He's Underground


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Scene Title He's Underground
Synopsis Following up on advice from Jessica, Barbara goes to see Elisabeth Harrison.
Date December 8, 2010

Redbird Security

Redbird Security was a place Barbara Zimmerman had only been a few times before now, and for some reason, it was a place that made her nervous. Previously, it had been some intangible feeling she had never been able to quite pinpoint the reason for. But now, with her promotion to Ferry Council member, and Eileen's voicing of her thoughts on Richard being much in over her head, that feeling had a much more palatable, pinpointable distinction of nervousness and worry.

But she had put that feeling aside, for the moment. She had to. She had made the trip out to New York all the way to Pollepel with the expressed purpose of coming by the security firm, though this time it wasn't to speak with Richard Cardinal, as it has been in past. Not after the word of advice she'd received from Jessica. It's a bit late - unfortunate, but the best she could do given the travel time from Pollepel to the mainland - but she's at least there before closing, and she can only hope, once word's put in with the secretary, that Elizabeth Harrison is still in for the day.

It's hell trying to manage her time such that being at Redbird is workable for her. Good thing Elisabeth's day is spent dealing with people by phone — she manages to get to the site regularly enough that the phone call that says 'someone needs to see you' was able to be accomodated. Wearing a pair of black slacks and a deep rose pullover with black boots, she looks …. well, let's just be honest. The blonde in the lobby looks exhausted. As the door opens, she glances up from her Blackberry to not the woman entering… and double-takes. Why the fuck is Jessica coloring her hair? "Jess, please for God's sake tell me Gina isn't on the loose again?" she asks.

The sudden addressment of Jess has Barbara looking up with a quicked eyebrow. SHe's been confused for Tracy and Niki, but Jess and GIna are new, and it takes her a moment to have that flash of recognition that she means Jessica. Barbara is dessed for warmth, in a sweatshirt and thick pants, a baseball cap attached to it's beltloops. Barbara can't help but laugh, shaking her head as Elizabeth approaches. "I'm… afraid you're a bit mistaken," she remarks. Speaking gives the second distinction from her sister, that of a bit of a Canadian accent to her speech. "BUt at least that means I know you know my sister. That makes this a lot easier." A hand is extended to the woman - if this isn't Elizabeth, hopefully she can point her in the right direction. "Barbara. I'm here to see Ms. Harrison."

"Oh!" Elisabeth looks startled. She's at least laid eyes on Tracy Strauss, but Barbara is the one sibling she hasn't met. "Barbara… " Reaching out to take the proffered hand, she says, "I'm Elisabeth. Niki and I are good friends. Jess and I…" She shrugs and grins. "I think I'm as close to a friend as she gets or something. I'm sorry — they didn't tell me who it was who wanted to see me, so I didn't make the connection. Please… come on in." She gestures down the hallway and takes over an office with the nameplate "Richard Cardinal" next to the door. "What brings you down?" she asks as she closes the door behind her. The receptionist is closing up shop out front, so they'll be undisturbed.

"It's fine," Barbara is quick to reply, flashing a smile. "I'm used to it by now. I think I've had everyone I've met in the past few months call me Niki or Tracy first. I think Richard was the only who knew I wasn't one of them." And that smile downturns just a bit. "It was Jessica who directed me here, actually," Barbara admits quietly as they step into Richard's office. "I- was here the other week, intending to take care of a number of things. One of which was to…" Barbara closes her eyes for a moment, sighing. "Richard has said he knows where my brother is several times, that he works for him. But… nothing's been able to be arranged. I had hoped to check up on Niklaus, but Jessica said you might be better to ask at the moment."

Elisabeth sighs softly. "Yeah…. well, I imagine that's because where your brother is now, we have no contact with him. He's underground." She friggin' well hopes. "I'm terribly sorry to worry you…. in all honesty, I'm a bit concerned myself, but so far Peyton's been able to give me nothing to go on to get to him. The last I knew, Niklaus was going to see the old head of the Company, Sabra Dalton. And given the fact that Company agents are currently apparently America's number 1 shoot-on-sight group…. she's keeping VERY much on the down-low."

That has Barbara staring in a bit of stunned silence. "He- what?!" Her eyes are a bit wide, mouth just a bit agape. "I- have to admit, I have made nice with several Company agents since their fall. I never entirely begrudged the majority of them to begin with, but-" Fingers reach up, massaging her temples as she sighs. "Niklaus always was full of bad ideas," she muses, and despite her disappointed tone, there is moer than a hint of a smile on her face. "Jesus, I hope he's okay."

"Well, not all the agents were bad," Elisabeth replies quietly. "A lot of them were just doing the best they could and believed that they were helping people." She smiles a little. "I do not know what angle Niklaus is playing." Hell, for all she knows, the man is actually a prisoner. "But know that I am doing my level best to find out where he is and what the hell's going on, Barbara. I'm not just leaving him out there in the cold, I swear to you."

