Fusion Characters

Fusion Ability Guide

Introducing Fusion Abilities

Fusion abilities are a unique combination of powers available to Fusion Characters or "FCs" (see our Alts policy for more information on how many characters you may have). These abilities must be able to be thematically and/or functionally linked to your original ability (such as a weather manipulator getting electrokinesis, or an avian telepath being able to see the future but only through the eyes of her birds.)

Fusion abilities are a unique combination of powers available to one of your characters. A second ability may be added to the character you choose as your FC character. This ability must be thematically linked to the first. Existing characters who are upgrading to a Fusion Character must submit a request form that will be reviewed by staff as any other and considered for balance against your pre-existing ability. (If you are creating a new character as your Fusion Character, see “New Characters with Fusion Abilities" at the bottom of this page.) Please check on the #help channel on Discord if you have questions about the request.

Forbidden abilities are still not available to players, and Restricted abilities will still be considered very carefully. Keep in mind that we prefer a narrow and specific focus for any Restricted abilities and also that the secondary Fusion ability will be at a lower level of power/effectiveness than that of characters who have the same ability as their main power. Please refer to this list of Overdone, Restricted, and Forbidden abilities: Restricted and Forbidden Abilities.

Existing Characters and Fusion Abilities

If you have a pre-existing FC that you would like to apply a Fusion Ability to, simply create a +request using the proper character bit and name the subject “Fusion App.” Please follow the guidelines for writing your ability that are found in the ability section of the chargen guide (chargen-guide). Remember that the fusion ability should be thematically linked to the primary ability and that link must be clear. If you have

If you prefer to use the chart format with the talent and effort key, please create it in a Google Doc that you can link to in the +request.

New Characters with Fusion Abilities

If you are creating a new character as a Fusion Character, you may go through Character Generation as usual. For your ability field in CG, put your main power. In your long-form ability section, include the descriptions of both powers using different pages (+ability/set #) please.

Staff-Created Fusion Abilities

If you wish to have staff choose a fusion ability for you, create a +request with the proper character bit and name the subject “Fusion Me!”

Once You’re Approved

Please tag your FC's wiki page with the Fusion tag and update your ability field on the profile with a new line indicating your second ability and add the ability text to your Evolved Ability tab. Enjoy your new Fusion Character!

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