snapping of the peas and says, "Shit… he's wearing a mask and stuff, right?" Cuz he's a putz, but he's a good kid at heart. "Why would you think it's the Shanti virus?" She looks puzzled by that, and alarmed. "I would have thought Cat would be all over that if she could verify it. Richard thinks that it could be something worked up by maybe the missing scientists. I don't know, though. It could have been something related to Shanti. I'm no scientist, so I have no idea. But I definitely think someone ought to be taking a damn close look at it."

"You'll have to ask Cat, I'm still being watched so I have to be careful where I Go. So you'll have to give Richard my apologies but I can't come to the meeting. It's just.. I don't want to lead Kozlow or whomever to the library or the cops there. You know they'd want to know why i'm visiting an old place like that. That and trails to and from the library are gonna be waist high soon" A few last peas are done before Abby's wiping her hands on a dishtowel and getting out plates and bowls and wineglasses.

"Yeah. We're actually planning on talking about that at the meeting," Elisabeth replies, popping a handful of raw peas in her mouth to crunch on. "Bones is one of those guys who works in the city's underground systems. I've got him checking into whether we can come up with an alternative entry. Because we can't keep going in and out in this kind of snow. Too many trails. Definitely already an issue." Elisabeth hesitates and asks mildly, "So how much do you like this guy, Abs?"

"I Like him enough. you've met him Liz. It's Robert. Robert who brought us guns in Russia, the same guy I went to the gala with. I like him enough to think it's worth dipping my toes into the pool Liz. Why?"

Elisabeth simply shakes her head a little and says softly, "I'd like to see you… happy. And I admit…" Propping a hip on the counter, she watches the other woman pull out dishes. "The fact that he's a Linderman guy makes me…. worry. And it's rude and selfish and paranoid, but I can't help wondering what he'd be willing to do for us. Or for you. He's… done some pretty shady things to help you. And I've been kicking around the question of whether that's on his own recognizance or under orders." She grimaces. "And feel free to hit me for being suspicious. I'll shut up now."

"It's him Liz, actually. It's all him. He showed up at the bar one day, couple weeks after the youtube video. He gave the news station hell for announcing my name. He's.. showed up now and then, when I've called in need of help. He also came around when the Linderman Group and the Triad were going at it, asking if I could help with anyone who got caught in between, innocents." The Table remains in the kitchen, not moved anywhere to make it more accessible. Just a proper tablecloth on it and a centerpiece of flowers.

"It is you being paranoid okay. What he's willing to do, what he is willing to do and not on behalf of the Linderman group is help. He asked me as much at the Gala afterward. That he heard me in Russia and wanted to offer his help again, like he did with getting Joseph and Colette outta that place, I think there's something going down, because he's trying to make sure that people he knows, who are protected right now, who are evolved, can be helped if something happens"

Abigail sets the plates down to level a look at Liz. "Not all those who work for Linderman are devious and deserving to be put down. Would you be this paranoid if I was still with Flint Liz? Because you never voiced any complaints with Flint. or is it only because I'm actually attempting to date a man instead of just laying in his bed"

Elisabeth chuckles just a bit and admits quietly, "I would be this paranoid with anyone trying to get close to the people I care about right now." She shrugs a little and looks down and then back up, pain in her gaze. "It's not about sleeping with him versus dating him — I'm actually really glad you're dating him. Falling into bed with Flint might have been good for you on some levels, but I also knew that it wasn't really… you. In terms of how you want to live your life." She considers all that Abby's said and nods slowly. "I think if he's trying to cover people… that you're right, things are coming down. The question is…. does he just want to cover a few people? Or does he really want to get involved and perhaps help sort out what's actually coming down? So far as I'm concerned…. he seems like a decent man. Like I said, chalk it all up to my paranoia at this point." She smirks slightly. "Blame it on Alec. Before him, I'm not sure I would have looked as closely as I am lately."

Oh if only Liz knew about the alley. But she'll never know about the alley. "I think it's more than a few people, and I don't know if he'll actively get his hands into the pot, I don't see him doing that, but… he's been pretty good Liz at helping out when it's needed and of giving warning when something's going down so that I could warn folks away from places." The blonde points out while setting out the glasses.,

There's a bit of a nod and then Elisabeth smiles. "All right. That's all I need to know, I guess. And he makes you smile and dress all flirty. It's good to see you doing it." She chuckles. "I think you'll like the dress."

"He wants to meet my friends" She points out to the frontline officer. "He objected to me kicking everyone out for a few hours, but I told him that I was wanting a quiet night and I'm not prepared for Teo to be making angry faces at him or god forbid someone showing up and calling him a Lindergoon. I didn't want to go out either and really, I mean, how often does he get a homemade meal? I'm betting not often" Abigail smiles at that. "But thank you, for the dress, I hope he'll like it. Better probably than jeans and a sweater. I'm going to put Pila in the master bedroom and Scarlett will stay out of the way

Elisabeth laughs outright. "Can you see Teo sitting there with angry Teo-face?" she giggles. "Hmmmm. It makes for an amusing mental image, anyway." She winks. "I think you'll both like it. It's not too racy or anything. I even brought the shoes." She tilts her head and says quietly, "You look… good, Abby." It's something she envies right now. In spite of the worry, Abby's able to find this moment of being 'normal'.

"I've seen his angry face. He doesn't like Robert" Satisfied with the table, she's back to the counter and pulling out a bottle of red wine. Something that she had one of the girls downstairs go out and buy that would be good and not cheap and foul tasting. The problems with courting someone who's tastes might run no where near provincial as Abby's do.

"I'm a cork ready to pop Liz. Really. I'm so stressed right now. I just, I want to grab these few hours and just not have anything go wrong, or screw up or rear it's head and demand my attention. I'm turning the phone off, unplugging the landline and locking the doors. He can't exactly do that to his phone but.. I can hope and I can wish and maybe get some sleep tonight when all is said and done"

The blonde ex-cop laughs at that. "Well, now…. that tells me that you really like him. He's got you all flustered." Elisabeth smirks. "I can tell the guards on your door to make sure nothing short of Armageddon interrupts your night, but I can't do a think about Robert's phone, m'dear," she chuckles.

"I am not flustered about him Liz. Robert doesn't fluster me. Robert is.. Robert. I'm stressed from work and the snow, the bar. I got Odessa Knudtson sleeping in my back room, Peter Petrelli for a partner, Evo flu going around and team Russia stalking me. Though, really, he's had more than enough a chance to kill me. Then my Momma and my Dah liz. Being flustered by Robert? Not high on my stress level"

Abigail digs the corkscrew into the bottle, pulling it out with a pop at the end and grabbing a brand new decanter for wine. Walmart god bless you, there would be no crystal and matching places tonight, but at least the red could 'breathe' like Heather had implicitly instructed her to do.

Both eyebrows shoot up and Elisabeth snickers softly. "I do adore you. You have all the right priorities, kiddo." Liz moves to give Abby a quick hug, dropping a brief buss on the side of her head. "Have fun tonight, okay? Enjoy your dinner. I'm going to get out of your hair so you can relax a little before he shows. It looks like Teo stood me up anyway." She grins. "Let me know how it goes, all right?"

"Punch him in the nose. Tell him we still have to talk" There's a brief one armed hug before Abby peels away from the kitchen and opposite Liz so that she can start getting ready. The roast is starting to smell up the apartment but in a good way.

Elisabeth smiles faintly. She won't be punching Teo in the nose…. just checking to see if he'd heard that their students were now all targets. But Abby doesn't need to know that tonight. "I'll remind him. See you later, lady."

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