He's A Very Unique Case


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Scene Title He's A Very Unique Case
Synopsis Felix finally corners Kaylee for questioning on the attack at the Petrelli Mansion.
Date April 20, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

He tried to convince them to let him meet her somewhere informal. It didn't work. He's still officially Bureau liaison, he's still got some rights here. So, here, belatedly, is the meeting. It's in a room that look more like a break room than some terrible interrogation chamber. Though there is an eyebolt for the securing of cuffs on the table. She's shown in by a uniform, told to wait. And indeed, a moment later, there's Felix, with a couple of bottled waters in hand, distracted expression, and lack of suit jacket. It exposes the shoulder rig he wears and the .45 riding in it, with the same casualness another man might wear a tie tack.

There was no surprise when she got a phone call to come in to the Police Department. It's not the first time she's been there, she had been there a few months ago to register. So when the door opens to admit the FBI agent into the room, Kaylee offers him a small smile. She sits in the chair, jean clad legs crossed, her biker boots still a little wet from the walk through the snow. Her brown leather jacket has been draped over the back of the chair, leaving her in a soft maroon sweater with a cream turtle neck underneath.

Wavy blonde hair is brushed back from her face, "Agent Ivanov, I take it?" Kaylee's words polite, the smile genuine.

"Yes, thank you," he says, with a the sort of flustered, apologetic smile one'd expect on a junior professor, rather than a hardened Agent. The impression's heightened by his suit, the neat goatee he's cultivated, and the blackrimmed glasses. "Thank you for coming in. It's belated, but….I'm just wanting to talk to you about the incident at the Petrelli's house."

There is a short nod of her head, "I've been waiting for to be called," Kaylee admits, her smile widening briefly, before it falls away into a much more serious look. "I want the guy found, probably as much as you do. He almost killed Peter." Leaning forward, she folds her hands and rests them on the table.

"So, Agent, how can I help you?" Brows lift slightly, Kaylee's head tilts to one side ever so slightly.

"Well, first of all, just tell me what you remember," Felix says, tone almost affable. "But….do you want something to drink? We've got coffee and juice beside the water. It's -terrible- coffee, but you can have it if you want," he offers, scratching at his chin through the beard.

"I'm fine." Kaylee says, waving a hand in dismissal, "But thank you."

Gaze drops to the table as she thinks back, trying to remember. "Peter and I were in the living room, in front of the fire. Both of us were sick at the time." She glances up as she continues. "He went to poke at the fire, when he suddenly went flying. Smoke poured into the room, the couch I was on was flipped.

"When he threw Peter out the window, his back was too me, so I got up and tried to hit him with the poker." Lips press together and brows furrow. "But it was like he knew I was going to hit him cause he turned into smoke again and pretty much left. He did stop for a moment near Peter, but left him there." There is a pained look on her face as she says, "After that I went to check on Peter." It still hurts to remember that part.

Felix opens his bottle of water, drains off a good third of it, as he listens. "And what'd you find, then? Did he speak to you, or to Mr. Petrelli? Was there any indication of what he was after, coming there?"

There is a thoughtful moment, then she shakes her head slowly. "I… remember him saying something about pain… Help take away the pain or something like that… but that's it." Kaylee's gaze drifts to the side as she searches her memory. "When he stopped at Peter on the way out, he picked him up, without actually really touching him… but acted like he… didn't likes something and dropped him. I really thought he was dead."

The Fed nods, solemnly, lacing his fingers on the tabletop. "Did he take or touch anything else?"

"No." Kaylee says with certainty, head slowly shaking. "Nothing. He was fairly hands off, using telekinetics by the look of it.

Leaning back into her chair again, Kaylee folds her arms and shrugs. "It all happened so fast." She gives a soft huff and looks back at the agent, with a little frown, "I've never seen someone use so many abilities at once." One at a time, yes. "It was insane. I didn't think people could do that. One ability per person."

"He's a very unique case. There's only a handful of people like him," Fel notes, quietly.

Brows lift high on her head at that, "Really? So… there are more of them out there?" Kaylee presses her lips together. "That's comforting." Her voice a touch flat. "Hopefully, the others are not this crazy." A small smile tugs at the corner of her lips.

"I wish I had more, Agent. I don't know why he was there, unless it was to hurt Peter." Kaylee sighs softly, eyes dropping to the table in front of her. "If that was it, he succeeded." She almost lost him.

I……shouldn't've said that. No, I shouldn't've. Fel's momentarily utterly nonplussed, before he rallies. "Not many," he assures her, firmly. "And….no. Have you heard the names Gabriel Gray or Samson Gray, before? Did Peter seem to recognize him?"

The question gets a look of confusing as Kaylee turns thoughtful. "Isn't Gabriel Gray the guy that blew up midtown?" Cause that's the first thing she can think of at the mention of the name.

"I don't think Peter had a chance to even look at him, before he was thrown. But, I saw from the back graying beard when when he glanced towards me before turning some again. He looked like an older man when he was standing over Peter." Arms unfold and Kaylee holds her hands out in a helpless gesture.

Fel nods, leaning back, making the plastic chair creak in protest, though he doesn't weigh all that much. He nods. "Anything else you think we should know? Anything random that comes to mind?" He waves a hand, airily.

Eyes on the table yet again, Kaylee turns thoughtful, eyes searching the top of the table, even as her mind search back to that night. There is things she's not allowed to mention, Melissa being one, so all in all…

Gaze moves back to the agent. "I can't think of anything." Kaylee offers softly, with a ghost of a smile.

He's….not sure to believe that or not. But his own instincts aren't reading anything clearly, and there's no reason to antagonize her. "Thank you for your time," he settles on, finally.

"No problem, Agent Ivanov." A smile is offered from the telepath, as legs uncross so Kaylee can climb to her feet."Happy to be able to help, especially if it'll bring this guy in."

There's a skeptical look on the Agent's face, as he rises as well. "Certainly. And don't hesitate to call us, if anything else comes to mind." The smile doesn't quite reach his eyes.

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