Head First


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Scene Title Head First
Synopsis Aric and Graeme's conversation ends up sidetracked. Several times over.
Date March 24, 2011

The Blue Moon: Aric's Apartment

//As you walk through the door marked private it leads up two flight of stairs to a open space. This apartment has an open floor plan in order to make the best use of space. Studio like, the living area is laid out right in front of the door. The gleaming polished hard wood floors are hemmed in only by the kitchen running parallel to the left and the broad windows to the outside world on the right. //

At one point in time a wall at the back separated living area from bedroom. However, easily two thirds of that wall has been knocked away, leaving only a center section that is broader than a column but certainly no wider than an arched doorway. That remnant wall has been given a stone facade and a see-through fireplace that further blurs the lines of demarcation between the spaces. A door, glimpsed at the far back, leads to a bathroom. The bedroom boasts three cream colored walls and the broad stone face of pillar with a see-through fireplace as the only obstruction to a view of the living room. An oriental rug, colors muted but still lovely, sits upon the hardwood floor.

A door to the right leads off to what must be the bathroom.

The soft sounds of jazz fill the air, and the sweet smell of freshly baked brownies add to the environment. The door to the apartment is open from the "Private" staircase with Aric in the middle of his living room. He is currently in a hand stand with his eyes closed. His breathing is deep and focused as he remains perfectly still. He is currently shirtless and glistening with the few beads of sweat from him standing on his head for a long period of time.

Graeme'd called a bit earlier, and he walks up the stairs, messenger bag across his shoulder with some things he'd grabbed from his own apartment. The sling that holds his right arm immobile is over a thick blue cabled sweater to shield against the cold outdoors, and he leans on the doorframe for a moment before actually speaking. "You know," he says, words coloured by a bit of a drawl. "It's so difficult not to give into the desire to whistle at this." Because yes. He likes what he sees.

As he opens his eyes slowly, his vision focuses on Graeme and Aric can't help but smile. He says with a seductive smirk, "Ya know when I had my telepathy I could sense someone before they were in the room with me." As he brings his feet down, he stands upright and flings his hair out of the way. He walks toward's Graeme grabbing his towel on the way and says, "How are you feeling?" He leans in to kiss the man in greeting.

It's only after Graeme's returned the kiss, softly, that he speaks. "Not bad. Restless more than anything else," he murmurs, letting the messenger bag slip off of his uninjured shoulder to be gathered by the straps in his hand. "I brought a few things with me this time, I … I hope you don't mind," he continues, smiling. What tension had been very, very present in his posture is less so, inside Aric's apartment and in the presence of the other man.

Aric smiles and nods as he reaches out to take the bag to let him get comfortable, "Well come on in and relax. Can I get you something to drink? Coffee? Tea? or me?" He smirks softly as wraps the towel around his neck walking slowly back towards the sofa.

"You're so good to me," Graeme murmurs, before blushing, bright red and as he walks towards the sofa, apparently speechless for the moment. Then he grins. "Well, you could help me get this god damned sling off, and then help me get the sweater off? I don't think I need it in here, and," Graeme pauses, a bit frustrated with his own inability to do things, "I didn't manage to get this one on by myself, so I doubt I'll be able to get it off by myself, either."

"You don't have to ask me to twice to take off a good looking man's clothes." He smiles softly as he jokes and sets the bag on the sofa before move to help Graeme. As he is as gentle as he can be Aric asks while he works, "So what's up? Coming over to see me or something on your mind?"

The comment doesn't particularly help, and Graeme blushes, if anything, a brighter red, helping Aric has he can to remove the sling, and only wincing slightly as the sweater is finally worked off. Underneath is a loose grey tee, worn through in places, and thin enough that the bandages on Graeme's right shoulder show through in outline as Graeme puts the sling back on. "I dunno, I figured I'd come over and spend a while with you." His voice is gentle, teasing. "There's a lot on my mind, but that's secondary." He leans over to kiss Aric again.

Aric smiles and cocks an eyebrow, "What's on your mind. I will make us some tea and I just made my death by chocolate brownies. They have real fudge shavings mixed into the batch." He moves to the kitchen as he begins to make the tray up. "I am not your best girlfriend or your hairdresser but I'd like to think I make a good listener."

Graeme grins a bit. "Thanks," he says, grinning. "I think you make a great listener, even if much of the time the temptation is to kiss you rather than talk." Graeme leans back a bit on the couch, tilting his head backwards so he can catch sight of Aric. "The concept of time travel has been giving me a headache since Liz and I talked last night," he continues.

