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Scene Title Head's Up
Synopsis Elisabeth's inquiring about Kayla Reid, and warning Minea that Bolivar might come looking for her. There's a few other requests tossed into the mix.
Date March 28, 2009

Coffee Shop

Elisabeth's call to Minea comes shortly after 11am on Saturday morning, and she asks the agent to meet her somewhere public and noisy. She doesn't want to get Min into trouble. They agree on a deli near the north end of Central Park, not one of their normal haunts, and Elisabeth gets there a bit early. Taking up a table in the back, she's got a soda in front of her when Minea arrives.

Business. What in hell could Elisabeth want from her now? It's thought in a nice way, not a bad way and the woman who comes stridign through the door is all business. Blazer, trousers, sky blue button front beneath. Low heels and probably carrying three guns as usual, with one in her purse. Elisabeth is acknowledged but only for a moment till she's ordering her own coffee and then joining the officer at the table. "I dont' work on saturday's, but it sounded urgent"

"Eh… urgent enough and straddling the line between personal and professional," Elisabeth replies. "A friend of mine got shot and healed in the park the other day. And your name came up in conjunction with the fact that the woman who did it was apparently hurt pretty bad and whisked off by you and someone else. He asked me to look into it and see if she's okay and whether she'll be getting Registered and released." She grimaces a little. "I know you may not be able to answer it, but…. well, I thought since you were on the scene, you might know SOMETHING I could say to reassure him."

Kayla Reid. Empathic Healer. There's no surprise on the womans face, though inwardly there is. Bolivar, no wonder. "He took two shots to the chest, unknown assailants, and presumably had to do with him being the unfortunate one to have shot a child during a riot" It happens. She's maybe one of the few in the city who don't revile the officer. Shit happens. "It seems Ms. Reid is an empathic Healer. She took on his wounds. Another agent and I happened by, honestly Elisabeth, we did jsut happen to be passing by. She's being taken care of right now. It was a critical injury. If she went to a hospital she would have been registered. As it stands, right now, she's not. When she's up on her feet again she'll be released" Maybe, Maybe not, it's not Minea's place to say. But at least the young woman won't be registered.

Raising an eyebrow, Elisabeth actually catches on to that. "So…. why isn't she currently registered?" she wonders aloud, her eyes sharp on Minea. "And out of curiosity, do you think that there's any way to request Abigail Beauchamp's registration be removed? She was told by her kidnappers — not sure of the truth of this, mind you — that a cop gave them her information right off the registry. Might be something they want to look into."

"That Elisabeth, I don't know. Maybe for the same reason that three quarters of the rest of those who have abilities, don't register voluntarily. Fear? Hatred from others? Because they are afraid of being whisked away and shoved down a hole, never to be seen again. The whole thing with the 36, right there, that video they made, shows a great deal of what the general populace thinks happens to them, if they exhibit above remarkable skills and abilities" ABigial Beauchamp. "The officer who got healed, Officer Rodriguez, he told us to go fetch her from the bar she works at, to heal Ms. Reid" But.. there comes something else. "Right Elisabeth, I'll wave my magic wand and make that happen. The same time that I get blood from a stone" It's not sarcastic, not in so much as to insult Elisabeth for thinking to ask the question more like 'never gonna happen in a million years and you know why. "Have her get a lawyer and sue. if that's what happened, then.. there's a bit problem and frankly, I'm sure they already took that into consideration when they made the list. There's dozens of dirty cops, and she's likely not the only one that's happened to"

Elisabeth grins faintly. "I didn't say wave your magic wand and make it happen. And she has a lawyer, I believe. We'll see." She tilts her head. "I didn't ask why she wasn't registered before…. I'm asking why she's not registered now that she's in Homeland's custody, Min." She shrugs slightly. "In any case…. figured if you're out running with someone from Homeland, you could mention it and maybe they'd mention it on up the pipe, that's all." She shoves her hair off her face, wincing faintly as she bumps her cheek, and then says, "Anyway… how've you been?"

"You know why Elisabeth and I'm not going to say it" Because she's company and company isn't Homeland directly. Not when they don't want to be. "Busy. The usual. Tell your friend Ms. Reid's getting the best medical treatment that we have to offer and she'll be released when she's not in critical condition. I'll.. see about mentioning it. Only because I know who Ms. Beauchamp is, but don't hold your breath" Minea's coffee lifts to her mouth, taking a careful sip. "I'm good, but you look like you've kissed a fist, or the ever proverbial doorknob"

"Pfft. Disagreement with a couple guys at the station," Liz replies mildly. "IA's handling it. I'll pass the message on to Bolivar, though. I think he was planning on tracking you down himself." She grins a little. "I'll spare you his rage, if I can."

"He doesn't scare me. I met him before. His dogs like me" The scarr'd man comes to the fore of her mind and she dismisses it. "I'ma big girl, I can handle myself. I'll just tell him the same thing that I told you" A disagreement. With guys at the station. "Kick their ass. Hand them their testicles in a jar and make them regret it"

Elisabeth chuckles. "Working on that. Gotta get better at the hand-to-hand thing, I think. Basic self-defense only works when the guys in question don't know it, or when you manage to make them sick to their stomachs enough that getting away works."

"Want some help with that? The hand to hand thing" It's a simple offer from the brunette company agent.

Elisabeth hesitates. "Actually, yeah… I would. I was taking some lessons, but things got busy on both our ends… and it kind of fell off the radar." She grimaces, making a mental note to hook back up with Hana — the falling off the radar is Liz's own fault. "Sure wouldn't mind some better moves for next time." And she's pretty sure things will get worse before they get better, what with Liz ratting them out to IA.

"You want general hand to hand or I can teach you what I learned. Krav Maga. Have to bless the ISA for letting me study that further even as a civilian"

Oh nice… which will absolutely help, because that's what Hana teaches too. "Krav Maga," Elisabeth replies instantly. It gives her a pool of two people to practice with, assuming she hooks back up with Hana and the other woman is still willing. "It'll be something the regular cops aren't using."

"No, it isn't. It's meant to get your opponent down as fast as possible with the least amount of harm to yourself. Conrad and Deckard learned that the hard way" Minea scratches at her nose before she sits back. "you have my number, call when you want to hit a gym. Thanks for the heads up about Officer Rodriguez. I'll keep an eye out. I'll let you know when Ms. Reid is being released by her doctors"

Elisabeth nods to the last part, and a fond smile creases her cheek. "I would have liked to see you put Conrad on the ground," she admits. Ah well. "I'll do that, Min… and thanks. I've been trying to get back on something resembling a normal schedule, now that the power blackouts have stopped. You up for early-morning gym time? Like 6-ish?"

"Yup. I'm up before then. Three mornings a week, there's a combat gym not far from where my place is" She turns over her receipt, producing a pen and writes down the address. "Remember Marks? I put her down, while injured. Barely trying" The receipts slid over for Elisabeth. "We'll have you kicking their ass in no time flat, and they won't be sporting little facial bruises"

There's a grin. "Oh, I like that idea. I know Marks," Liz comments mildly. She takes the number and smiles. "I'll give you a call and work out times," she promises. "Let me get outta here. Got another stop to make this morning."

"I got art to make" aka, ID's. She still hasn't stop producing them for the government. She's just dropped down how many it is that she makes and the urgent jobs. Up from the table the brunette goes, to disappear in the clientele of the coffee shop and out the door.

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