Headed In The Right Direction


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Scene Title Headed In the Right Direction
Synopsis Hair twin wolfhounds meet up in the training room and discuss the yestermorrow and some people missing in the today.
Date March 13, 2018

The Bunker: Training Room

It's the peak hours of the morning, Lucille's favorite time of the day. The world is the most quiet she almost feels like she could be the only person in the world and sometimes that's a good feeling. This morning is no different, sitting in the training room of the Bunker it would seem that most of the others are sleep or off doing other things than being in this particular room right now.

Headed in the right direction

I can see the light of day

I've got love as my connection

There's an angel showing me the way

She's sitting cross legged on a mat, eyes closed and palms facing upwards. Her arms are bare at the moment though her gloves are folded neatly near her. Her shoulder length auburn hair swings free, eyes closed as she places herself nowhere and anywhere. She's just present. The soothing sound of India Arie's voice acts as a guide through her mind as she rolls her head forward, she had been sitting for an hour so far.

Been reaching for love all my life

I couldn't find it always one step behind it

Now I know it was mine all the time finally I am

She barely even registers the melody and lyrics at this point, the dull vibrations of the acoustic track bouncing off the walls.

Headed in right direction

While the Ryans sister had been alone when the music started, she's not alone by the repeat of the chorus.

I can see the light of day

I've got love as my protection

There's no need for me to be afraid

Soft footsteps go mostly unheard as Adel pads across the room, looking at the woman not in her particular team. While she's seen her, even worked with her on joint operations, they've never been particularly close. Bobbing her head to the music, she starts to do some lower body stretches in an attempt to keep her knees and ankles working properly. She wants to keep jumping out of planes, and that's where she's most likely to injure herself if she doesn't land correctly.

I spend so much time with my head in the clouds

Now that I've got my feet on the ground

I found that I am…

She doesn't want to interupt someone obviously meditating, but she can't help but glance over at her.

Headed in the right direction

The paler skinned woman remains in her cross legged position for the last few seconds of the song and a few more after it ends. She doesn't have her radar going so when she opens blue eyes, eyes that match a few of Adel's friends. She blinks and looks over at Adel with a light smile, "Hey," Her recent run in with Calvin has all the other future kids on the brain. Her niece and sister, nephew.. It's a lot to process still all these years later. More kids stuck in a time not their own. But maybe this was better for them.

"Didn't hear you there, the music helps me sometimes. Keep my thoughts in line. Guides them," she stretches her arms out in front of her cracking her fingers as she shakes the rest of her body awake. She goes for the gloves to pull them on slowly, she's in no rush.

"It's a good song! I also like working out to music, so I understand," Adel responds with a cheerful smile as she bounces up onto her feet and stretches her arms over her head a little. Stretching, very important. Especially when one had to relearn how to fight in a gravity having enviroment. "I never did get the hang of meditation. Ms. Cole tried to get me to learn." Her Colette. While this Colette doesn't like the 'Ms' addition, the older one must not have minded.

That or she uses the Ms. to make it distinct when she's talking about her teacher versus someone she thinks of as a new mom-type.

"But you seem pretty good at it. It help you with things?"

Ms. Cole. Pulls a smile out of the woman. "She hates that huh? Makes her feel old." she teases before stretching her arms out the length of her legs, grabbing her toes with her hands. Lucille had been flexible from gymnastics and such but now she was even more limber, made for easier flipping around. Absently, auburn haired woman rubs at the scar at her neck.

"It does," her expression pensive, "I don't think I would be as good without it. I lost.. I use to be able to lose myself during the war. All the carnage.. Blood." she shakes her head at the memory. "It really helps me focus my ability," which everyone on Wolfhound knows has given Lucille problems for the last 6 years.

"How are you holding up? With.. one of your moms being here?" And in the position that she is.

"She wouldn't even let me call her aunt!" Adel responds with a laugh, glad to have people who knows who she is around. It makes talking about certain things easier. Like her moms. Carnage, blood. That someone had lost themselves is not at all a surprise. Those from the Wasteland had all lost themselves a little bit. She'd had her power, her family. And had been just a little bit crazy, too boot.

