Hear You Soon


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Scene Title Hear You Soon
Synopsis Brian visits Kameron, and asks her to leave.
Date Jan 26 2009

Kameron's Apartment

Much like most of the apartments in the building, the apartment belonging to Kameron is sparse of decoration -almost moreso than the others. The floor is bare of carpet with the exception of a few throw rugs, one at the center of the room, on which the low coffee table is placed in front of the couch, and another in front of the entryway door. There are no paintings, nor is there a television or any kind of recreational equipment that would require one to sit and stare at the monitor for hours.
There is a stereo system in a corner of the room, and a bookshelf full of a variety of books, most, if not all, printed in Braille. There is a single violin stand in the room, along with a violin case that usually has the instrument in it. In addition to these decorations there is indication that the renter lives with an animal - a dog bed is placed against the wall near the bedroom, and there are dog food supplies in a corner of the kitchen. A set of dog bowls are also placed in the main room, currently empty with the exception of the water bowl.
The bedroom and bathroom aren't much to look at, despite the strange lack of mirrors, and where there are mirrors, they're covered with towels. The bedroom only has the main necessities - a closet, bureau, and bed. The kitchen is probably the messiest of the rooms, in as much use (experimental or not), as it is.

Late afternoon to Mid-Afternoon at the apartment Kameron's rented; Prince is dozing on his dog bed contentedly, while Kameron herself was sitting on the couch, radio turned on very quietly. For a while she'd had it tuned to a classical station and played along with her violin, just to keep in practice. Earlier that day she had an interview, courtesy of Lori, buuut it didn't go so well; she wasn't surprised, honestly. There was only so much pull a socialite had, and realistically Kameron would have turned down the job if she got in anyway. Thus she is resting from a long day of walking, violin placed neatly against the couch from use.

A few knocks rattle on the door before Brian tucks his hands in his jean pockets. Dark jeans, and a black track jacket, he's wearing a pair of sunglasses and a brown hat as he waits a bit impatiently just outside the door. Usually he ducks out of the way of the peephole he doesn't like people staring at him without him knowing it, but with Kameron, there isn't much need, he guesses.

No need for someone naturally blind, certainly - but Kameron's ability, while more of a hindrance than a help, does come in handy every now and again. Tentatively she lowers her shades and looks towards the door, opening her eyes for a split second - mm, can't really recognize the person at the door. Okay that was useless. "Just a second!" She calls, as Prince lifts his head and looks towards the door. Careful not to kick the violin by accident, Kameron scoops up the instrument and pads over to place it on its stand before crossin to the door.

No inquiry in to the identity of who is at the door, she simply unlocks and opens it wide, with Prince padding up behind her, tail wagging slowly. "Yes?" Kameron smiles curiously, waiting to make an identification via voice.

Tilting back his head, he makes a clicking noise with his mouth. Then a few other strange noises, practicing his beatboxing. But then, she's opening the door. "Kameron." Brian says, warmth in his voice. A smile winding up his lips as she greets him. "It's Brian." He indicates, "How are you?"

Those are some mighty strange noises he's making, and apparently Kameron is thinking just that from the puzzled look on her face. But on hearing her name, she quickly smiles, "Brian!" A chuckle follows, "I'm good! Please, come on - move Prince," Kameron shoos the dog away, even though the collie is very interested in where Brian's been, sniffing at shoes and legs. "How have you been?"

After his greeting, Prince is content to trot over to his bed and flop down again, watching the two. Kameron stifles a soft chuckle at the nickname, closing the door and turning to where she presumes Brian is, judging from his voice and footsteps. "Thanks. Obviously I don't really need much, but it's pretty spacious, and I was lucky to get a place that didn't mind dogs." Not that she thought they would turn her away given her..condition. "Um. . Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but what brings you by?"

"Um.. Well." He takes a deep breath, looking around. "You better take a seat." Taking a step closer to her, he goes to loop his hand gently around her wrist and guide her to the couch to sit beside him. She may know where it is and all that, but at least he's trying to be helpful. "I know we don't know each other very well. But, I like you, so I really want you to try and trust me, okay?"

Wha.. what the .. "…? Huh?" Now she's confused. And worried. There is a brief, surprised flinch when she is led over towards the couch, using her free hand to reach out and balance herself against the couch, turning to sit as requested, "… Brian, what's wrong?" It's true, they didn't know each other very well, and asking her to trust him when they knew each other only a few days was a bit… peculiar. But she was willing to give everyone a chance, waiting patiently to hear the explanation. Even though she had a bad feeling - or this was a very poor opener to a bad joke.

"I'm involved in some.. things." Brian decides to go with that word, nothing suspicious about that! "And I happen to be in the know. You know all the terrible acts that have happened lately? The High School Bombing? All those other bombings? The shootings? Well something bad is going to happen again. But this one makes the others look like.. childs play. I want you to take Prince, and get out of town for two days. Leave Wednesday, and come back Thursday night or Friday. Just be listening to the news—" He almost said 'watch',"To see if it's safe to come back, okay?" His hand stays on her wrist lightly as if to convey the importance, or maybe even sympathy.

