He Will Come For You


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Scene Title He Will Come For You
Synopsis Agent Diaz escorts Eve Mas to Liberty Island for a meeting with Adrienne Allen.
Date April 16, 2019

Liberty Island Detention Center

April 16th

10:43 AM

The cinder block and concrete halls of Liberty Island detention center leave little to the imagination.

“Yeah, so you can imagine my face when I found out I got a refund instead of bending over to Uncle Sam?”
“That’s crazy.”
“Isn’t it? Pretty much shit myself laughing. Who am I kiddin’, won’t last anyway.”
“Well, ‘cause you know it’s all going to get taken next time you want to buy a damn coffee.”
“Fuck, pretty much. With the prices they got at Red Hook, and sales tax?”
“Fuckin’ government, right?”
“Fuckin’ government.”

Subdued laughter echoes off the walls and down the hollow hallway from the pair of uniformed detention center guards leading the way to a contained visitation area. Behind them by a few paces, SESA Agent Cesar Diaz and his clearly marked VISITOR, Eve Mas, follow along. Agent Diaz has been doing most of the talking; that is to say, he’s mostly been silent since they arrived at the high-security detention center. Straight-forward and no-nonsense, he’s had to pull some strings and fill out a lot of paperwork (digital or otherwise) to get Miss Mas into the facility. So for the normally amiable and chatty man whose encounters with the (former) seer have been anything but, he’s been quite neutral and patient in the process of dealing with the number of guards and closed doors and checkpoints.

And he’s been cautiously checking Eve’s behavior ever since they arrived. He did tell her to behave. Even gave her a big SESA-logo shirt to make sure she was appropriately… dressed.

Getting locked up with Dr. Adrienne Allen was not the intention here.

The irony of a detention center on a piece of land that once stood for freedom and the free world is not lost on many. It’s a far cry from the fancy tourist destination Liberty Island once stood for. The pair are lead to an area that is not exactly a visitation area in as much as it is a large booth with clear bulletproof reinforced panes and metal framing inset into thick block walls. They don’t expect very many visitors outside of authorities and lawyers, if even those.

“Warm and fuzzy aesthetics aren’t much concern here,” remarks Cesar in an quiet aside to Eve. “You still good, Mas?”

"Why of course Sir Knight." Eve says in a whisper, a totally innocent whisper. Clutching to the front of her SESA shirt for dear life. She's been in prisons, just to visit always. Mostly? There are no records. Hana scrubbed that little visit to Peter in the DHS facility all those years ago. Regardless she was nervous, she hadn't done anything. Yet.

She wouldn't either. She was determined. That's why she dispersed an hour ago. Eve was testing herself, she could keep it together for this. This was her challenge. She had an out though, Cesar knew of it too. The negation meds in his pocket for her. Those crimson eyes turn towards Cesar though and she does her best to look the utmost sincere. "No fuzzies. Or furries huh? I have only been inside prisons to bust people out." Heh heh. "Not today of course. Today we have questions and if we can piece together that puzzle. Well that would make this a good day!" Besides seeing her friend the valiant Sir Knight.

Eve was trying to be optimistic. Clad in a pair of black leggings and a simple pair of black sneakers. It's the most dressed down that Eve has looked probably. She didn't want to waste her precious dresses, the ones that she had from her mom especially. A hand goes to her raven mane that she combed out and then tied into a tight bun. All business, no nonsense.

Except for the pair of glasses on her nose which were totally unnecessary but she was meeting an esteemed doctor, she felt the glasses put them on the same level. Big brain to… nutty brain.

An electronic buzz sounds off in another room, audible enough in the room. On the other side of the bulletproof glass, a slim woman with chin-length and curly blonde hair that had visible brown roots steps into view, dressed in the drab gray jumpsuit fare of the detention center, her wrists restrained by handcuffs, brown eyes downcast to her feet as she shuffled toward the seat on her side of the booth and sits down.

Doctor Adrienne Allen sets her cuffed hands down on the small nook in front of her, lacing fingers together, nervously picking at the last scraps of old pink nail polish to be found. After a few breaths, she depresses a button in a console in front of her and a light on Cesar and Eve’s side lights up with Connected.

«Bonjour,» is Doctor Allen’s tired greeting to the strangers in front of her. There's a metallic fuzz to her voice as it crackles through the speaker in front of Eve and Cesar. But that singular greeting is all she affords them. There is clear confusion in her eyes. Uncertainty.

