Hell's New Hire


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Scene Title Hell's New Hire
Synopsis Nadira returns to Tartarus for an evening, and after a talk with the manager ends up with a job.
Date July 02, 2010


It's been a few days since Mel was last into work. She let everyone know she was going to be gone for two days, so it's not really a big deal. But then, no one at work knows how she spent her last two days either. As she walks into the club, wearing black cargo pants and a long sleeved shirt, she looks vastly better than the last time Nadira saw her. Well rested, no shadows under her eyes. However, those eyes do seem a bit haunted. If you know what you're looking at.

Though officially she's not working tonight, Melissa had to come in. A bit of normal for her week, and she heads straight towards the bar, to talk with the bartender, see how things have been going in her absence. The conversation has her nodding, then moving around the bar to get herself a drink. Non-alcoholic.

Quinn’s been enjoying herself at the DJ Booth tonight, putting extra effort into her song selecitotn, her light show, and teh more technical and stylistic aspects of her show – she’s even ventured into a bit more artistic and unusual means of spicing up the evening, venturing further into beat matching and track swapping than usual. Head bobbing along with the music, headphones on her ears and around her neck, she’s clearly into it tonight.

So, to some, the sudden pause she gives when she pops Melissa may stand out a bit. But she doesn’t let it stop her for long, resuming as though nothing had happened. When the song ends, the playlists are started – it’s time for a break.

With a thud, Quinn hits the ground, immediately making her way to the bar with open arms. “Melissa, you’re back!”

It's not the first time Nadira's been to Tartarus, she's a repeat customer. Well, mostly. Making her way in, the Egyptian woman doesn't make her beeline to the bar this time, instead slowly working her way through the bar. A glance is thrown to the DJ booth and the absence of the woman normally there catches her attention. Interesting, she must be on her break. Nadi smiles at her luck, moving slowly through the crowds to see if she can catch a glimpse before she makes her way to the bar.

Hearing her name, Melissa looks over and she smiles a little at Quinn. "Yeah, I'm back. Just here for an hour or two though, not the whole night," she says. "Everything been going okay though? Please tell me it's been going smoothly while I was gone," she says, settling down on a stool, one foot propped on one of the rungs. She has yet to notice Nadira, it seems.

Quinn’s focused ahead on her friend and boss, and unfortunately she hasn’t spied the Egyptian woman either. “As far as I can tell, everythin’ went about as smooth as it could. I heard a few communication hiccups, an’ I was a liiiiitle late today.” She holds two fingers close to emphasise just how barely late she was. “But otherwise? I think it all went well.” Quinn takes another step to the bar, leaning her back against it. “When are y’ gonna be here in a more official capacity?”

Nadira has time to settle in at the bar, leaning in to the bartender to request a drink before she notes the two. Now this is interesting. Two of her acquantances in the same location. That, at least, could prove worth sticking around for. Instead of drawing attention to herself, she remains at the bar, seating herself on a stool while she waits for her drink. Once it arrives, she casually sips it but her eyes stay on the two conversing.

"I'll be in to work tomorrow," Melissa answers with a shrug, sipping at her soda. "And not worried about you being a few minutes late either, so don't worry about it." She goes for another drink, then pauses, leans to one side, and peers down towards Nadira. "Well what the hell are you doing here?" she asks in surprise.

“Oh. That’s good,” Quinn says with a bit of relief. “I think there was something that someone wanted to talk about…” Way to take notes. Quinn gives a bit of a sheepish laugh, tapping her foot. And then Melissa seems to pick out someone random to talk to, and it takes Quinn a moment to realise its Nadira. “Oh, whoa. You know her? She was here the other day.” Quinn stands up on her toes and waves to the Egyptian woman.

Nadira flashes a bit of a mischievous grin as the two note her presence. "Hello again, Melissa." A nod is directed in the direction of the DJ. "Quinn, a pleasure." The gaze flickers between the two of them before she sips from her drink. "We met under… less than perfect circumstances, but yes, we've met before. When Quinn mentioned I should speak with a Melissa, though, I didn't put two and two together. Which certainly makes my presence a little surprising, I'm sure." She gets to her feet, though the drink's still in hand. "As to why exactly I'm here, other than to genuinely enjoy the atmosphere and the drinks… I'm here to inquire about a job."

Something that someone wanted? That has Melissa giving Quinn a curious look. "That's…vague," she says finally, before nodding at Nadira's explanation. "Yeah, not the way I normally like to meet people. But glad to see you, Nadira. And a job, huh? What sort of job?" Her gaze shifts back to Quinn. "Is this the something from someone?"

“I… kinda forgot,” Quinn admits with a bit of nervous laughter. “It’s been a weird last few days.” And with that, her gaze moves back to Nadira. “And it’s getting kinda a bit weirder, but at least in a good way! This is why I was askin’ when you were in officially next. She left her info for me, t’ give to you. She wants t’ bartend.”