"I don't think you ever learned before, in Wasteland. I mean I heard you were good with your ability, but…" She trails off, unsure how to explain it.

"I— I'm fine." About her mom being there. Then she blinks and— "Did anyone tell you about Milan?" Yes, she's changing the subject.

"I ran into Calvin recently in the Bronx, called me 'Aunt Luci'," the woman chuckles as she runs a hand through her hair. It still tickles her. "I guess it's a fitting title with Benji and Kincaid.." Who she hasn't seen.. He's on her mind often to this day. It's amazing these kids.. adults know so much about them, sometimes more than their parents knew themselves. "You didn't meet me there? Just my dad?" Lucille doesn't usually ask about that place, Wasteland. The couple dreams she had about it were heartbreaking, Beth's death.. Huruma's..

At the mention of the name Milan she gapes at Adel, "I.. Ingrid mentioned that I had a daughter.. But.." It was hard for Ingrid and Lucille to bond, Lucille was very pro violent and Ingrid.. Wasn't. She felt awkward around her younger sister, she was scared of her.. Scared of abandoning her like she has Delia countless times.. It's caused her to not be as near to Ingrid as she would like to be, a fact that Lucille was actively trying to change.

"You knew.. Know her? I know I married a government agent there?" Though they might not be returning to that future. She likes to think that Milan is alive.. And Anders.

"Oh." Well, Adel's grateful in a way cause part of her realizes she had brought it up in a really awkward way. The social thing had always been something she only moderately knew how to handle. Sometimes her foot might as well live in her mouth. But this is not one of those times.


"None of us knew her as much as the others. She was kinda like Cal. Not really raised with us?" Part of her is still mad at Calvin for little things, but— they all did something wrong at some point. And Benji seems to have accepted him, despite everything. That's enough for her.

"But, yeah, no. I mean, I did meet you. I barely remember your dad." He'd died when she was pretty young. She grew up with stories though. Ryans, the great action star. "You spent a lot of time travelling. Like, a lot. You and Anders. That was your man." Husbands and wives were often assumed if not official, but man works. "Milly went with you a lot. She was younger than me. A year younger than Ingrid, even."

There's a nod of her head at the news that her daughter wasn't raised with the others. It makes Lucille feel bad she wonders if Milan had friends.. It doesn't really sound like it. Her face is a mix of emotions that she doesn't usually let people see. Her shock at any news at all from the time traveler. Regret that she didn't come with them.. "Did.. what was she like?" She bites her lips as she looks over at the wall. "I never met that man in this? Timeline. He seemed like he was a funny guy," Kind of looks like Stiffler. Her man. Lucille doesn't chuckle, she would have thought her man would be Tahir. She wonders what happened to him there too.

"Younger than Ingrid wow." Luce rubs her elbow, "I had hoped she was close with you guys and that maybe she was needed back home and that why.." She hasn't dared to ask this question. Not in any of the years that she's known the time traveling kids. "Why.. uh.. Why didn't she come with you guys?" She must have wanted too.. She must have. "Did she not want to see me?"

The line of questioning causes Adel to pause, looking confused for a moment as if she’d never actually considered that the few kids who didn’t come would make a parent feel like that. “You know you were alive, right? When we left? I mean not all of us who came had lost parents, but most of us had,” she’d lost her dad. One of her moms wanted her to change destiny, to make the band famous— something she did not get to do. Maybe there would still be time, but losing Magnes had destroyed most of those plans. Losing Magnes, losing Quinn… She’s not even sure where Sable happens to have gotten off to.

She just knows that mom isn’t a fan of ‘The Man’.

“She already had you.” In Adel’s way of thinking about it, those who still had parents were less inclined to leave them. Knowing it was likely a suicide mission. They’d all pretty much accepted that. No one would be coming back, most likely. “And she was still a kid, hadn’t manifested yet, if she was even going to. She might’ve been like Ingrid.” A Non-Evo. Which was fine, really. But they’d not taken the non-Evos, except Ingrid. And she’s not sure BJ would have brought Ingrid at all.

