Head Checks


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Scene Title Head Checks
Synopsis Too much happening in too little time and Len has just the prescription.
Date June 20, 2009

Office of Len Denton

If this were a fairy tale, it might start out with 'Once upon a time..', but alas there is no fairy tail to be had at this particular moment. With everyone running around killing dangerous evolved, and defecting to the other team, and Len Denton running the show from his little office here inside the Primatech facility, well, it can be a little worrisome for the cowboy who is intent on taking care of his own.

Enter Dr. Salonga. It may be cliche, but this calls for her expertise. With her seated across from his desk, he seems relaxed enough with everything seemingly falling down around him professionally and personally, all brushed aside for this chance to bring Claudine up to speed on recent events. "Not sure you've been following the cases that have been flowing through this office, Doctor, but I am fairly certain that I have a few agents that are going to be heading your direction very soon."

"Well, I was suddenly called back after asking for a leave of absence so I can focus on my residency. Fortunately, it's about finished and I'll be able to work here fulltime once more.." she says matter of factly though she shakes her head and wrinkles her nose as she's been..left behind on most of the recent events going on thus far.

"And I'm afraid I've been a bit clueless with things going on. I've been helping train Magnes in controlling his abilities, but he has a different powerset than I do, so I can only monitor brain activity tomake sure he doesnt pass out of have a stroke.." she admits ruefully, before bowing her head. "And please, do tell me what's been going on.."

Leaning back in his chair, his cowboy boots hit the surface of his desk and he considers. "Well, we have had two deaths within our ranks in the last 60 days. We have had several of our agents shot or injured, or have had to shoot and kill. Plus they are dealing with the betrayal of another agent who has taken some documents from this facility and given them to a rival organization."

Len tips his hat up with his index finger and shakes his head. "That was took alot of us by surprise. Probably the most significant incident that has happened here in a long time. So, you can imagine that they're a heavy dose of anger and rejection going on. You may be a very busy doctor here in the next couple of months."


Claudine is definitely surprised by all this information as she hrmms for a few moments, mulling everything over as the gears in her head turn as she slowly processes the information. She takes adeep breath and sighs, nodding once again.

"Understood..who has passed..and who was the Judas?" she asks curiously, her brows furrowed.

The serious of the situation doesn't reflect upon Len's demeanor as he offers a wry smirk towards the counselor. "See all the stuff you miss when you go away to 'intern'?" He gives her a playful wink and sits up straight and opens his desk drawer and pulls out a couple of folders.

The first one tossed over is labeled: "Katherine Marks" Len responds. "She died in the line of duty. Agents present were Former Agent Dahl and Agent Sawyer, and Agent Hugh Wickham. Agent Sawyer in particular was affected as Agent Marks left her to pull the plug."

The second file is labeled, "Dahl, Minea". "Former Agent Dahl just last week photocopied classified material and took it with her to meet with operatives of Phoenix. We understand she now falls under them. Almost every agent here has been affected by that particular betrayal." He doesn't mention anything about the second death, leaving that one opened ended.

"Ahhh..how wonderful…" she says, rolling her eyes a little as she looks over the files, flipping the sheets of paper to just skim the information before raisingher brows as she looks over Dahl's file. Claudine hrmms for a few moments and pauses,before she looks back up towards the bossman.

"Is it possible she is being mindcontrolled? Or perhaps was brainwashed in someway. It's not entirely out of the question, considering I can easily influence minds..and one of the prisoners Huruma could as well.." remembering her early days in the Company.

"I wish I could say that was true, Doctor." Len starts. "Dahl went to some of her former comrades and gave them an elaborate explanation for her departure. She was putting her affairs in order before she bailed. She has held onto the belief that this agency is going to fall in August, even though we are taking precautions to avoid that particular premonition."

"So she flees and joins a terrorist organization due to some premonition? Premonitions arent one hundred percent..what an idiot.." Claudine scoffs a little, rolling her eyes once more before she hrmms and raises her brows. "Though..what is the premonition..I havent heard about it."

"To get you up to speed, there were a group of time travelers, criminals, who came from the future. We found out that in the future, our Agency is exposed by Roger Goodman who used his power to take us down. Most of us were incarcerated. Some of us died. Goodman has been taken out of the equation," though by whom Len doesn't say. "And certainly you've received the memo that you're to move all your personal belongings to the new location? We're taking precautions, as you can tell by all the movement going on."

"I did receive that memo, though bah at the time travelers and criminals from the future. It's just..ridiculous.." she groans a little as she rubs at her temples as she sighs softly, having trouble accepting such things, even though she has considerable powers herself.

"But Minea is an idiot for believing such a tale. If I may ask your permission, I'd like to kill her myself, or at least bring herto the point where she kills herself.." Claudine says, her voice grim and dark, not liking the disloyalty not one bit.

There's a grin that crosses Len's face. No. He can't have the counseler getting into this. At least not at this point. He waves it off. "That won't be necessary. I do have someone on it that I am certain will take care of the issue." Admittedly, he does like how she thinks. "What I need you to do it take care of my agents, counselor. Make sure they are still going to be a productive member of this team. I would appreciate you talking to Agent Sawyer at the first chance you get. I'll even let her know you'd like to see her."

"Well, I am a doctor..I suppose I should focus on the morale of the personnel.." she says matter of factly as she smiles warmly and bows her head once more while idly tucking her hair behind her ears. "And do tell her that I am available at any time."

Len dips his head. "Certainly will do that." Just before she walks out, he adds, "Oh. One more thing. Magnes Varlane. I would like him assessed for mental readiness. While his ability would be a tremendous asset to agency, I'm not sure he's quite got it.." he pauses and then points to his hat. ".. up here. Smart, but no common sense, and you get him around a girl and he just can't stop talking. Could be more of a risk than he's worth. I'd like your opinion on the matter."

"I think he's more risk than he's worth for sure. He stutters around me even.." Claudine says with a soft chuckle of amusement. "More of a liability than an asset. I say wipe his memories, neutralize his powers for good or kill him.."

Len tilts his head. "Actually, I was wondering if there might be something that can be done about that problem, without actually losing him. I'll keep him underwraps, but if you think of anything that might help, please come talk to me."

"I..might be able to do something. It would be dangerous and be rather…experimental, but I might be able to psychicly shut off access to his powers..so that he won't remember he has them. But again..very dangerous, and very experimental. I'd like it as a complete last resort.." Claudine says matter of factly before bowing her head once more.

"Let me think on that. He's far too dangerous to be let back out on his own. If we can't find some way to modify his personality — that may be the best option. If you think of anything else, don't hesitate to stop by for another chat." He pulls his boots from the desk and stands. "Don't forget to pack, Doctor." he grins. "Trying to get everyone out by midweek."

"I won't forget to pack, do not worry. And personality modification is again..very experimental. It might be safer though than the other idea.." Claudine admits ruefully before heading out the door. "Do take care.."

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