Nadira can't help but laugh a little at the odd circumstances surrounding everything. "I apologize if you're not here on an official capacity today. If you'd like, I can always come back tomorrow to discuss it." She nods to Quinn. "But she's right. I'm interested in bartending. I'm a little particular on the type of place I pick, mostly because I'm not in it for the money but the atmosphere." There's a slight quirk of a smile. "And I like this place."

"Weird how?" Melissa asks Quinn, but it's said almost absently. She doesn't think that Quinn's last few days could even compare to her last few days. But she keeps that to herself. "And nah, it's fine. For something like this, it's fine. You ever had a bartending job before, Nadira?"

“Nothin’ to worry about,” Quinn remarks quickly, and with an odd amount of cheeriness.” She already knows the answer to Melissa’s first question thanks to their conversation the other day, but for now, Quinn’s content to keep leaning against the bar, watching Nadira carefully from where she stands, an occasional glance over at the clock.

"Numerous. I've been doing it since I was sixteen. At least, that's when I started learning. Laws are a little… different in Egypt. Plus they usually don't get many female bartenders. I was quite a scandal." Nadira laughs before looking back at Melissa. "If you need me to, I can mix you something to prove my skills. Or I can make Quinn a redheaded slut. She's fond of those."

At mention of a drink being fixed for her, Melissa looks a little green, and shakes her head. "No, no. Not tonight, but thanks. You want a job, you've got a job. Like I said, I'll be here tomorrow. Show up and we'll get all the paperwork and crap out of the way."

Quinn fails at completely fighting back a bit of a blush when her favourite drink is mentioned, and what that in turn brings to mind. “I… think I’ve had too many of those this week as it is,” she remarks with a wave of her hand, a bit of nervous laughter following afterwards. “If I can interject, it sounded like she knew her shit when we talked the other day, at least.”

Nadira raises an eyebrow at Melissa's quick hiring. "That was fast. I was expecting to have to list off the many reasons I should work here to persuade you to let me come." She chuckles at Quinn's response, not quite sure what it was she was set off by, but the Egyptian smiles warmly at the woman anyways, her gaze shifting between the two of them.

Melissa shrugs and nods to Quinn. "Ask Quinn how hard she had to push to get a job here. So long as you do the job you're paid to do, I don't give a damn about anything else. And you helped me out the other day. That won you a lot of points. Quinn backing your skills up doesn't hurt either. So show up tomorrow, fill out the paperwork, and you've got a job."

At the mention of how easily Quinn got her job, she gives a scoff and a look of mock indignation. “You know I fought tooth an’ nail for this gig, Melissa.” She rolls her eyes for show, and then laughs, rather loudly. Her attention turns to Nadira, and she gives a nod and a smile. “Welcome aboard!” She assumes everything will go swimmingly tomorrow, after all.

"It was.. something I would have done anyways, there's no need to give me points for something like that." There's an honest smile from Nadira. "Though I'm glad it helped, then. I'll certainly be here tomorrow, then." She nods to Quinn. "Well, thank you. I'm… actually rather excited to start. I've missed bartending since I've been here."

Quinn gets another of those faint smiles from Melissa. It's been too rough a week for big, bright smiles. Then she nods to Nadira. "Regardless, it helped. And excited is good. I like excited employees. They tend to work better than those just wanting a paycheck. Which I think is pretty much what I told Quinn when she started."

Quinn nods enthusiastically in response, eyes moving back to the DJ booth. “Speaking of which… I should probably get back to that in a moment.” Her eyes move to a clock, and she pushes away from the bar, head tilted as she turns back to Nadira and Melissa. “Abythin’ you need me to do tonight, Melissa? Since you’re here an’ all.”

Nadira smiles almost fondly over towards the bar before she nods. "I find that's true anywhere. Those who do it out of passion genuinely care about the success of what they do. I think you'll find that true of me." She peers over towards Quinn, letting her and Melissa speak.

Melissa shakes her head. "Nope. Like I said, just here for a little bit. Not really here officially, despite the hiring. So you go have fun, play music." She finishes off her coke, then nods to Nadira. "Glad to hear it. Now you enjoy your last night of being here and not being an employee. I've gotta check a few things before I run home."

Harsh,” Quinn intones with a smile, in an intentionally ditzy manner. “Alright, well, I gotta get back t’ the booth. I’ll catch you soon, Melissa. I don’t think I’m scheduled for tomorrow, somehow.” A smile on her face as she looks up to Nadira, waving again. “An’ I guess you too!” With that, she pivots, and begins speedwalking back to her station.

"Oh, I'll be sure to enjoy myself then, thank you." Nadira offers, looking back over to them before she offers a tiny wave, letting them all separate as she goes back to her drink. Tomorrow would be eagerly anticipated.

Another faint smile, for both women. "Excellent. Then I'll see you tomorrow. Have fun," Melissa says, dropping a few bills on the bar for the bartender, even though she got the drink herself. Then she's off, heading to her office for whatever, before she goes hoooooome.

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