But then Benji was in charge suddenly, and she wasn’t about to leave her favorite aunt behind if she wanted to go.

It makes sense, of course Milan didn't not come because she hates Lucille, that's just the woman’s insecurity about being able to be a good mother like her own. She already had you. That statement brings tears to Lucille’s eyes and nods her head with a soft sniff. She does not cry in front of people but the future kids.. they get to see a lot other people don't. Lu just feels comfortable around them.

“Well I'm happy I hadn't left her.” In that other timeline she has a daughter and their close, traveling the world together. It's an optimistic way of looking at it. Thinking of Milan being unmanifested. “She would have been a badass regardless, just like the rest of the tribe.” With a chuckle. It would have worried her to no end to have her young daughter here in danger, she's playing the pros and cons in her head.

“So many members of my family came back..” she smiles softly, “I’m very happy to have Ingrid and the others here.” She bites her lip, “Is there anything else you think I’d like to know?” Maybe it's easier not asking her actual family for information on the future. Adel has an unbiased opinion of the Ryans family.

“The Ryans family was pretty big,” Adel had to add with a small laugh. Their little future community had all been somewhat close, in many ways. Some of them had been family without being family. It had made hooking up, as they would call it in this time, awkward. “But no— you and Milly were pretty much inseparable. I used to think she was a brat, always talking about the places she’d seen. When I’d barely even left the East Coast. Mom wouldn’t even let me go to Alaska the first time.”

She’d been one of the few kids who’d come back in time who hadn’t been at the first adventure to Alaska. Probably why she wanted so bad to go the second time. In some ways, she still wishes she hadn’t. But if she hadn’t she would not have been near her father in the end. She wouldn’t trade that even to have her ability back.

“I don’t really know— After Alaska, Cardinal— Richard. The good shadow.” Not shadow now. “He told me that our future still existed. So everyone we left is still there. You and Milly are still together.” While she left all her moms and teacher and everyone who had raised her… So many of them had. “Even if she won’t be born in this timeline, she still exists. And you two are still together.”

There's a snort at the brat comment and she nods her head with a grins, they were close. Inseparable, “Like Gilmore Girls?” With a smile Lucille leans back and looks up towards the ceiling mulling over what Adel is saying. “That.. is comforting. To know we are together somewhere. Even if I'm married to a guy who looks like Stiffler.”

The other shadow, the good one. “Are there any good shadows?” She's not sure you're good if you're always in the dark. But then again she guesses that you can't help if you're born with the ability to be a literal shadow. It's not his fault he was born that way.

“You lost your gift then..” Lucille heard the stories, she was there after all. “That was.. an insane day.” Memories flooding back of Colette in that chair, sedating her so that she could pull her out with the help of that blonde telepath Aria.

“Oh, he was a good shadow. Now he’s just a good man. Who gives us the best toys.” Their body armor, those cool sonic guns. Raytech definitely gives them the coolest toys right now. She’s tempted to ask them to design a more compact parachute rig that can fit right into her body armor—

But not today. Someday.

He too, like her, had lost both his power and a loved one all at once. So she kinda empathizes with him to the point that she hasn’t actually gone to see him yet since they both left that little house in Canada.

“Yeah…” Her gift. She’d lost a lot back in Alaska. A lot. She doesn’t really want to think about it, so she changes the subject, instead.

“Your man was pretty cool, though, he could be invisible! Even if he was a Fed, he could be a good guy. Though who knows if he’d be good here.” There’s a pause. “Hey, we could totally use our resources to see if we can find him. Find out what happened to him. How many Anders could there be out there!”

She’s not sure Hana would agree to it, but Noa might.

“Yea he has great toys.” Lucille still doesn't really trust the man. If one version of you is capable of something.. but Luce doesn't know about this stuff really. The future and time travel and it's mechanics. It just made her head hurt.

She notices how Adel deflects from any hard topic maybe that's how she stayed so sunny and bright.. just avoiding everything. She nods her head lifting her gloved hands to examine her fingers. “Sorry,” for her loss.

