Hello From Tokyo


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Scene Title Hello From Tokyo
Synopsis Adam calls Zoe to check up on her.
Date May 11, 2009

Tokyo, Japan to New York City, USA

Adam checks his watch and does some time measurements in his head. Hmming to himself, he figures it's not too late to call, and so, he dials Zoe's number. Bee boop boop bee boop.

Zoe picks up the phone within a ring or two. "Hello?" she inquires. It's pretty quiet in the background, and presumably he called her at home.

Adam is quiet for a moment, "Well, hello." he pauses, "It's me…" then he pauses, "Adam."

Silence a moment and then, "I know who you are." Is she smiling? It sounds like she's smiling. "How's Japan?"

Adam mms, "Kind of.." he pauses, "You know, I remember when Japan was actually peaceful…I mean, relatively, I mean there was always violence, but you could walk down the road without being accosted. Now it's all techno music and people with purple hair."

Zoe lets out a faint laugh. "I'm sure there are still parts of the country that are the way you remember it." she tells him. "Is your business going well?"

"It hasn't start yet really. I have a meeting later today and that should take care of some things, then we'll see how it goes. But I was really calling to see how you were doing."

"I'm…" she hesitates. I'm scared because you may be aiming to murder someone I care about. "Fine."

Adam is quiet, "You don't sound fine." he pauses, "Did you get my flowers?"

Zoe's tone becomes more enthused, "I did. They're beautiful, thank you Adam." She seems at a loss for what to say, or maybe she's not good on the phone. "I was thinking, if you knew when you were coming back, maybe I could meet you? If you like."

"You mean like when the plane lands or are you asking me out on a date?"

"Um. Yes?" She laughs a little. "Either, or. I don't know? Maybe I didn't quite think this through before opening my mouth."

Adam chuckles, "It's alright." he pauses, "Well, yes, I think we can arrange something like that. Except it's a private airfield, so I don't think they have like…a waiting area or anything. But I could probably meet you near there?" he offers.

Zoe seems pleased by this. "Sure. We can arrange where to meet when you're closer to coming home? It's going to be a long couple of weeks."

Adam seems amused by that last statement, "Oh, is it? How's that."

"Well, you know." she hedges. "I'm used to seeing you about."

Adam chuckles, "You know, it's nothing to be ashamed of to say you're going to miss me."

"Well, you're already gone, so maybe I already do." Zoe points out shyly. "But if I were you, I'd be rolling my eyes at that."

Adam mms, "I wouldn't roll my eyes at that. I obviously miss you or I wouldn't have called, would I?"

"No," she agrees with a soft laugh. "It's just…" the humor in her voice dies, "You've given me a lot to think about, you know?"

Adam lets out a sigh, "Yes, I know…I suppose that must produce some.." he's quiet, "Conflicting emotions…but for right now, how about you just concentrate on your feelings for me…I mean, assuming you have them.'

"I think that's a fair assumption." she says, again with that tone that suggests a smile, or something close to it. "We'll figure it out when you come back."

"Alright, good. You don't mind if I call you again, do you?"

Zoe says immediately, "I don't. Mind, I mean. I don't mind! Even if you make a mistake and call me and it's three in the morning." Awww. "I can't promise to be particularly lucid then, of course."

Adam chuckles, "Well, I'm sure we'll work something out." he pauses, "Alright, I'd better let you go. I'll talk to you soon, ok?"
"Okay." she agrees. "Adam?"

Adam says, "Yes?""

"You're probably the person in the world who needs to worry about it the least in certain ways," she admits, "But be careful."
Adam is quiet and then says, "I'll do my best. Talk to you soon, Zoe."

With a murmured goodbye, Zoe hangs up the phone in New York City. Her expression is mixed, unable to be happy while being unable to be entirely sad.

Adam hangs up his own phone with a bit of an inscrutable look on his face. He presses the phone onto his chin and then gets up to start taking care of business.

After the events of And On The Third Date Adam sent a bouquet of white heathers to Zoe.

In Victorian Flower Language, white heather stands for Protection From Danger.

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