Newbie Guide

String Theory MUX is a real-time, text-based roleplaying game. In order to connect to the game and play, you can use basic telnet or download a client.

Connecting by Telnet


Click 'Start' and 'Run'
Enter 'telnet' and click 'OK'
Type 'open 3017' and hit enter. This will get you to the welcome screen (see below for further instructions).


Open Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal
Type the command: telnet
Enter the username and password for your connection

Connecting by Client

Commonly used clients include:

The instructions that follow are specific for SimpleMU, but every client follows the same basic set of steps.

  • 'File' —> 'New Connection Wizard'
  • Enter '' for the host address
  • Enter '3017' for the port number
  • Select 'MUSH, MUX, etc.' for the game type
  • Enter 'String Theory' for the game name

This will open the connection and bring you to the welcome screen. After you've created the connection once, most clients will save the connection information in an address book, from which you can quickly connect to it again.

The Welcome Screen

If you want to see who's online, type 'WHO'.
Whenever you want to leave the game, type 'QUIT'.

You have two options for connecting at the welcome screen:

  • Log in as a guest and look around: 'connect guest guest'.
  • Create a character: 'create <name> <password>'.

Once you have a character, you can reconnect to them later with 'connect <name> <password>'.

Useful Commands

When you first connect to the game, you'll be in the OOC Lounge. You'll see the room name, its description, a list of players who are also present, and exits you can take to other places. Typing the letters in brackets will move you to a different room.

Commands everyone should know include:

Command Description Example
say <text>
Says <text> to everyone in the room. "Hi. —> Rose says, "Hi."
pose <text>
Performs an action in the room. :waves. —> Rose waves.
;'s Performs a possessive action in the room. ;'s cat is black. —> Rose's cat is black.
@emit <text> Prints <text> to the room. @emit It was a dark and stormy… —>
It was a dark and stormy…
+pub <text>
+pub :<text>
Like say and pose, but for the public channel.
+news Lists an index of the game's newsfiles.
+news <file> Displays a specific newsfile. +news theme
+help Lists softcode (custom) commands on the game.
+help <command> Shows information on the given softcode command. +help +where
help Default helpfiles for system commands.
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