+help Events
Command Description
+events Summarizes all event entries.
+event <#> View details for an event.
+event/signup <#> Sign up for the event, if signup is enabled.
+event/leave <#> Remove your name from an event's signup list.
+event/add <title>=<time> Creates an event entry.
+event/clear <#> Removes an event entry.
+event/desc <#>=<info> Sets the event's description.
+event/loc <#>=<newloc> Sets the location where the event will occur.
+event/max <#>=<#> Sets a limit on how many players can take part. If this is zero, there is no signup list or limit.
+event/time <#>=<newtime> Changes the time of the event.
+event/restrict <#>=<text> Sets the field for participant restrictions.
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