He Says She's Confrontational


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Scene Title He Says She's Confrontational
Synopsis Just another day, maybe, in the Company break room.
Date February 15, 2009

Primatech Research - Break Room

There's fooooooood! and coffee.

Late afternoon in the Company. People coming and going in the breakroom of the facility. Agents in training who are training, Full Fledged agents who are working, a little of everything comes through this room for their doses of caffiene or whatever have you. Nothing earthshattering has happened today. the world hasn't ended or isn't threatning to for once. Minea, fresh from the firing range and her training there with a motley of various weapons is in search of just that. Khaki's simple cotton top, dockers, the agent in training newly recruited is minding her own business for hte moment. She on a mission. From God. For coffee.

Gerald has the same calling as the trainee apparently. He's been busy filling out paperwork and what have you, so he needs some caffeine to help him make it through the rest of his day. Cause well, it's boring when you're not out in the field, you know, getting your hands dirty and all. Gerald makes his way into the break room, noticing Minea he tries to offer a polite smile though he might seem a little agitated or grumpy in a sense, but that's Gerald's usual M.O.

Agent Marks steps into the room, folder in hand as she's going through some of the details of her current assignment. She doesn't have any vices, finding them to be droll and unnecessary. Well, that may not be entirely correct. She does have one vice and that is feeling that rush of adrenaline that courses through her veins when she's very close to cracking her case. In this particular moment, she is very close to success. So close in fact, she can feel it at the tip of her fingerprints. She walks over to the fridge, closes her folder and sets it on the counter. She opens the fridge and pulls out a bottle of water and cracks open the seal, removing the top. Most agents are getting ready to go home, go stake out, or lots of paperwork, however, when Kat is on a case, she's always on the case 24/7. She turns to the other two in the room and nods. "Evening."

'Evening" Minea calls out, catching the Man in the corner of her eyes. A nod of her head for him as she pours herself a cup, black and heads away. The agent in training though, stops a few feet away, brows rising at katherine. A smile springing to the older woman's face. "How many more times have you been sparring since the gym?" Coffee pot's now free for Gerald.

"Hello Agent Marks." Gerald replies as he waits in line at the coffee maker for his daily fix. He also tries to give her as polite a smile as he can, though with him it might just seem like business. He glances over at Kat's folder on the counter curiously, he grins a little,"You working on something there, Agent Marks?"

After Minea finishes at the coffee maker, Gerald steps up and pours himself a cup. He puts nothing in it and keeps it pure black goodness why butter it up? Gerald kind of enjoys the bitterness really. He turns his attention back to Kat and her folder again curiously,"You working on a case? Need some assistance?" Gerald is willing to do anything to get out of doing paperwork.

Seemingly popular this evening, Kat picks up her folder and holds it as she leans against the counter, taking a long sip of her water. She turns to Minea first, eyebrows arched as she responds. "Oh. Just about every day. I never miss an opportunity to improve." Gerald's question, however, sparks a possessive streak in her as she pulls that folder closer, now wanting to give out too much information. Her case. Her assignment. Anyone other than her completing it would be considered a failure on her part. "A follow up on that trailer park incident a few weeks ago." she responds. "I think I've got this pretty much under control, thanks. You working on anything?"

"Always room for improvement" She's starting to wonder how many agents she's secretly met. Her own eyes go to the folder, but then to Gerald then to the pair at whole. "Cluster fuck, but that got taken care of. The Company was involved?" Katherine might know her name but Minea belatedly realizes that Gerald doesn't. "Minea Dahl. Agent in Training. Formerly, or well still ISA" No offering of a hand or anything. There's no questions about Katherine's file. The woman obviously is protective of it so she stays her offer of help, for now.

You paged Brian with 'so now Kat is at a table with a file folder, Gerald's trying to get a peek and get out of doing his own paperwork and minea's watching with a cup of coffee'

Gerald shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head,"I've got nothing currently. I've already finished the last case I was working on." He sighs and lifts his cup of coffee up to his lips, taking a drink. He gives Kat a curious look as she derails his offer to help.

Gerald turns his attention to Minea as she introduces her self, he nods to her and responds,"Agent Dahl… Agent Gibson, Gerald Gibson." He moves over to the small table and plops himself down into a seat, sipping his steaming hot coffee.

Well, it's not that she doesn't want the help.. well, okay, maybe it is that she doesn't want the help. Regardless, the offer of help doesn't get the response that maybe was expected as she takes another sip of water. She addresses Agent Dahl's question. "I'm just following a lead. We're not necessarily investigating the incident, but certain aspects of the aftermath." she says, intentionally vague. It's not that she finds anyone untrustworthy in this room, but she just assumes everyone is unworthy of trust until proved otherwise.

"Places like that, incidents like that" Minea nods. She knows the vagueness, and for a moment somewhere inside, it pisses her off. Reminds her of Christian and his hiding stuff. "Good luck on it. I know I'm looking forward till my training ends. be nice to have a case as well. Can I offer however, a spar or two, down the road? Where your not having to hold back and I'm not having to hold back because of an arm? Was nice" Katherine's not Christian, so the anger is snuffed out before it can surface.