The redhead's hands slip out of her sweatshirt, only to idly cross across her chest. "I- I know, trust me. My father would say the same thing, I'm sure. About the agents/" Her head dips a bit, allowing her to look at the ground at her feet. "I'm glad, Elizabeth. It's greatly appreciated. I-" she laughs a bit, looking back up. "All I know is that he better be okay. If he's dead before I get to see him again, I'm going to kick his ass when I find it. I just hope, whatever he did, he hasn't gotten himself into something terrible again."

Tilting her head, Elisabeth gestures to one of the chairs. "Do you… mind if I ask you to sit?" she asks. "I have to admits, I'm …. curious. I've known about you for a long time. I'm actually the one who originally told Niki about you. I had people look into what happened in California. Did you… ever have any idea there were other siblings?"

Barbara quirks an eyebrow at the request, but offers no complain or resistance. Instead she moves to the seat gestured to, slipping casually into it. "You're not the only one who's been curious, I have to admit. That would explain why she didn't seem as… surprised as I expected, when Abigail Beauchamp brought us together." There's a bit of a sigh, and seh closes her eyes. "I didn't know that I had sisters until I was 17, and that… was only because the Company turned on our father."

Elisabeth nods slightly. "It's got to be wierd. Do you…… is Zimmerman your biological father?" she asks. "Tell me it's none of my business, but…. " She shrugs a little. "I know some of what Niki went through. I can't help but wonder which of you got to stay with the bio parents."

"It's fine. I'm surprised, I have to admit. Cardinal… he seemed like he knew much of this already. I'm a bit surprised he hasn't shared it." At least, it had seemed like he did. "But as far as I'm aware, yes, he's my father. From what I've heard - which has been very little - that part of my life, at least, has been better than Niki. I don't know about Tracy. I haven't had the… pleasure yet. All I know about her is that she's a bit of an ice queen, appropriately has an ice bissed power, and… a few other ideas I'd rather forget." Thanks for that, Magnes.

"Richard…. tends to not tell people things that aren't his to tell," Elisabeth says quietly. "Niki and didn't really talk about it, so I wasn't honestly certain. I assumed it was the case." And she's always wondered how they could have sent three of their daughters away and only kept one. But she doesn't speak that aloud. But she smiles faintly about Tracy. "Oh… she's a piece of work, that one. You're in for a treat, I'm sure."

There's another quiet chuckle from Barbara. "That's what I hear. I feel rather bad saying it, but I'm not in the biggest hunt to find her at the moment, unfortunately. Not with everything that's been going on around here. It has me rather busy, unfortunately, and even Niki… Niki seems to be taking some time off. When I went find her, like I said - I met Jessica instead. She wasn't… nearly as bad as I had heard. Still very, very… odd, though. Speaking to someone who is my sister, but isn't."

Elisabeth considers and nods slightly. "Jessica…. well, the real Jessica I think would have probably been a little different. Maybe. This one is Niki's idealized version of the girl who protected her from so much." She shrugs a little. "As long as you understand what she is, who she is… you'll be fine." Don't ever be a threat to Niki, though. God help you.

"I don't she thinks of me as her sister," Barbara says dryly, leaning back in her seat. "I don't… pretend to understand it all, with Niki and Jessica." And Gina, but perhaps thankfully, Barbara hasn't had the pleasure of meeting the complete set yet. "But she's willing to extend trust because Niki is. Which is remarkably comforting, I have to admit. As far as I'm concerned, they're all my sister, in one way or another." A hand is run back through her hair, the triplet catching sight of er watch as she does so. A look is given at it, and a grimace. "I… do have some things I need to attend to, unfortunately, before curfew kicks in. I think I should get going." A slow rise up from her seat, and a hand is extended out to Elisabeth. "If you want to talk again, I have a phone number you can call." A burn phone, but it's the best she can do. "I would really appreciate it if you could keep me informed on… anything with Niklaus."

"I will do that," Elisabeth says, making no move to stop Barbara. And she smiles a bit. "I understand you're also working with some mutual friends whose job is … very Civil War-era. If you could put the word out that I seriously need some negation drugs and will do what I can in trade, I would be beyond obliged, Barbara." She takes the woman's hand. "And if you need anything — feel free to call me, okay? Niki's probably the best friend I've got. I'll help in any way I can."

Barbara tilts her head for a second as she regards Elisabeth's words, before finally letting her head tilt back with a look of recognition. "Ah," she says with a growing smile. "I didn't realise. That's good to know." Admittedly, she's taking that comment with a very guarded trust - just in case. Still… "I'll pass it on, no worries." Her fingers flex as she unsnaps her hat from her belt loops, adjusting it and settling it on her head. "I'll keep that in mind. Thank you again, Elisabeth. I'll keep in touch." With a smile and a bit of a bit, Barbara's moving back towards the door. She has supplies to get, before curfew hits.

"Be careful out there, Barbara," Elisabeth says quietly. "And good luck."

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