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Scene Title Hemeralopia
Synopsis Kameron runs into Lori at the park, and is shortly joined by Brian and Joe. Also, Cardinal is harassed by a collie. Fear the puppydog tongue!
Date February 7, 2009

Central Park

Curfew, Bombings, and all manner of god knows what else going on. But there were still good things -for example, the Lighthouse idea Brian came up with. Kameron is still a little flabbergasted about the agreement - she hadn't spent much time thinking about it. It had struck her as a great idea, and she had immediately agreed - and hasn't regretted it one bit yet. But something has been bothering her - being unable to get in touch with Lori. Mild argumenet aside, the blind girl was terribly worried that Lori might have gotten caught up in what went down a week or so ago - with luck, maybe Lori has just been out of town and not answering/getting the calls. Darn media. Nonetheless, Kameron is strolling through the park a few hours before curfew, Prince - her seeing eye collie/guard dog - trotting just ahead of her while Kameron herself has a cane in one hand. She's also weaering one of the outfits that Lori had purchased - a vivid blue blouse and black jeans, complete with high heels. Gotta get practice in sometime!

Except that she's not at all caught up in events. She mostly skates through life unscathed by difficulty, isolated in the protective sheath that comes with having lots of money. Lori's here in the park, having finished a photoshoot earlier today. So dressed in expensive dress and heels, she heads through the park herself.

Not far off one of the paths that wind and twist through the park - and, coincidentally, the one that certain women are walking along or intersecting with - one of the many large-basin'd fountains that sprout like flowers of sculpture and water in the heart of New York can be found, water spilling from an angel's hands to a smaller basin, then cascading down in a circular waterfall to the next tier, and the next until joining the change-scattered fountain itself to be drained into secret pipes and repeat the process. Cardinal's to be found pacing along its edge at the moment, one foot before the other, near-opaque shades upon his face despite the fact that it's getting on towards nightfall. His hands are tucked into the pockets of his jacket, though occasionally he pulls out one to check his watch - perhaps waiting for someone.

Tap tap tap tap goes the cane. Click click click click go the shoes. Bark ba- wait, no, the dog doesn't bark. The Collie does perk his ears at the sight of Cardinal, watching the other man curiously. Kammy is unaware of Lori's presence, though her path will cause the two to run into each other soon enough. Kameron opens her eyes slightly, just enough to get her bearings- like Cardinal, she wears shades as well, despite the coming darkness. Of course, she does it more for her condition than for coolness points. Spotting Cardinal walking along, she draws to a curious stop - though to all appearances, she probably just stopped for a breather. maybe the shoes were pinching her feet. Prince actually draws her attention towards Lori next, when the collie wags his tail and barks a greeting.

Lori hears the barking and shifts her attention over that way. She smiles a bit as she sees Prince. The socialite changes course, which in turn causes the crowd of paparazzi near her to do likewise, and she starts over in the direction of Kameron and Prince.

It's not until the bark rings out that Cardinal notices the appearance of the blind woman and her dog; chin lifting slightly from where he was checking on the digital display of his watch there on his inner wrist, taking in the nicely-dressed woman and animal in what might either be threat-appraisal or simple checking out. If not a bit of both. The snap of a camera shot from the paparazzi gathers a grimace in Lori's direction - or more to the point to those hoping to notice something - and he shifts a bit, reaching his hands up to flip the collar of his jacket a bit in case a camera gets aimed his way.

It's a very, VERY good thing Kameron had her eyes closed when the paparazzi took the photo of the socialite. She's incredibly sensitive to that sort of thing. Still, she can sort of sense the flash of light, and there is a brief wince, "Who's taking pictures?" As if she couldn't guess. Prince tugs free of her hand to sniff curiously at Lori - it's been some time since he last saw the other girl. Kameron stumbles forward, grasping at the air as the leash slips out of her hand - off balance, she lets out a slight 'whoop'. "Lori? Is that you?" Once Prince's greeted the sociliate though, it's on to investigate the other man next!

Lori crouches just a bit (which of course prompts more photoflashes going off) to pet the dog. She looks back up to Kameron at the question. "It's me." she offers, looking back to the blind woman.

She's not the only one that's sensitive to light here … those wrap-around glasses perched on Cardinal's face aren't only for looks and show! He's just starting to turn away to circle along the other edge of the fountain when the dog heads over to investigate him, giving him pause; a brief snort of amusement, though he smiles a bit despite himself, and he eases himself down to a slight crouch on the low stone wall, reaching out a hand palm-first for the collie to sniff.