Aric stops making his tray as he looks over at Graeme and asks, "Why would you be talking about such an odd subject? You didn't go tell her that I told you about the machine and how I suspect it was to look back in time. I couldn't confirm it when I watched…well." He pauses and looks down, and asks with a deep breath, "You didn't go ask her because of me did you?"

"Not because of you," Graeme says, a slight tone of surprise in his voice, "and that didn't come up, at all. No, I've just … I've found myself in over my head with things, since I came to New York. My sister, and a lot of things." He pauses, then continues. "And I figured I may as well get myself in all the way over my head." He turns around slightly, enough to face Aric, and offers the other man a gentle smile.

As he sighs, and remembers that very day he said that just a floor down to Liz. He turns and smiles softly to Graeme, "I can appreciate that more then you know. I dove in head first what seems like ages ago and haven't been able to get out of the water since then." As he brings the tray into the living room he sets it down and begins to pour the tea. "I am no expert but I have gotten a better understanding how fucking with the timeline can screw things up in many many different ways."

Graeme shifts carefully, slowly, so that he can face Aric again, head tilted up to watch the man that he is coming to care for. "Yeah." He smiles, faintly. "It's a lot to figure out. And Liz gave me a chance … a chance to back out, before we spoke, but." Graeme pauses, and shakes his head. "But I don't think I could have. In any case, I guess that'll be on my mind a while, you know?" Then there's a bit of a grin.

Aric blinks for a second which could be mistaken as confusion or surprise to know what Graeme might be talking about without the telepathy. He sets the tea down near him and says, "Sounds serious. I hope you're gonna be safe and think about what your choosing before you do at least. You have people who care about you and would be sad if something happened to you. Ya know…Remi…" The apples in his cheeks darken when he says softly, "Me."

Aric is calling the kettle black when he is the one who is a full acting member of Endgame.

Graeme blushes as well, and then grins, motioning for Aric to sit down next to him. "I'm not reckless or anything," he says, tone almost as if he's been chided. "At least, I try not to be." He reaches for the cup of tea, lifting it carefully to his lips and taking a slow sip.

Aric nods and asks a bit more directly, "So what is going on. What are you talking about?"

Graeme's being ever-so-slightly oblivious. "I do try not to be reckless," he says, sounding even more chided than he did before. "I got through the extreme sports phase in college. Most of the time now, I think I do stuff." Then, his tone gentles a bit. "And uh. I'm glad that … obviously, I … care about you too," he says, finally, the few false starts each corresponding with an increase in the redness of Graeme's cheeks. Graeme's looking at Aric over the edge of the cup, now, taking another sip of tea before putting the cup back on the tray.

Aric smiles as he leans in and places a hand on his face, Aric grins and says, "Why are you thinking about the timeline?"

There's a slight pout evident on Graeme's face. "It's just a lot to have been told, and I tend to think a lot, and it's a hell of a lot better than wondering what my sister's been up to," Graeme says. The last statement has more than a hint of bitterness. "I think more than is good for me, I suppose. It's a consequence of having twenty-two hours in a day that are spent awake, usually." Though Aric's presence next to Graeme is at the very least distracting him from thinking.

Aric nods as he says, "Well…we all have our curse. It is how we play the game in the end…or vice versa?" Aric smiles softly leaning in to take a bit of his brownie and breaks a small piece off to feed Graeme. "You are always welcome to come here and chill anytime you want to help your mind."

Graeme smiles a bit, and there's only a hint of protest on his face that quickly disappears when he tastes the brownie. Chewing is a rather good motion to help hide his thoughts. "Or vice versa, indeed," he murmurs, afterwards, moving a little closer to Aric after he does. "And thanks. You're rather good at distracting me from my thoughts, you know." There's a grin, and rather a lot of a blush as well, on his face.

As he smiles softly, "Why don't we take a shower? And I can show the most perfect way to distract one's self from trying thoughts. It should be right up your alley too. You will need a lot of 'endurance' for this 'distraction'." As Aric grins and stands up he gently pulls Graeme up and takes his hand to escort him to the bathroom where he has a two person shower with four shower heads in four different directions.

Graeme smiles and chuckles. "Well, you'll have to be gentle with me somewhat," he murmurs into the other man's shoulder as he stands, a smile, his hand intertwining with Aric's.

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