"You got a partner for your case, Agent Marks?" He shrugs his shoulders thoughtlessly. Gerald just gives both of the women a judging, calculating stare; the man is hard to read, other than being labeled as 'grumpy'. As mentioned, that's just who Gerald is.

Kat offers a nod towards Minea as she finishes the last of her water. "I'm available for sparring anything you like. Usually I take the afternoons. However, I can be flexible as long as it doesn't interfere with the case. Just look me up." she offers a small smile. It's really the best she can do, but she does try to appear friendly, even if she's not so. To Gerald, she shakes her head. "No partner for this one. Just tracking. Nothing dangerous as far as I can tell, at least at the moment. Suppose if something changes, I'll be assigned one."

"Tomorrow then. I'll be there around Three. Right now, I should get going. I have" She taps the side of her temples to indicate she's got another session with the psych's. "Agent Gibson" A nod of Minea's head to him. "good luck on your case, both of you" Sincerely offered as she heads to the door.

Gerald gives Kat a rather scrutinizing look at that point,"Remind me, Agent Marks, how long have you been working with the Company? Or have you forgotten our number one policy. One of them, one of us. You know as well as I do that you should have a partner working with you, doesn't matter what you're doing. Now, I understand that there might be a lack of available Agents, but that's no excuse when we've got a fine Agent-in-training right here for you to teach the ropes." He gives her a bit of a quirky grin,"If you're interested, both of you, I'll see if I can't pull some strings, have you two partnered up…" He looks between Kat and Minea curiously.

Kat's eyes narrow towards Gibson. The fact that she slides under the radar most of the time, doesn't like it when she's called out. She relaxes for a moment then shrugs. "Fine with me." Better to get the new guy.. or girl in this case, then to be paired with someone who thinks they knows what they're doing. At least in this case, she would be able to mold the new agent. Well, considering her ability, that might not be the best term. "If you want to set it up." She answers none of the other questions, and quite intentionally so.

Oh Minea heard that. If her hands tighten around her cup, she's not letting it be seen quite yet. "Agent Gibson? Could you refrain from pairing me up? Not that I don't appreciate you taking a very big interest in ensuring that I get paired with the best, but, don't you think that's something better left to those of high rank than you and who's job it is?" Not to mention.. "And you don't know if either us is evolved, or not. Another little issue. I appreciate the offer but, I'll leave the picking of my partner to the ones who are supposed to do it" There's a wink dropped before she looks over to Katerine. "Wanna walk me to my psych? You can tell me about this one of them one of us rule?" offered to the female agent only it seems.

Gerald watches the two women from his seat, he shrugs his shoulders. "It was just an offer and I'm well aware of who is who and who can do what, I'm not a rookie; thank you very much." He sighs, taking another sip of his coffee. "I get it, you think I'm being an asshole, but.." Gerald takes another sip of his coffee in between words,"I just want to see this opportunity, for the both of you, taken advantage of. And you're right, there are people in charge of pairing up the Agents, but it's not like I can't generously put in a recommendation for you two. But anyways, the offer will stay on the table, perhaps you two should get to know each other a little better first then when you decide you can come and talk to me."

Kat knows about the rule. She uses that to her full advantage, finding the nearest and most clueless putz to be her partner. She sends them out for lunch, dinner, breakfast.. whatever, while she handles most of the work. Just the way she likes it. She turns to Minea as she has the controlled outburst and turns back towards Gerald. Really, she expected a little more considering the dressing down that was given, but there's almost a hint of respect in the woman's demeanor as she sees him handle the situation with some dignity. She might not have been so graceful about it. Regardless, she shrugs. Minea's request is not yet responded to, as it looks like there may be more to this conversation. She does however give the rookie this piece of advice. "Don't shoot down offers to help. Especially when you're as new as you are. Having an ally on the inside is always a plus." Just so happens that her ally is no longer with the Company. She never acquired another.

Minea glances to Kat before she looks to Gerald. "Yeah, I had an alley like Agent Gibson here. Till he pinned me against a wall and then told people I didn't know that I was being cut off and out of the information pool. He's dead now, death by meeting a truck while on a motorcycle. Cocksure is what he was. Agent Gibson. I don't even know if i'll be here in two more weeks, Whether I'll pass everything they throw at me, but if I am, I'll let them choose, and not based on anyone's recommendation except those in charge. They see my psych, and they know my skills. I don't think your an asshole, I just think your trying too hard. Trying to hard and sticking your nose in where it maybe doesn't belong" It's spoken, all conversationally, like it's no skin off her teeth. "Besides, I've only met Agent Marks here once. It's a little too soon to be exchanging rings, badge numbers and buying a house" Another wink, but this one for Katherine. "Not too soon to exchange blood. So toodles Agent Gibson. Maybe your should go see to your own case. I'm sure she knows what she's doing. Company wouldn't put in offers of employment to people who can't stick to the book and follow rules. I know that for a fact" There's a little salute, an army salute, and Minea starts heading for the door again along with her cup of coffee.