“Ah.. Adel? Wouldn't that be a tad awkward?” It's not like she's gonna fall in love with this guy and Milan would end up born here. But maybe he had the dreams too…

“You think he's around?” Obviously. Unless the war got him.

“It’s worth checking into, if you want.” Adel responds, with a big grin on her face. It’s probably not the greatest idea she ever came up with, but she’s also the one who ignored all things and totally joined her parent’s band to get close to them, and help them achieve their destiny. Everyone else among the future kids had tried to keep a small distance between themselves and their parents. But not her. She jumped right into that gunfire.

And she wouldn’t change it for anything at all, now. Even if the band had never taken off the way she had wanted.

Not with dad gone.

“What harm could it do just to find out what’s going on with him!” It won’t give Lucille her daughter, of course, but who knew, right? It could give her some closure she didn’t even know she needed.

Or it could make things more complicated and sad. Either way!

“I guess..” Lucille ponders and shrugs, what harm could it cause? “Okay let's find him.” She nods her head thinking of those dreams of that Wasteland. She was worried he would know her too. She was worried.. she didn't understand really what she was worried about. Massaging her neck she tilts her head at Adel and then looks nervous again, “Uh.. you know I've been meaning to ask..”

The older woman looks like she's about to stand up and leave moreso then ask Adel a question.

“What.. Have you seen my nephew Kincaid?

Her expression grows sad, “I've been looking for him. My brother has..” Hell they all had been. She had gotten so close with Kincaid. She was worried, she was stressed. She wondered what her father would do in this situation.

Probably get on the phone talk in his growly voice and rescue his grandson from whatever trouble he was in. Lucille didn't know what happened to Kincaid but she didn't feel as if it was good.

The question surprised her, but Adel has to shake her head, suddenly worried and sad, “No, I haven’t seen or heard anything about him. Not Walter nor JJ either.” She wonders what ever happened to them, where they went to. “Not in years. Not since early in the war.” Had the three of them been working together at the time?

She didn’t even know that much. So many of their number had stopped communicating. “I wonder if Benji knows.” If anyone would, it would be Benji. “Maybe we could look into that too, while we look for Anders.”

But she has a feeling they won’t find anything they will like to find out…

JJ and her had been really close— but then he vanished. She missed him. And fox-face. And Caid. And those that she knew were really gone, too.

Adel's answer makes Lucille worry more. The children from the future always seemed to know more than them, she just assumed Adel could maybe give her a clue. But a steer in the right direction. “Maybe we should go see her, I was already looking for her when I ran into Calvin,” she says this softly as she thinks. Her niece would be the best person to ask. She hadn't seen her in some time.

“I think we have our own little side quest,” She comments with a light grin. It's hard to be down in the dumps around the time traveler. She has always been infectious.

“Little Miss Badass and the..” She looks over at Adel, what's a good nickname?

“I used to be the floating hamster ball,” Adel jokes, grinning with amusement even if the topic of discussion might hurt a little still. Her floating hamster ball got lost, along with everything else that had made her blood test positive for the SLC genes. That red lightning had ripped it all away. “Now I’m just the chick who jumps out of planes for work and pleasure.”

How would that translate into a nickname. Little Miss Badass and…. She ponders, trying to think of something reasonably cool. “Oh! How about the Daredevil Daughter!” It fits with the whole, jumping out of planes thing. And she might throw herself into dangerous situations when she shouldn’t, too.

And she’s a daughter. Of a lot more people than most anyone could ever imagine.

Floating Hamster Ball? Lucille cracks a laugh at that and grins over at Adel. The other woman is hilarious, a character. That's not saying she isn't real but Lucille envies her. She's so light, it's not hard for Adel to have fun.

Luce vows inside to keep that for herself as well. Being light and fun didn't mean you wouldn't be good as a operative of a paramilitary organization. Her blue eyes are soft with relief at the tension she felt in her shoulders while talking of her nephew.

“Little Miss Badass and Daredevil Daughter.” Perfect.

She finger guns in the direction of her comrade with a wink, “Okay Hair Twin lets go get some food.”

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