"The only furries here might be the rats," Cesar utters as they wait. A short clearing of his throat later he reaches over to rest a reassuring hand on Eve's shoulder. Everything's fine, a good day indeed.

The buzz alerts him to their intended inmate, and his hand drops back down to his side. He watches the entry of Doctor Allen with interest. Following her initial greeting, Cesar leans over to speak into the mic on their side. "Hello Doctor Allen. My name is Agent Diaz, I'm with SESA. This is Miss Eve Mas, who has asked me to escort her today in visiting with you."

It's the most he's said so far, but Cesar's demeanor takes on the neutral-politeness of strangers meeting for the first time. "Before we start though, I have a question. Are they treating you well here, Doctor Allen?" Query posed, he leans back to let Eve take over the microphone, though he gives enough pause to have Allen answer.

"I hope they have been feeding you the good stuff, si je pouvais vous sortir, je le ferais but seeing as that cannot be so." A weak smile is delivered to the doctor behind the glass. "This will have to do." Eve looks over at Cesar before she begins, "I've been chasing Adam Monroe for eight years. All over this tiny big planet. He brought me back to life with his blood. Big bag, transfusion almost a decade ago." Eve rubs her arms and looks then at Dr. Allen.

"I'm looking for answers. If you have them on Adam… on the First of us as well."

"I met Karen Chamberlain, you guys worked together in Japan! Digs.. she was a nice lady. You never told her that Kensei was real?" A curious tilt of her head but she's not saying it as an accusation. Maybe Adrienne was caught by then. Too far gone.

It’s a lot for Adrienne. Everything is, all of that. Eyes closed, Adrienne takes in a deep breath and presses her hands to the corner of the small shelf at the front of her booth. She looks like she’s just going to stand up and leave, but then remembers where she is and what she has to go back to, and settles back down in her seat again. She swallows, audible over the small speaker.

“This is the nicest prison I’ve been in,” Adrienne says with a notably sarcastic tone to Cesar, choosing to answer something simpler first. She can’t even look at Eve. “Take that as you will.” Cesar knows what kind of house Waite ran, and he can’t imagine Waite’s successor does things much differently. The silence after that comes with Doctor Allen’s eyes focused down in her lap, one thumbnail still picking at the last vestige of color on her other thumbnail. She finally looks at Eve, troubled and haunted.

“Ms. Chamberlan… I haven’t…” Adrienne looks away and slowly shakes her head. “You’re making an incredible mistake, Ms. Mas. Incredible.” Her dark eyes drift over to Cesar, expressing her worry for Eve to him without so much as a word, then settles back on the former seer. “Firstly, and… I don’t know where you received your understanding of events but, I haven’t been in contact with Karen Chamberlain since 2011. I’ve discovered a lot since then. All of which I’ve told SESA,” she feels compelled to remind, “none of which I knew when I corresponded with Karen.”

Adrienne rubs the heel of her palm against the side of her head. “Kensei was a historic figure. A foreigner in Japan in the 1600s who fought in the Shakushain rebellion against imperial interests. I was in Japan looking for the footprint of an origin of species for a Commonwealth Institute research program called Eclipse. I worked out of the San Francisco branch, under Pete Varlane. I didn’t know the horrible things that were going on, I thought I was working for a biotech company, I thought…”

Adrienne exhales a shuddering sigh. “I thought I was making a breakthrough.” She looks back up to Eve. “I didn’t — don’t know for sure that Kensei was a real person. He wasn’t even the focus of my research, and I don’t… I don’t know who Adam is. I only heard the name for the first time after I was arrested. SESA thinks he was the Director of Operations that Pete answered to. I’m not— I wasn’t an executive.” Adrienne shakes her head, eyes red around the edges with emotion, fearful that somehow she’s being cornered into a conspiracy.

Growing in panic,Adrienne turns to look at Cesar, “Please. I didn’t— my trial is in two weeks, I didn’t— I don’t know Adam Monroe. I was a prisoner, I was researching lineages! I didn’t— I’m not a bad person!”

Though the sarcasm isn't lost on Cesar - he's been on the receiving end of a lot of that in his years of law enforcement - the man does little more than slightly press his lips together in a flatter line. It stays this way as Eve offers up her first round. He doesn't watch Eve at all, but hones in his focus on studying Dr. Allen's reactions and listening to her answers given.

