Healing Or Not


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Scene Title Healing? Or Not
Synopsis Abby meets with Melissa to discuss green handprints and Kazimir.
Date April 3, 2010

Coffee shop

Ambulance can be found anywhere in the city and late at night, before curfew, Peter's back and has the ambulance to go get his own meal because Abby's got super secret ferry stuff to do and Mr. I-want-a-normal-life isn't interested in all that stuff. He wants to be normal. Poor mel, not getting to see the object of her affection. The two are parked in the corner over coffee's and heads close so that others can't really hear them.

"I contacted someone I know, inquired about your mysterious handprint" Abigail confides.

Melissa clearly hasn't been sleeping well since the evacuation, and it shows. She doesn't even have her makeup to hide the bags under her eyes! Abby's words have her looking surprised as well. "Already? Nice work, Abby. Did they have any information on it?" she murmurs.

"Yeah. He did. He was a retired company agent. Key word Was. I get them around the bar now and then and they keep their activities to outside it. Anyways" Abigail's looking tired too but only in that she needs some caffeine from all the running around she and peter have been doing. Lots of calls about Homeless people with hypothermia.

"I told him it was on one of my old homeless people that i'd make the rounds to heal. He's probably not around where I said he was anymore, in case the agent goes to check. Mel, Steve doens't heal. I mean, not heal like I healed. The agent knew exactly what I was asking after" She looks at the other woman closely. "He said you're a damn sight lucky to be alive. Everyone else who's had those handprints? They've been corpses"

Melissa's nose wrinkles a little at the mention of the Company. But then her jaw drops, slightly but literally. "Are you kidding? But…he healed Peter. What does he do if he's not healing?" she asks, rubbing at her wrist again and looking pretty damn concerned. "And how did…the others…die?"

"I didn't try to get into details with Agent Ryans. I managed to run into him at the Gym. I intend to ask Steve what the deal is with his ability. What I think?" Abby frowns. "Transfer of life? Kazimir Volken could do it, or well the ability itself. Heal by taking life from others. Maybe Steve can take away the ill's but has to then pass it off to others or… something happens?" Abigail muses. "I won't know until I ask him, but it might explain his reluctance and his dislike of his ability not to mention the need to get away from people who keep asking him to heal. If someone has to die, so someone else can live…"

Melissa groans softly and her head falls back, eyes closing, the heels of her hands rubbing at her eyes. Good thing there's no makeup left to smear around or she'd look like a racoon after this. "It explains a few things, yeah. He said something along the lines of people not knowing what his ability really is."

She glances back to Abby. "You know this Kazimir guy? Or knew him? He's come up in conversation a few times. Anti-evolved nazi, right?"

"I killed him Melissa. I know him" It's simple spoken from the uniformed blonde across from Melissa. Not a single hair out of place on her head and the little gold cross at her throat.

Was Melissa surprised before? Yes. But it's nothing compared to the surprise that shows on her face now. "You?" There's a moment of silence, then she shakes her head. "When things calm down a little, I'm gonna be asking you a little more about him. But did you know that Magnes considers him a mentor? Frightening thought, that one."

"You really don't want to know more about him Melissa. You want to know about the Ability. Kazimir Volken was an Ability. He was the antithesis to me. Come on, we'll go outside and i'll try and quickly explain" Abby stands up, taking her cardboard cup with her as she goes, holding the door open for the other woman. "There's two abilities. A benevolent one and a not so benevolent one. Really it's the weilder that determines what it ends up being but whomever gets it? Well, those who got Kazimir's one, tended to not be benevolent. The abilities jump from person to person" Abigail quickly gets out there.

"What magnes considers a mentor, is the impressions and memories that the ability held and was present when it occupied Peter. Magnes needs to stop carrying on that man's thoughts. They're not going to do him a lick of good"

Melissa frowns a little but she rises and follows after Abby, nodding. "I heard a little about his ability. Sucking life out of people, or putting it into others. But what do you mean about it occupying Peter? I didn't think a person could have two abilities." There's a pause there, since she's come face to face with a man who had multiples. "Okay, scratch that. Damn."