Some… things. Yeah right that doesn't sound suspicious. There is a frown, Kameron nodding at mention of the bombing and shootings. "… what sort of things?" Caution now entering into her voice - she's not sure she wants to hear the answer to the next question she was goin to ask. "Are…. these things you're involved in… are they… illegal..?" It'd just -figure- that one of her first friends here weas a criminal! But the request; she tugs her hand back in surprise, "Leave? But -"

"It's not going to be safe here, Kam. I really hate to do this to you. But it would make me feel a whole lot better, if I knew the people I cared about, even the ones I only knew for a couple days were some place safe." To the question of illegal activity, his head bobbles around a little bit. "I don't want to answer that question, Kam. The less you know about us, the better off you'll be. Just know, we're the good guys." He frowns down at her hand, placing his own on his lap.

Kameron says, "Are you certain you're not just being paranoid..?" She asks hopefully. "What if you're wrong..?" Admittedly she kind of hopes he -is- wrong, even though she suspects he's being completely sincere and honestly believes something seriously bad was going to happen. "Let's say I do believe you, and leave for two days with Prince," …shouldn't be too hard to find a motel or something outside of town. It wasn't like she had a job tying her to the place at the moment. "I-I mean, then I'll just have to … sit and wait and worry that you're going to get blown up by some bomb instead?" Always a fun thing to come back to! Not.

"It's not paranoia, Kam." Brian says a little sadly, he wishes it was just paranoia."I'm not wrong. Hopefully, we'll take care of it. Hopefully, you won't hear anything on the news. And you won't even have to believe me that something actually happened afterwards, and you don't have to talk to me, whatever. But if you do hear something on the news. Bad things. If I don't call you.. Get as far away from New York City as you can." Brian says shifting his weight a little bit. Pulling out his wallet. "I have some money for a motel room for you."

"I'm not goin to accept your money," Kameron says quickly, almost offended. "… I can take care of that on my own. I don't like the idea of just.." she gestures at -nothing-, "This whole -thing-." Bombings, shootings, friends putting themselves in danger, and all she can do is leave. "It sucks." She sums up her opinion on the matter quite well with just those two words. She presses her fingers against her knees, not sure how much she likes the hush-hush nature of things, but at least she understands the need for it. People would -panic-. "… What do you mean I don't have to talk to you? That's crazy talk." She huffs, "Don't say things like that. You're my friend," which would make things complicated if he -had- been doin illegal stuff. "I can't promise I'll stay away if I don't hear from you though." Stubborn.

He smiles a little bit when she says he's her friend. He won't tell her how likely it is that he will die this week. That he's going to be shooting at trained killers, that there's a pistol in the back of his pants this second. Being vague is his best friend right now. "I know it sucks. And I am so sorry.I hate to do this to you.. But I have no choice. When you get back I'll buy you dinner, okay?" He doesn't comment on the last bit. If he doesn't call her, it probably won't matter anymore, anyway.

Kameron would be a touch more worried if she knew all that. As it stands, she'll be glued to the radio in the motel room, listening without rest for news. And then odds are she'll get impatient and head back the second the fourty eight hours were up. She mentally notes to herself to get in touch with Lori and tell her to get out of town also - though it wouldn't surprise her of the socialite wouldn't even take her call. "… no," she shakes her head, "When I get back, I'll buy -YOU- dinner." she grins hesitantly, "I mean.. you already treated me to a meal once and all, even if it was to make up for knocking me over."

He gives a large smile. "Thank you so much for listening to me. If you have any friends, any one you care about in the city. Get them out, as well." The young man says, watching her closely for a moment. He lets out a little laugh. "Alright. When you get back we'll go to dinner. We'll figure out who buys then, okay?"

Kameron makes a face, "Well.. I can try, but there's always the chance that some friends are stubborn or involved in things that keeps them from leaving." She teases lightly. "But.. seriously, yes, there is someone I can at least try to get in touch with and warn her to leave too. I don't know if she'll listen to me, but I'd feel better at least trying." Probably not much different from Brian. She grins, "Hey, I already told you, I'm going to pay."

"Just give it your best shot." Laughing a little bit at her face. Bringing his hand up he goes to set it on top of hers softly for a moment. "We'll see." He says regarding dinner. "I'll call you when this is all over, okay? Be safe." With that, he goes to stand.

Kameron will see! Only … well, being blind(ish) and all.. "… Right," Kameron forces a quick smile, lifting a hand to squeeze his lightly. ".. I'll be waiting for your call. I'll be really mad if you don't call me, Brian .." she warns, only half teasing. Standing when she hears him do so, she stifles a sigh, "Well, I guess I have some packing to do - but…" She hesitates a moment, "Be careful out there, okay? Promise?.."

Giving her hand a firm squeeze in return he lets go slowly giving a nod. Then remembers he's nodding for nothing. "I promise. I'll be as careful as I can be. I'll call you. I promise that, too." With that he takes a couple steps over to Prince. "Seeya buddy. Have a good trip."

Kameron is clearly not happy, but - there's not much she can do about it. He said himself he'd feel better if she was safely out of town. Smiling when she hears him giving his goodbye to the puppy, she moves to open the door for him. "Well! Then I'll see you soon -" Pause, "Well… not *see*…" She chews her lower lip, considering, ".. hear you soon?"

He lets out a chuckle, nigh a giggle when she stumbles on her own limitation of senses. Bringing one hand up he sets it on her shoulder and gives a brief squeeze. "Hear you soon." He says in return before waltzing out of the apartment.

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