The emphasis on incredible mistake narrows the SESA agent's focus for a moment. It's a reaction he files away as he continues to observe. "Doctor, please," Cesar interrupts briefly with a glance over to Eve. Stay calm now. "As you said. Trial's in two weeks. We're just here to find out what we can about what you were researching, and how it might help us help you in this… situation." Hoping his words are chosen carefully enough to reassure the doctor, he remains as steady as he can.

Cesar casts a short glance again at Eve, then turns back to Adrienne. "What was the breakthrough?"

"Mademoiselle mademoiselle, si vous plait." Eve looks over to Cesar while he continues to calm the doctor down. Whether she believes if Adrienne is innocent or not is not vocalized that's not the point of this visit.

Dr. Allen's behavior is looked over by the former seer. Trying to ignore the hysteria that she recognizes to hone in on the words, the history lesson is a nice refresher to the actual events that Eve herself lived. She keeps her posture straight and tilts her head. "Yes… the origin… our lineage?"

Doctor Allen looks between Cesar and Eve with a thoughtful expression. There's still fear, nervousness that this is a trap, but now that the topic has shifted from Adam Monroe to her research she seems more inclined to talk. Or at least, less traumatized by the topic. Looking down at her hands, Adrienne collects her thoughts and lets out a heavy sigh.

That was my breakthrough,” Adrienne looks at Cesar but inclines her head to indicate Eve. “I was hired by the Commonwealth Institute because of a paper I wrote in 2008 speculating on the origin of the Evolved. This was before the discovery of the Suresh Linkage-Complex. They wanted to fully fund my research into an origin of— well, not species but…”

Adrienne shakes her head. “In late 2009 I began sequencing DNA samples that that Institute recovered through the Linderman Act’s registry of evolved. Suddenly thousands of DNA samples were at my fingertips. Before long I was able to correspond with Doctor Suresh himself, to formulate a means by which we could find not only the evolutionary path of where people like myself came from, but how we impacted history.”

Looking up at Cesar and Eve, Adrienne has a light in her eyes. “Without getting into the specifics of the science behind my research, because the narrative is always more interesting to non-academics than the nuts and bolts, I was able to cross reference the DNA samples from the registry with global DNA indices from medical institutions all the way down to Ancestry services. I created a… a map, for lack of a better term, showing how people with the Suresh Linkage-Complex migrated through the world.” Adrienne begins picking at her nails again, dark eyes searching from side to side as she recalls those days.

“People with the Suresh Linkage-Complex have existed for thousands of years. With access to historic DNA information I was able to determine that the population of Expressives has waxed and waned over the millennia. There are population highs and population lows, all surrounding periods of extreme solar activity. What I discovered — had I been able to complete my research — could have pointed out the identity of the first of humanity to express an ability.” Adrienne’s voice carries with it the disappointment and crushed hopes she had pinned on this research. It's only then that she realizes she's been talking for so long, and it's clear she could continue to talk about the topic for hours. Her shoulders slack some, the weight of those cuffs feeling heavier now.

“What does this have to do with anything?” Adrienne asks, suddenly remembering who she's talking to, where, and why. “Eclipse was sidelined for Gemini as soon as we left for Sunstone. There's nothing there to… to explain the motivations of the Institute.”

Cesar listens intently as Adrienne explains the research, though it's soon obvious that he grows a touch disturbed by the whole ideal of genetic mapping of thousands. All, likely without doubt, their consent. The SESA agent blinks slowly, briefly looking away from the doctor back to Eve. Periods of extreme solar activity. Cesar scratches at his neck, tugs lightly at his shirt collar, and exhales roughly. He'd had his own inexplicable experiences when the strange aurora lights appeared in the skies. But with a shake of his head, he dismisses those occurrences and refocuses on the pair.

"This map, Doctor, who has the access to it now? Where did your research end up, when the war broke out?" He eventually shifts his gaze back to the woman through the glass, chin tilting slightly up and expression flattening to seriousness. "If you believe the Institute had intended to use your findings for something related to their experimentation involving SLC-Expressive abilities, what would they be using it for? What could they use it for?"

“Doctor, what you’re basically saying here… potentially affects the lives of thousands of citizens.” Cesar frowns slightly at the notion, especially as the thought crosses that it could affect the whole of humanity, if Doctor Allen’s scope is to be believed or confirmed.