"Remember how I say used to heal Mel?" once they're outside, jacket zipped up and gloves on. "It overwrites. Best as I can figure out. I had nothing, till the Life Kami, Hiro calls it that, was passed to me from it's forebearer. I could heal and apparently do other things, I just didn't know. Kazimir passed it on before he was killed ont he Veranzo Narrows bridge, to Sylar, who then passed it on to Peter who then, it seems, passed it on to Francois before it was destroyed in Mexico. Kazimir's ability is deathly allergic to mine. He turned to ash on the bridge when I healed him when he was forced out of Gabriel's body. It's confusing, horribly confusing, but… the ability retains memories of what it's host does, sometimes it takes over if the host isn't taking care of itself good enough, or in the case of Kazimir's hosts, takes over period to further it's goals. He disliked the evolved, but he was evolved too. I killed him on the bridge, but the ability remained" She looks over at Mel. "I just confused you didn't I?"

Given that Melissa looks a little blank, that's a given, but she nods just in case. "Oh yeah. So what in the hell is this Life Kami, and how does an ability have a mind of its own? More, how in the hell would it be passed on?"

"Touch" Easy enough. "Or in my case, there was an evolved who went around switching abilities with others and took it from me and passed it to someone else" Would then explain how Abigail was a healer, but isn't anymore and why Darren recognized her. "Life Kami was the opposite of kazimir. When it surfaced in the person who got the ability shoved into him, it talked like Francois. Francois, well, he's a real person and there's an even longer story involved with him. But he gave it to me when I was five. He's this french guy in the Ferryman" Francois who doens't look a day over 30 and Abigail a day over 20 if not a bit younger. "it's.. convoluted and strange and… It's moot now. They're both gone, the two abilities destroyed each other in Mexico. Another long story"

"Wait, they're both gone? But Francois…I've met Francois. He helped with the evacuation," Melissa says, frowning, still confused. "And man. Kendall asked me earlier how to know what was possible. I told him if he could imagine it it could be real. I didn't know how right I was." And she doesn't sound too happy about it at the moment.

"Gone, Francois is Francois. You don't need to worry about him" Abigail assures the other woman, opening her mouth and breathing out so that she can see the steam that is the air she exhaled. "He's a good guy. He's…" There's a nod. "He's a good guy"

"But if he's gone how could he have helped the other night?" Melissa asks, looking pained. "But if there's no need to worry, I'll believe you. I just…really don't get all this right now. Maybe it's the lack of sleep."

"No.. not francois gone. The ability is gone. Both abilities. No more healing and no more life draining. Everyone is themselves again" More or less. Some are sleeping/dating roommates, others are killing people in the streets and friends, working in an ambulance.

'Maybe, or maybe sleep won't make it any more understandable. At least, now you have the answer to the question you asked the other night" She points out.

"Maybe. But now I have more questions and I'm once again keeping a dangerous person safe," Melissa says with a sigh, running a hand through her hair. "I don't believe that Darren wants to hurt anyone though. When he found out that he left a handprint on me he was horrified."

"He's newly manifested, likely knows what it does. I'll talk with him Mel, see what's up. Maybe Agent ryans will have more information, or maybe Steve" She uses the name he wants to be called in public instead of his real name. "will tell us, once he finds out that we know and aren't about to pass him over to the cops. But it explains a great deal. Really Mel, from the sounds of it… you are lucky to be alive"

Melissa nods, then smiles faintly. "I'm getting a lot of that lately. First with the Sylar guy, and now Steve. Life in this city is never dull. But anyway, I guess I should let you get back to work, huh?"

"Yeah. Before you have to dodge curfew" abigail offers a smile to Melissa. "I'll try and get down below to talk with Steve. Bring him some stuff and see what the deal is. Be safe Melissa, God bless"

Melissa smiles. "Okay, thanks. And I'll do my best on that safe thing. so far my record sucks, but who knows." And after a quick look around, off she goes!

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