Hello Tink


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Scene Title Hello Tink
Synopsis Christina's been doing her homework and shows up at Aude's door with a proposition. Or Else.
Date August 21, 2009

Fort Greene - Aude's Apartment

It's stark white walls, painted over exposed brick in places. This is not an overly expensive apartment, nor is it looking like one that more than one person lives in. It's Aude's place. There's a bike leaning against the hall when you first enter, helmet hanging on it's handles as well as some riding gloves. A pair of roller blades and sneakers a little further in. The main area is open, well lived in, comfy. Big sectional that's brown and velour one would almost think by the looks of it. The really expensive things in the whole apartment are the TV with it's speakers and entertainment center. That alone must send her home insurance through the roof. On an adjacent wall is stacked on their sides, row after row on makeshift shelving that is bricks and planks, of Vinyls. A music aficionado lives here.

A violin takes up a spot near the barr'd window, another expensive item that is perched on a stand, music beside it and ready for it's owner to take it up and play. The kitchen has an opening to pass food through, but it's in need of work, and suffers from dis-use more than overuse. A small hallways with a closet, and two doors leads off to a bedroom down in browns and pale blues, and a bathroom that is cluttered with feminine items and threadbare towels.

7 am, bright and early. Some people are waking up, going through the morning motions of breakfast. Aude is discarding her uniform and getting through her morning ritual. Take a shower, lotion up, get on shorts and a tank top. Make breakfast. A bagel is sliced, slid into their respective holes in the toaster and she walks away.

Her other morning routine is to play her violin. There's an old woman above her who is awake at this time, and on many occasion has comment that she enjoys the morning serenade from the petite black woman below her. Helps her wake up in the morning. So deft fingers flip through sheet music, to pick something that Mrs. McGurthy above will enjoy.

And of course, that's when there comes a knock-knock-knockin' at Aude's door. It's a polite knock, not one of those urgent or rude bangings. Just four quick rap-rap-rap-raps, loud enough to be heard.

That's not part of the routine, and so, Aude pad's over, a dishtowel over her shoulder. Habit has her looking for her service gun and making sure it's discreetly behind the door and out of sight. The cursed thing about being 5'5 is that the peephole is made for people higher, so up on toes she goes to look. "Who is it?"

Female. Caucasian. Brunette. Expensive suit. Expensive hairdo. Not a hair out of place nor a single marred bit of makeup. "Officer Castalides? My name is Christina Hoffman. I'm here to speak with you on a business matter." She speaks through the door. She does have a possibly-lawyerly air about her; that sort of expensive formal precision.
If she's about to get served by some uppity asshole who got arrested. Aude undoes all the locks except for the night chain, brown eyes peering through the palm width gap in between door and lintle. "What business exactly Ms Hoffman?"

Christina smiles. It never reaches her eyes, but she smiles nonetheless. "I would prefer not to discuss that in public, Officer. May I come inside, please?" She does have a briefcase in one hand, which can be seen now that the door is cracked. Leather, slender, expensive.

There's a moment where Aude seems like she won't let the woman in, but she relents, closing the door enough to let the night chain drop and opens it further to let Christina gain admittance. "Please, come in"

Christina would have tried other persuasions had the simple request not worked, but it's always best to start with the basics. When the door is opened, she steps inside, swaying in on sky-high heels. The brunette smiles and says "Thank you." She looks about just a bit, before setting her briefcase on the opening from the kitchen. "I hope your night went well?"

"As well it can for officers of the NYPD. I caught a few perps and ran them in." Had to deal with more than a few domestic disputes, a corner store robbery, all in all, no one died on her rounds so that has to count for something. "Did I like have a relative die and you've come to tell me i'm part of a will or something. Ms. Hoffman?"

Christina shakes her head. "No. I'm here to talk about less-formal business arrangements than a will, Officer. More specifically, an investigation into certain organizations that would be best for all parties concerned, both you and myself, to discuss in a private manner." She takes a long pause before adding the last word. "Tink."

She said Tink.

She fucking said Tink.

"what the fuck do you want and how did you find me?"

That is five foot five of pissed off female officer and she backs up a step for her service revolver. "You have five minutes to explain before I call my co-workers and call them to cart you away"

Christina remains unflappable. At least at the moment. "I trust you're experienced enough to know that if I could find out that information, I would be smart enough not to come here without a contingency plan in case I vanished. And what are you going to have them cart me away for, Officer? Coming into your house, invited? Speaking?" Her smile is now just a little bit smug. "Relax. I have a business proposal for you."

"Then start talking your pretty mouth off and maybe I won't call them, and i'm sure I can think of something to have them charge you with Ms. Hoffman" Aude's not bringing up the gun, but she at least has her hand on it, brown eyes that were before friendly were now fairly cold and unfriendly.

The businesswoman replies in a simple, flat tone. "You work with Humanis First. I work for the Linderman Group." A wry smile. "We both have certain interests in making certain that Evolved are not a threat to the general population. However, your organization presents certain…deniable assets, when we might need someone of an Evolved nature handled. There could be a mutually beneficial arrangement."

"I think you mistake my entire part in the Humanis First organization Ms. Hoffman. Id ont' go around executing Evolveds and blowing up buildings. I'm just a poster on the boards and a woman with the same thoughts as a great many others. That there's no place in the world for them. They're dangerous and edging out our jobs, pretending they're better and more glorious. Making those of us without some genetic mutation that makes them freaks have to work five times as harder and run for our lives when they can't control themselves"

Christina smiles. "You have more access than I do. And you know who to talk to. In other words, you make an excellent cutout. After all, a Linderman executive can't be seen dealing with a terrorist group. But an executive can deal with a police officer. You can arrange a meeting for me, and there we can talk about some other business possibilities."

"And why should I do this for you?" Is spit back at the woman from the Officer in question

The look that's given back is pure "get real". "You mean, aside from what would happen if your employers were given evidence of "Tink"?" That same smarmy, "I-got-you" smile. "I'm a businesswoman, Officer. If you cooperate, there can be lucrative rewards. If you don't…well, why think about unpleasant things?"

Aude's jaw is tight. She doesn't like this. She doesn't like that this woman foundher. To boot she's from the Linderman group. It's a credit that she doesn't even pull the gun up and fire. Instead Aude moves away from the door and towards the rest of her apartment. The bagel has long since popped up from the toaster slot. "I feed you information, you feed me information and what? We both stay happy happy, life goes on? Or are you going to offer me money?"

Christina smiles. "I might. That depends on how useful you are. As it stands, I can pass you information on dangerous Evolved. But, as you yourself said, you're not really a higher-up in the organization. I want a meeting with someone who is. And then we can talk."

There's snort. "You surely think high of me, like I said, if you think that I have that kind of pull" She doesn't have that pull, but she can put feelers out at least. Leave a message for Danko with regards to what the woman wants. "Have contact information?"

There's an amused look. "It doesn't take pull to be a messenger, officer." She takes out her business card. It confirms her identity as much as such things can; Christina Hoffman; Linderman Group. "You'll call me?" It's a question. Technically.

"only if there's something I can pass a message to you about" Aude replies, snatching the card up from her and looking at it. "Anything else Ms. Hoffman?"

The brunette is still calm. "I think that'll do. I'll leave you to your morning, officer. I know it's hard work out there, protecting the city from criminals and freaks." She picks up her briefcase.

Hoffman's getting an escort towards the door, her and her briefcase. "Yeah, I'm sure you do, working at the Linderman group" Sarcasm does not become her. "Have a good morning Miss"

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