Hello Sunshine My Old Friend



Scene Title Hello Sunshine My Old Friend
Synopsis Oh, how I have missed you.
Date December 10, 2020

It was a sensation like no other and oh had he missed it. If he was pressed to describe it… the best he could do was say it was a little like when a limb would fall asleep. The way skin crawls with the prickling of needles. Difference was he didn’t feel pain, there was pleasure to it. Exquisite in every way.

As bright morning sunlight filtered into the room, Godfrey Well’s face turned towards the filtered energy with a satisfied sigh. The caress of solar fingers against his skin pulls him further awake and dark eyes flutter open to look at the narrow strip of sunlit window he can see through the curtains. They had said it would take time for the negation drug to leave his system, when he’d been released from jail. It had felt like a particularly long wait.

Not that he had been idle while he waited for his ability to kick back on.

Feeling a thrill of realization, his arm stretches out to tickle fingers through the beam of light, watching the glittering motes of dust swirl in the minute aircurrent changes. “‘ello, old friend,” Godfrey croons drowsily, eyes hooding as he enjoys the sensation of his skin absorbing the sunlight hungrily.


The querying sound next to him is a surprise, until Godfrey realizes there is a weight across his chest and looks down to find a delicate and feminine-like arm draped over his middle. Though looking a bit further down finds a far less delicate arm and bearded face pillowed on his lower leg.

Oh… he remembered now. Well, it had been a pleasant and rather… satisfying distraction while he waited for this moment.

“Nothin’, luv. Back to sleep with you now.” He gives the arm across his chest a light pat, “That’s a good stripper,” before disengaging it from his person.

Carefully freeing himself from the tangle of limbs, Godfrey rolls up to sit on the edge of bed with as much grace and silence he can manage with his energy reserves so low. More proof that his ability was back. Which means, not very. That reliance on solar energy was the biggest drawback to his ability and that thin sliver of light wasn’t enough. Clumsily pushing to his feet, he shuffles over to the window and throws aside the curtain to let more sunlight in.

The energy from the sun washes over Godfrey like a wave of warmth making his skin prickle with goosebumps and he can’t help but sigh out his relief. He doesn’t even seem to care that he’s standing at the window without a stitch of clothing, though - thankfully - he isn’t standing in full view of the street below. He’d only just gotten out of jail, after all.

Godfrey hasn’t a clue how long he’d been standing there in the sun, when a soft gasp of surprise has him turning his attention back to the bed where a young redhead looks at him with wide eyes, lit up by the morning light. He quite liked that look, like he was looking rather delicious. Letting go of the curtain, Godfrey let’s the room plunge back into shadows and the real show begins. Though he’s not fully charged, light had already started to dance along his skin throwing off soft light.

A self-satisfied smile slowly spreads across his face, as Godfrey finds himself riveted by the way the shifting colors of light play across his skin, like mini auroras. It was a brilliant reminder of just what he was missing all those months. Following one of the aurora around his hand and into his palm, he lets it join other bands of light in the palm of his hand, lighting up the room as a ball of light forms.

“Let’s you and I not part way again anytime soon, shall we?” Godfrey says quietly to it. “I’ve yet to really learn your potential.”

“Hey,” a gruff masculine voice this time pulls Godfrey’s attention back to the bed and the pair lounging upon it watching his ability display. “Coming back to bed?” is asked while giving him a seductive smile.

“Afraid not, luv,” Godfrey says apologetically, allowing the glow to fade and reaching out to cup that bearded chin, so tempted by it and the redhead. But… “No, I have more important things to do I’m afraid.” He lets go and gives them both a dismissive wave, “but please, don’t let me stop you from enjoying the rest of the morning. I’ll show m’self out.” He had things to do and people to see.

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