"Halt." One word, one command and it comes directly from Gerald to Minea as after she's done cutting him down and attempts to leave before she suffers any repercussions. The man might not seem like much as far as outward appearance, but he too can have a commanding presence when he so desires.

Gerald slowly rises from his seat, setting his coffee cup down on the table as he moves toward Kat and Minea at the door. "You mentioned something about sparring?" Gibson lifts his hand up to his chin and cranks his head to the side, popping his neck to loosen it up, the man is practically licking his chops at this point as he says,"You, me, the Gym. Now." He's pretty straight-forward with what he tells her at this point.

Gerald then moves past Minea, assumingly heading toward the Gym. She wanted blood, now she's going to get some; Maybe.

The halting comes a few steps after the order is issued, one brown brow rising as she sips from her coffee. "I can't Agent Gibson. I have a Psych meeting. I told you, and you know that, if you know everything about me like you claim to. I'm new. They're still poking around my head. But I promise you, i'll give you a chance to kick my pansy ass and make me learn who's the big man and wear the pants. Done yet? Or anymore requests?"

An amused expression comes across Kat's face as she listens to the exchange. "Oh. I'm sure we can get the psych visit postponed." She drops her empty water bottle into the trash can. "I mean, I'm certain it won't be a problem. Go on and spar." Kat, troublemaker. Occasionally.

Gerald turns around to face the two women again, he raises his hand up as Kat tries to stir up trouble. "No, it's fine. She wants to ACT like she's tough, but she doesn't want to back it up." Gerald shrugs his shoulders,"Go on then, go off to your Psych exam."

Gerald reaches over to place his hand on Minea's shoulder before she decides to take off, the man leans closer to her and in a rather stern tone he says to her,"Next time you consider opening your mouth, you better consider backing your words up too. I don't take crap from no one, especially not a rookie who thinks she's gods gift to the Company."

Gerald stands upright again, taking his hand off of the woman's shoulder, he reaches over to adjust his black tie that matches his black suit. Talk about Men In Black, that's what Gerald is pretty much. "There is a reason why they call it, The Company. That's because we work together, as one, you of all people should understand that, if that saluting actually meant something to you at all. Which I doubt. Because if you were really in the army, then you'd understand what it means to respect those of higher rank than you, especially when you haven't even finished your training yet."

Gerald doesn't show emotion very often but right now his nostrils are flared and he seems a little more unpleasant or unhappy than he did a moment ago. "Next time you got an issue with anything I say or do, then you keep your mouth shut." Gerald then takes a couple of steps away from Minea, his back to her he says over his shoulder,"You play with fire, Ms. Dahl, you get burnt. I suggest you remember that from now on." Gerald then turns around to face Minea and Kat again as he continues with saying,"I'm afraid I'm going to have to write this up and file it with personnel, Ms. Dahl, unless of course you have another suggestion…" Gerald /almost/ grins at Minea at that point, almost like he's egging her on, maybe he's trying to.

Gerald's hand never makes it on the Brunette agent in training. She's moved, stepped around him neat as you may and out of reach of the lecturing agent. "You do, what you have to do Agent Gibson. I won't stop you and I'm no stranger to fire. I can take some heat. I suspect though, that they have camera's everywhere and watching everything. What we eat, when we sleep in the provided rooms, even in the Gym, so they can look over our performance. So I'm sure someone already knows about the altercation here, hell I'd suspect that there will be a copy waiting with my psych once I get to the office and we'll be discussing that" Minea motions to the door for Gerald to keep moving along, not trying to impede him. "so carry on, don't let me stop you on your way out to get the new recruit in trouble. I'm a big girl, I'll go cry in my Wheaties where no one can see me" She gives him another salute, just the same before she moseys back to the coffee pot for a refill. She's got time for that at least. Not for playing who's fists are faster at the moment.

"You don't know the half of it, Ms. Dahl," Gerald responds to her, his tone of voice very serious and very flat. He's definitely not impressed with this new recruit, not right now anyways. With that said, Gerald then turns to head back to his office.

Kat watches the exchange between the two, but really stays where she is. It's not her place to settle squabbles between co-workers. At least not until blood is shed. She walks over and opens the fridge, taking another water before she lets it shut tight. She heads towards the door. "Probably not the smartest move to make, rookie." she comments as she steps into the doorway on her way out. "You probably should have just humored him. It's what I would have done in your place. But hey.. enjoy that psych visit. I'm sure you'll find that far more enjoyable than an ass whipping." She offers a wave, dismissively and heads out of the room.

"Ass whipping by him? Maybe, maybe not. Looks can be deceiving. I'm just a paper pusher" Minea offers a smile to Katherine. "Take care Marks. Good luck with your case" The coffee's filled and Minea's departing soon after. The break room returning to quiet, only the hum of the refrigerator making a sound.

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