Sharing a look with Cesar at solar activity, Eve's red eyes widen a fraction as Adrienne begins to hit on points that Eve is familiar with. "…we are the Children of the Eclipse." The former seer using the word she learned from Zhao through her niece Squeaks.

A map of the Evolved and their lineage? She doesn't make mention of it since Cesar just has but it's like gears lining up for Eve and clicking into place. She had to get to that map. Tracing it back…


Eve stiffens. Flashes of that vision she had that robbed her of her sight for a time. Leaning forward she breathes on the glass, fog spreading on the clear surface. Taking a pale finger she draws a design. The Gemini symbol from her dreams. Pushing herself back away from the window she stares at the symbol with a look like she's staring through Dr. Allen with shallow breathing. "Gemini is heavily connected to The First of us… what… was the project?" The question is a whisper as her eyes stay on that symbol.

How much to even tell her without freaking her out. "I've encountered it."

Everything Eve says or does unnerves Doctor Allen. She only scoots her chair back in once she’s certain all Eve was doing was drawing on the glass, not attempting to smash it with her face. Her attention flicks to Cesar, the milder of the two by leagues. “I don’t know… Where my research is, I mean. It was with the Institute’s San Francisco branch. So… presumably gone once the EMP hit. I don’t even know what state the city is in anymore. I— they kept me in the dark, nearly literally, at Sunstone.”

What Doctor Allen doesn’t know is that the California Safe Zone is being constructed by Praxis Heavy Industries right over what once was the city of San Francisco. She’s right in that there likely isn’t much left of her research, if anything at all.

“It wasn’t strategically valuable,” Adrienne explains, though. “That lineage data would be worthless to someone who wasn’t interested in researching the hereditary histories of SLC-Expressives. The only information — the only remarkable information — in all of this is that all SLC-Expressive people possess similar junk DNA in their mitochondria… a… part of your DNA that is passed down from your mother’s side. It’s not as simple as I’m making it sound, but for lack of a better term it relates to the Suresh Linkage-Complex itself. It’s like— a pattern.”

Adrienne tenses, looking at Eve, then back to Cesar. “Some people who saw it says that it feels intentional, like— design. But I’m not one to ascribe something like a religious significance to such a thing. Humans are pattern-seeking creatures and I never finished that research. My funding surged right before the war ended, after I found four hundred year old skeletal remains in Hokkaido, Japan that tested positive for the Suresh Linkage-Complex. But then… the Institute collapsed and…”

Shaking her head, Adrienne looks infuriated. Her research was everything to her, and it’s clear her resentment for that — on top of her treatment at the Institute’s hands — is still fresh in her mind. Talking about Gemini, perhaps in not as bold terms as Eve wants, is all she can do to clear her head. “I already told SESA everything about Gemini. It’s a synthetic gene modification process that I developed based on pre-existing research from both Mohinder Suresh and the Pinehearst Company that the Institute was in possession of.” Adrienne looks down to her hands.

“It’s a chemical version of what the man Arthur Petrelli was able to do,” Adrienne says, though that man’s history is beginning to become an indistinct shadow on the wall. “The Gemini process removes SLC ability from one individual and confers it upon another. It does so by exploiting transposase recognition sites native to the prion-like gene locus,” she explains, as if that makes any sense to either Eve or Cesar. “In the first step, the corresponding transpoase is introduced into the donor subject, causing the prion-like gene to be excised. Some of the excised sequence is released into the bloodstream, from which it can be isolated and amplified. After this treatment, the donor subject has no functional prion-like protein and therefore is SLC-N.” Adrienns’s brows furrow. “We ran into issues of… degenerative cell death following this step in both donor and recipient. We managed to stabilize it thanks to a test— a— a young woman. She’d been exposed to Arthur’s ability, and we were able to make a road map of what it did to her through her DNA.”

Adrienne threads a lock of hair behind her ear, speaking in a steady and lecturing tone. “In the second step, a combination of the desired prion sequence, transposase, and HERV-K are injected into the recipient subject. The transposase integrates the prion sequence at potentially any recognition site in the genome, not just the original locus; this allows multiple abilities to be conferred on a single person.” Her dark eyes slowly flick from side to side. “Gemini improves on the Advent Virus research done by Odessa Price and Alison Meier by using a version of HERV-K that is not capable of integrating itself into the genome; thus the necessary kickstart is provided for SLC-N recipients, but the virus is eventually degraded rather than running wild. HERV-K is not required in someone who is already SLC-E, but is typically included anyway for convenience of production. It’s all rather simple once you know how it works.”

“Gemini isn’t a clean… uh, xeroxing, though.” Adrienne admits. “Because Gemini only transfers the prion-like gene sequence, abilities copied from the same donor will always have the same broad 'type', but features and quirks differ between recipients. So you’re looking at baseline transpositions like — sense manipulation, pyrokinesis. But the way they’re used might be drastically different from how the donor’s ability worked. “What… we learned through Lauren Gilmore, one of our first multi-ability recipients, was that recipients of multiple Gemini abilities have an overabundance of prion-like protein, which eventually leads to neurodegeneration and cellular damage. The same problem we had run into with earlier tests.”

Exhaling a sigh, Adrienne shakes her head. “To the best of my knowledge we’ve never had a successfully created artificial mosaic,” she looks up to Eve. “Does that satisfy your curiosity?”

Keeping his proximity to Eve close, it's clear that the SESA agent has no fear of Eve in this moment, despite the woman's looser mannerisms in regards to propriety. Despite her words that seem, to him, innately harmless. But Cesar's face grows a shade pale as Adrienne mentions not knowing the state of the city of San Francisco. His brow knits at center, stays there as she launches into her research findings and the process of gene editing.

His eyes do not gloss over. Rather, they focus darkly, laser-like, joined by the man's steady breathing even until she's thrown in the words Advent Virus, neurodegeneration, multi-ability recipients. Whatever he had to study to get through SESA qualification exams, it's stuck enough that even if his molecular and cellular biology is not up to par in the slightest, the concept of creating artificial mosaics is easy enough to understand.

Cesar abruptly turns away from the pair, retreating a couple of feet as he pulls out his phone and taps away at it. Whatever notes made, once he's finished he turns back after a minute of rapid fire text entry and returns to Eve's side. "Doctor," he says as he steadies his gaze back upon the inmate, "about Project Eclipse: are you able to retrace your findings without what was lost at San Francisco? And when you found the SLC gene in the remains in Japan, did you keep that sample or others with your findings?"

"Do you know of any executive parties - such as Pete Varlane - who were privy to the findings, or had access to those gene samples?" Cesar's hand scuffs at a part of his jawline as he muses aloud, turning the questions he's asked over. "Was it possible, you think, the Institute was trying clone the abilities of whoever those remains belonged to? Or even, possibly, the person themselves? In hopes of recreating the ability?"

He knows it's a lot, but Cesar tugs on the thread of possibility. "We've all seen Jurassic Park, right?" He pauses while following the mental string to say. "Only, it sounds like the dinosaurs being made in this park were human."


Eve files that in the back of her mind for later, for talking with Boom. If nothing else she has a location, finally. She's not running blind, what a strange experience that was for her but Dr. Allen begins to deliver in spades and the pale woman opposite of her can't help but lean forward a bit as she goes into explaining about Gemini, the science surrounding the symbol she had seen in her visions so much. Slowly she blinks and grips her knee a little harder as the implications wash over her. "A mosaic… just like Peter and Gabriel." Said softly and in shock. Science Fairies knew no bounds. Tampering with nature.

The Eve a couple years ago would have lost her shit, banged on the glass at the sheer gall of it all. The nerve. That scenario plays out in her mind, spitting on the glass and being dragged out by Cesar while Adrienne looks on with horror.

Well that's not the Eve today and it's lucky for everyone involved. She needed to put aside her venomous opinions of Science Fairies in order to get to the truth of this, of her even she realizes with a shock. "That map… is very important. It's a key." Echoing Cesar's sentiments before she has to get to the meat of this.

"Dr. Allen," her gaze flicks to the camera in the corner of the room before returning to the French woman. "I need you to know that I've come here at great possible risk to myself and my family. So know that I am not playing games here." Looking over at Cesar she nudges him with her knee and dips her head. Trust me Sir Knight.

"I was born with the gift of what you call precognition, I just called it the Whispers." There's a hint of a smile at the memory, she hasn't even explained her situation to Cesar totally she realizes. "I've been dreaming of that Gemini symbol… for a long time. And something else.. that's connected to it. I'm not sure how else to say this." Eve looks a bit nervous, everyone's reaction to this is wild disregard and claims that Eve is in fact a loon. "The First Evolved, I've met it. Multiple times, in my visions and in person twice." She knows she only has limited time once she pops that can of worms open.

