Lore Card Creation

When to Create a Lore Card

A lore card is a piece of codified information pertaining to a person, place, organization, or thing that has an impact on the story of String Theory. These pages are not intended for basic information (such as the Animal Index or Item Index), but for story-related pieces of pertinent information. These pages are meant to be quick-access cards with useful information for players and staff. They are not intended to replace proper location: or afchar: pages and can/should link out to larger sources of information when appropriate.

Page Creation

  • Open the Lore Index page.
  • Type the name of your lore item entry and click 'Create Lore Card'.
  • In the page editor, type the name of your lore entry into the Page Title box.
  • Continue to 'Filling out Info' below.

Filling out Info

First of all, under no circumstances should you remove any of the default ==== dividers from the page.

Each section prompts you for the info to enter in it. You can leave sections blank at your discretion. Fill out whatever is appropriate. Staff and players are welcome to edit lore cards as needed.

Field 1

"Related Storylines, please list each on new line and provide as direct link"

In this section, create an itemized list of storylines you know involve the related lore item. If you don't have this info you can leave it blank for another user to fill in. If you see a lore card with a blank Storyline section and you know some (even if not all) of the correct information, please feel empowered to add what you know.


(Volume 1) Fires of Creation
(Volume 2) Manifest Destiny

Field 2 (Optional)

image filename (replace this line)

Add an image related to the item of in-game lore. This is not required.

Field 3

Brief description, 1–3 sentences to explain a general overview of lore item

Include a 1–3 sentence short description of the lore item. This should be just enough for someone to get a basic idea of what the card will discuss and should not include any text links.

Field 4

Known to All, information available to the general public

Feel free to add as much information as you want to this field. This is publicly available information and anything contained in these fields is considered to be widely available IC knowledge that any character has the potential to know. This of course assumes the character has a desire to know the related information and means to access it.

Field 5

Known to Some, less-widely known but not secret information

This field contains information that is kept in confidence. This is not considered public knowledge and your character may not know this information unless you were told it in a scene or otherwise given access. You may want to categorize who might know this information, such as a specific faction or group of individuals, or people with access to a specific kind of information. If you need to break out this area into sub categories of who knows what information, you can use the following code to create sub-headers:

++ Sub-Header 1
Here's some more quantified text!

++ Sub-Header 2
Here's some more info that's categorized.

Field 6

Known to Few, secret, closely guarded, or otherwise little-known information

As above, but this information is considered to be known only by a select few. It is highly unlikely for someone to know this information as it may be classified, a closely-guarded secret, or simply a personal secret only known by a handful of people.


After saving your Lore Card, please use the "tag" button at the bottom of the page to appropriately tag your lore card or it will not show up on the main page.

_org "Organizations." For lore cards about organizations or groups of people.
_people "People." For lore cards about individuals. Pages tagged "people" may also link to a proper character page. These lore cards are often used for referencing "Book 1" NPCs.
_place "Places." For lore cards about locations. Pages tagged "places" may also link to a proper location page.
_thing "Things." For lore cards about topics that do not fit into the above-three categories.
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