Kameron smiles hesitantly,"I've been worried sick," a slight exaggeration. She /has/ been worried. "I.." she pauses, remembering how they parted the -last- time. "I mean, after the things that went on, I thought you might have gotten hurt.. especially since I haven't been able to get in touch with you -" Why did they stop talking again? It seemed terribly silly now.
Prince sniffs lightly at Cardinal's hand, then snoops at the shoes. HMM. The little collie doesn't seem to know whether this is a good guy or bad guy - but for the moment, the Collie is shelving Cardinal into the good category. Cardinal may even get a puppylick on the palm of his hand if he doesn't pull it away first.

The apartment is getting really boring. And the Lighthouse.. well the Lighthouse is unreachable right now. So he's decided to follow after his room-mate. Wherever she may be in the park. He figures he'll find her eventually. Brian's shoes tap quietly against the sidewalk as he approaches, a young boy perched on his shoulders with his little hands resting on the young man's head.
Approaching, Brian stops short at the gathering of papparazzi. He arches a brow. "Look, JoeJoe. There must be somebody famous over there, wanna go see?" Brian asks up to the little boy on his shoulders, who quite quickly returns an emphatic nod. Brian starts a slow approach to the group of picture takers and what-not. Not yet having noticed Kameron being in the middle of this.

Lori looks back to Kameron. She can read the other woman's emotions plain as day in her body language. Enough to know it's an exaggeration. "It's okay." Look, she can lie too. "I'm sure you've got stuff to do." she says, giving the option out.
Cardinal exhales a low chuckle as his palm gets licked, and he reverses his hand briefly to ruffle the fur at the top of the dog's head before drawing it away…knees unbending as he straightens there upon the fountain's ledge, he hops down from there to the pavement about it, shoulders rolling back a bit in a stretch as he pushes back that brief moment of warmth. Grr grr tough guy, ahem, there, that's better. "Guess the sonuvabitch ain't coming," he mutters under his breath, a final glance to his watch and a shake of his head, though he lingers a bit to eye Lori. Hey, there's people following her, she must be famous or something.

"Not really," well there was the Lighthouse, "I was trying to find you - I'm really glad that you haven't been hurt." She hasn't really clued in on the fact that her dog was busy harassing someone else at the moment, nor has she noticed the approach. "Listen, about last time -"

Prince jumps back a step when Cardinal hops down and resumes the 'Grr grr tough guy' act. The collie promptly barks twice, tail wagging cautiously. This gets Kameron to stop mid-sentence, head tilting, "Lori, where's Prince? He's usually right by me," she adds, a hand feeling around at collie level. Nope, no dog.

"KamKam." Comes the report of Joe, atop Brian's shoulders. Brian throws the boy a look, with a confused expression. He then looks back down, trying to weedle around the group of picture takers. Aha. So it is. "Who's that lady?"

Brian just happens to know who the woman is. He doesn't try to follow the tabloids or anything, at least he wouldn't want anyone thinking he does, he just happens to remember things he sees. A glance is swept over to Prince and the man. "What is she doing with her.." Brian muses mostly to himself, but it earns a bright 'I donno!' from Joe. The young man skirts around the group towards Prince and Cardinal.

Lori look back to Kameron. "About last time? And he's right there." She says, pointing in completely non-useful fashion. "He's sniffing that guy there." It's not really that she forgets Kameron is blind as much as not making the needed mental connections to get to "blind = can't see where I'm pointing".

"He's just checkin' me out is all, miss," Cardinal offers over in dry tones with just a thread of amusement through them as the bark brings a look down to the collie, one brow arching a bit over the edge of his shades before he turns his plastic-guarded gaze back to the two women, hands tucking into the pockets of his jacket, "No need for alarm."

"Yeah, at the mall..?" Had she forgotten? That was good, right? It meant Kameron had been forgiven, right? ..or.. "Right…um.." Kameron coughs slightly, "R-Right where..?" She hates to remind her friend of the whole…blindness issue. Her head turns at the voice coming from Cardinal, a hesitant smile returning, "Has he been bothering you? I'm sorry, he usually behaves himself." Naughty dog! And was it her imagination or did she hear someone using the nickname Brian gave her a time ago? Nah!

Raising up his hands, Brian tucks his thumbs under Joe's arms and lifts him up and off his shoulders. Going to set Joe down, Brian looks over at Cardinal, giving him the standard 'wassup' nod.

Once Joe is on his feet he is immediately going to Kameron's legs, one little hand going to find hers. "KamKam." He calls out again with a goofy grin, his eyes going to the very important looking lady who's speaking with Kameron.

Brian, however, does not approach Kameron and her famous friend. Apparently they know each other, but Brian isn't about to go walking up to a celebrity and introducing himself. That's just weird. Going to one knee, he puts his hand out. "Prince." He calls out.

Lori nods. "At the mall." She repeats. She remembers just fine, it's just an issue if Kameron is actually going to bring anything to bear on the topic. She looks around, and notices the crowd that's developed somewhat…not just the paparazzi, but the collie-collected crowd.