"It was in Japan, so so long ago. And it touched my mind, changed my body. Twice. I didn't understand it totally, why the Gemini was so intertwined with It. Until you just explained to me the science of what they did. I've experienced this shifting of abilities, the theft of my original." Eve looks down at her hands before raising them to lift from her face, revealing the gleaming crimson eyes behind the shades. "A few months ago I met it again, it… took over my body I'm not sure how to explain. But I… exploded." Raising her finger as a ripple of red lightning dances around the nail bed.

"Later I just… brought myself back together. Piece by piece… molecules?" Eve had been doing some reading, not that she understood it that much, yet. "My original gift is gone, I'm not sure where but now I have this." Indicating well herself, "Do you think… that somehow the Institute science fairies were replicating what the First Evolved itself can do naturally?" ….

"Does anything having to do with golden eyes and this project?" Eve's mind is spiraling at the thought.

And that’s where Eve pushes the needle into the red line. Eve’s mind is spiraling, and Adrienne’s has already flown straight down into a nosedive. “I can’t do this,” she says in a shaky whisper, clearly overwhelmed. The reaction is delayed but intense, and Cesar’s seen enough post-traumatic stress reactions to know one when he sees it. But Doctor Allen bolts up out of her seat, back straight and shoulders squared, eyes focused down on the small table in front of the glass, unable to look at either the SESA agent or Eve. Her cuffs rattle, hands trembling, jaw set.

I can’t do this,” Adrienne says again, taking a step back and away from the booth. “I’m sorry— I’m sorry.” Seeing the movement from Doctor Allen, the attendant guard comes walking over, warily watching Adrienne and then looks through the glass at Cesar and Eve. As Adrienne tries to slink further away, he puts a firm hand on her shoulder to hold her in place and gives a knowing look to Cesar. He could make her sit back down and continue talking, but he isn’t going to ask that openly.

The moment Adrienne's rabbited up and back, Cesar reaches a hand towards Eve's shoulder, ready to pull his visitor behind him if necessary. His other hand rises up, palm out, fingers splayed in universal 'stop and keep calm' gesture.

"It's okay, Doctor," the agent speaks slowly, dark eyes steady on the trembling inmate though he has the guard in periphery. "We're ok." The repetition is for all present.

Agent Diaz gives the guard the slightest head shake, allowing for Adrienne's retreat. "Thank you for your time, Doctor Allen," he remarks once he's certain nobody's about to pop off. "We have been trying to get ahead of these issues, and your insights have been very helpful. Like my mama used to say, Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir."

"Is there anything else you'd like to request?" asks Cesar, expression returning to the more polite neutral he'd had in the presence of the guards. "Can't promise anything, but couldn't hurt to ask." Which, he'll think on later, has been pretty much the theme of the visit.

Eve's back stiffens and her eyes narrow, PTSD or hiding something. For now Eve stays silent. Eyeing the doctor through the glass, studying her movements. Under the table, her fingers flex. The urge to just attempt to walk through that glass and make her confess is so strong within Eve but she can't run around doing this, it's not PARIAH days, she ignores the old mantra that hums in the back of her head and she opens her mouth letting out a cool breath.

She wants to say more, she wants to demand the science fairy tell her. Confess confess confess.

"You know," Eve says softly, eyes on the floor where Adrienne stands on. The doctor knew something. "Si je suis venu vous chercher et que je vous ai trouvé alors il va venir." Adam and Eve orbited each other and it was at both their disadvantages that they thought either was ahead of the other during this race, of which the end goal Eve still wasn't entirely sure of. In this moment, Eve thinks she's ahead. Thus putting her at a disadvantage.

Leaning in to whisper into Cesar's ear, with one eye peeking over at Adrienne, "El hombre blanco, muchas tartas, reloj," Eve's Spanish is.. broken and yea. Her gaze goes to the cameras momentarily. She grips Cesar's shoulder to utter: "Dama blanca de la ciencia." The last bit a hiss that snakes out too long and she sits back in her seat.

Whatever good will Cesar had constructed in trying to temper Adrienne’s reaction to Eve, it is undone once more by Eve herself. That string of French causes her eyes to well up with tears, face to flush red, and then drain to a ghostly white. Staring doe-eyed at Cesar and Eve, there is only one thing that Adrienne Allen cares to request, but she asks it of the guard approaching her instead.

“I’d like to go back to my cell.”

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