He Won't Be Awake


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Scene Title He Won't Be Awake
Synopsis What does one do with a captive enemy?
Date September 27, 2009

On the phone

Although Cat's call Sunday morning that they were ready to turn the man in their custody over to the NYPD, Elisabeth was on her way out of the precinct to handle a case and couldn't do it just then. She asked Cat to hold off until they could talk — she has some concerns about how they're going to do this handover. It is finally late Sunday afternoon, and Cat's phone rings with Elisabeth's number attached. The blonde sounds frazzled and tired. "Hey Cat… sorry about this morning. You guys doing okay?" She doesn't know where they're keeping the man they're holding, but obviously it's secure enough for now.

The truth is she doesn't really care if the man ever sees a cell. There are questions in Cather mind as to whether or not the cops can be trusted; to her knowledge the only one is Elisabeth herself and there's no guarantee an infiltrator won't forget to lock his cell at Riker's Island the first chance that comes along. Offering him up to Elisabeth was simply the most logical thing, since she and Helena had both decided not to kill Douglas.

Her intention is to hand him off and leave this place as soon as possible. What occurs from there is Elisabeth's affair, as long as no municipal, state, or Federal authority seeks to imprison him without trial.

She doesn't, however, feel the need to speak of all that at present. She places the iPhone to her ear and listens as the detective commences. "Passably," she replies tersely as to how they're doing. Looking to shed excess baggage at the earliest possible chance. The basement of Sea View Hospital doesn't make for decent accomodations." And her leg hurts from time to time, where she dug out the bullet and stitched herself up unassisted by means of various uncomfortable contortions.

She has no knowledge that Cat's actually hurt, though it changes little in the scheme of things. "Yeah… I'm betting not." Elisabeth pauses. "I'm technically off the clock right now, and I'm off duty tomorrow until lunch. You have some thoughts on how you want to do this? Because I'm thinking a simple call to the SCOUT squad room with a tip that he's … I don't know. Sitting somewhere. And I'll come pick him up. But I don't want to be specifically fingered for this, it'll make IA sit up and take notice again." She grimaces.

"Tomorrow morning at nine I'll be at the Suresh Center, it's seminar day," Cat supplies. "Ideally you'd be here right now to handle this, but I understand things are often far from ideal. What seems to work best is if you and Mr. Redbird think over where he should be dropped off for easy collection and when. If it's tomorrow, maybe Helena or Leonard can stand guard after I leave."

Her voice shifts to a more somber tone. "Between seminars at the Center I need to also look into what happens with Mona's body. Too many times we've lost people and not been able to see them laid to proper rest." Cameron. Dani. Conrad. Father.

"I didn't say it yesterday, Cat…. but I'm sorry about Mona." Elisabeth is sincere in that. "I was… too tied up in the rest of that to really … give a damn about her." She is carrying so much sadness over all of them — BJ Cambria, the Pastor, Felix. Mona was just a blip on her radar, and she feels guilty for that. "Do you want this guy turned in to the cops, Cat, or do you just want him off your hands? Because …. frankly, I think a stellar case can be made against him, but… considering he was wearing a cop uniform and clearly there was at least one other there who was doing that… I'm a little concerned about what happens when we take him in."

"I think," Cat replies calmly, "what happens to him is up to you. I don't see myself asking questions." Silence settles in for a moment, after which she muses "Trying to find out who really sits in the Oval Office is set back. Mona was part of my idea for working that angle, finding out what Tracy Strauss knows."

The tangent is set aside, Cat returning to the topic of Douglas. "Kinson came back for a few days and went walkabout again. His absence is very evident now. He could tell this man to go turn himself in and confess every crime he's ever committed."

Elisabeth hehs quietly, "Well, shit… wouldn't that be convenient?" She is quiet for a long while and then says, "All right, let me find out if Richard wants to 'chat' with your little bastard with no identity. Otherwise, call the squad tomorrow at about 2:30. I'll make sure I'm manning the desk up there. You can leave him wherever you want, just make sure he's unconscious when you do. I'll bring uniforms." She shakes her head. "We'll get it dealt with."

"He won't be awake," Cat assures without a trace of doubt. Left unsaid here again is what she really wants to do with the captive. "Speak with you again soon," she offers, just before ending the call and heading over to brief Helena.

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