Alt Timeline Wiki Procedures

These procedures apply to characters traveling to and located in alternate timelines as part of the Garden of Forking Paths storyline.

Character Icons

Your character will use the prefix of their native timeline. For example: if you are playing a character who came from the Virus Timeline, your log icon will begin with vf_.

An additional numbered suffix will be used to differentiate traveler icons by timeline. These have been coded into the log template and do not need to be added when posting scenes, but for reference when making icons, they are:

Bright _icon2.gif
Wasteland _icon3.gif
Flood _icon4.gif

So for Isabelle from the Virus Timeline, vf_isabelle_icon2.gif would be used for her appearances in the Bright Timeline.

Character Page

You will retain the character page for your native timeline. For example: a character who came from the Virus Timeline will continue using their vf character page. So if you are playing Isabelle from the Virus Timeline, your character page would be vfchar:Isabelle.

Please tag your native timeline page with the following tags as you arrive in new timelines:


Logging Scenes

The Alternate Timeline log template now has multiple rows. Each row corresponds to a specific timeline:


You will find these icon templates pre-coded with proper prefixes, and also with the appropriate timeline suffixes for traveler icons. Fill them in/remove them as necessary. Preferably, you should alphabetize these and collapse them into a single row when you're done, but if you can't staff will come along and clean up afterward.

Tagging Alternate Timeline Logs

Be sure to use the appropriate tags in logs. If you are playing a virus timeline character, please tag logs with your character as _vf-Name. So if you are playing Isabelle from the Virus Timeline in a scene, it would be tagged _vf-isabelle.

The appropriate tags are:

Virus _vf-NAME
Bright _bf-NAME
Wasteland _wf-NAME
Flood _ff-NAME
Prime _NAME
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