A slight snort answers Kameron's question, with Cardinal observing curtly, "He's jus' being a dog, is all, no real trouble. Dogs're dogs, after all." Such a charmer, he is. The call to the collie does draw his attention, though, head cocking to one side as he gives Brian a curious once-over.

Kameron tilts her head, listning to Cardinal's voice carefully. "Yes, but he usually knows better. He's never just run off like that before." And then, footsteps! Kameron is momentarily startled, almost jerking her hand back in surprise at the little hand. She catches herself, grasping his wee bitty hand, "Joe?" She murmurs inquisitively, turning to reach down with her free hand and touch the top of the boy's head. "What are you doing here? Is Brian with you?" Prince's name is called, and the dog barks, turning towards the other man, trotting off to greet him. Complete with facelicking. Beware the tongue!
"Lori, this is Joe," Kameron says, indicating the boy, "Joe, this is .. this is my friend, Lori," she just hoped Lori still considered her a friend. "Joe is Brian's-" hangon, where *was* Brian? "Brian?"

Grinning at the dog's affection, Brian's face instinctively goes back to avoid face licking though he does give the littlest Prince some petting love. Going to straighten, his eyes slide over to Cardinal once again in curiosity.

"Hi." Says the little boy at Kameron's side, offering up his little hand in greeting to Lori with one of his brightest smiles.

"Here, Kammy." Brian calls out, though he doesn't move towards either of the females. He remains with Prince and Cardinal, where it's safe, and there aren't so many cameras.

Lori smiles right back at the little boy. "Hello there, Joe." She looks back up, surprised when she "reads" no falsehood on Kameron at calling her a friend. Now the socialite is just that much more confused. She considers both Cardinal and Brian, looking from one to the other in curiosity.

A few puzzle-pieces click together somewhere in Cardinal's head at a few snatches of the girls' conversation- that he could follow, aside from them dancing around whatever happened at the mall, not that he was terribly interested-and his brow furrows a bit, turning to look to Brian where the other's paused nearby. "Hey, man," he asks, jerking his chin towards the women, "That isn't Lori /Levonian/, is it?" Sure, he could just ask -her-, but that's too easy.

Lori isn't the only confused one - though Kameron is more confused at why Brian is lingering out there. OF course, given a second to think about it, she recalls those darn paparazzi. And considering Brian's situation, she figures he's probably trying to avoid getting pictures taken. Similar to Cardinal, though he's probably avoiding the cameras for an entirely different reason. Kameron just wants to avoid the picture taking groupies for a totally different reason.
Meanwhile, people are eyeing each other like they were the last piece of delicious t-bone steak, and Kameron is completely ignorant of that. "I think he doesn't like the cameras," Kameron murmurs to Lori in a low tone. Not entirely a lie - she knows he doesn't like the cameras, she's just not going to say -why-. "And they -are- a little intimidating for most people," goodness knows she would be if she could see them. "Is there a way you can make them.. um. Go away? Maybe?" She -would- like to introduce Lori to Brian properly, giving Joe's hand a goodnatured little squeeze, swinging his arm lightly back and forth.

"Pretty sure it is." Brian intones to Cardinal quietly. He leans over closer to the man, "Tell me your name, quick, and I'll get you introduced." Brian says oh so quietly to the man as not to be overheard. He backs up a little bit, as if getting out of range of the cameras. Lord knows he can't afford to be on the cover of some tabloid magazine.
Joe gives a bright smile as Kameron swings his arm back and forth. Taking this as some kind of new game, Joe starts swinging his own arm a little harder, making the swinging of their arms over exaggerated and over done.

Lori looks around, and looks a little annoyed. "Yeah, I'm not really thrilled with them either, but they don't go away. Only way I can make it happen is to leave." Which looks like the option at hand. "It was good to see you again." She tells Kameron.

"As if she'd want to be introduced? Don't worry about it," Cardinal replies with a hint of a bone-dry chuckle rattling between the words, adding offhandedly as he leans back to his own straight stance once more, "It's Richard, though, for the record." Then, he drops back silent, observing the little drama of paparazzi and conversation with a curious eye.

"I see." Kameron murmurs thoughtfully at the response. Then she recalls just what she said, and grimaces, "I really should stop usin that expression," she erfs a bit as Joe swings his arm harder, and with a soft laugh, sways a bit with the swinging as if Joe's strength was SO great that he was going to knock her off her feet. So mighty, Joe!
"Obviously I don't see," She laughs, pokin fun at herself. "Are you goin then?" Aww. "I'm glad you're all right. Why don't you stop by the apartment later, and I can introduce you to my friend properly." If he wasn't busy working on the lighthouse at the time, that is." