Hello Kitty


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Scene Title Hello Kitty
Synopsis As per Hiro's request, Kimiko calls Cat to let her know of his current whereabouts.
Date April 15, 2009

En Route To JFK

It's an easy enough beginning. Kimiko dials the number Hiro gave her to reach Cat, be it a house or cellphone - likely the latter, she would think.

It's a cell phone, one which Cat answers calmly enough although it confuses her a bit to see a number she doesn't so much recognize on the display, and she's on the wary side since DHS might be looking for her. "Yes?" she asks.

Moving to the window, she pulls the drapes partly aside and looks out at the street to check for any evidence of a raid starting.

"Ms. Chesterfield." Kimiko's voice has the same evident Japanese accent as her father. "My name is Kimiko Nakamura. My brother asked me to call you."

Well, now, that's interesting. "Just a few moments, please." There doesn't seem to be any troublesome activity brewing. She crosses the room next, to her office area.

Mindful that the communication might be monitored, or that it might be a Robin Hood trick, or both, Cat uses another device to quickly contact Wireless and ask for security. She gives the number the call came from and her own, then speaks again when the request is granted.

"This is Doctor Chesterfield," she states on resuming the call. "Your brother is Hiro?"

"That is correct." The woman's soft voice confirms. "He asked me to let you know that he is alright, though he is experiencing a…problem, with his ability, which is why he cannot come to you himself. He asked me to make this call for him."

"It's good to hear word," Cat replies, less troubled this could be a trick played by Robin Hood now. With Wireless providing security the odds seem strong any technopathic mischief would be thwarted. She, however, becomes concerned for other reasons. "What happened with his ability?" The concern shows through a touch. Could it have been him that scattered people, sent her to the flat and grassy place?

Kimiko hesitates. She's not sure how much to share with this woman. "His ability has been switched with someone else's." she says. "He can fly now. I do not know the details, but I will be meeting him soon, and I shall get the whole story, then. Is there a message you would like me to take to Hiro?"

"Ability transference," Cat breathes out, sounding a bit more concerned now. The Tyler Case file is in mind. "And Hiro flies now." Her eyes close, and a question is framed. "I'd like to know as much as possible, Miss Nakamura," she begins, "but I realize you and he may wish to have such exchanges go directly from him to me. I have a photo I'd like him to see, to ask if the man in it had anything to do with this transference."

"I would prefer to speak to Hiro again before I impart further information." Kimiko says after a thoughtful moment. "But you have this number now, so if you email me the photograph, I will show it to Hiro when I see him. Which will be hopefully quite soon."

"Thank you," Cat replies as she opens a drawer in the desk where she stands and pulls out the file Elisabeth gave her. A photo of Tyler Case is pulled out and set on the surface, then she aims the phone at it and uses the camera feature. A short time later, the image is sent.

"Hiro or I should be in contact with you soon, Ms. Chesterfield." says Kimiko politely. "Thank you for taking the time."
"You're most welcome," Cat offers in reply. "I would also like to offer you my hospitality while you're in the city to whatever degree you would accept, Miss Nakamura." She doesn't let any reaction to the incorrect title enter her voice, it's her goal to see if she can arrange a face to face meeting and have a face to match the name and voice.

"I'm afraid I'm flying out rather shortly." Kimiko replies promptly, "To meet with Hiro. But I'll be sure to keep that in mind for the next time I am in New York."

It's a guess Cat undertakes next in an attempt to learn where Kimiko is heading and Hiro might already be, disguised in polite conversation. "I hope your flight to Tokyo is most pleasant. Thank you for calling with word, Miss Nakamura."

"You're quite welcome, Ms. Chesterfield." And with that, Kimiko disconnects the call. She didn't admit to going to Tokyo, but she didn't correct Cat, either. It's likely where she's going.

After the call has ended, Cat puts the phone down and ponders all this in silence. Hiro had an ability transference, and now flies? Who's out there manipulating space and time now, if anyone? It sounds like the work of Tyler Case, who was snatched by DHS, but this wouldn't be the first time someone like him was taken in and let out again. Jessica Sanders, the captured copy of Brian Fulk who became a Company agent… True, she realizes, there could possibly be more persons out there who can make an ability go into another person, but she only knows of one. The use of Miss Chesterfield instead of Doctor is obscured.

Moving to the computer she uses the still open IM program and sends a message.

To: Wireless

From: Cat

Subject: Nakamura

Call received from Kimiko Nakamura, message allegedly from Hiro. Says her brother had an ability transfer, can now fly. Subject possibly soon to leave city, likely destination Tokyo. Will you verify?

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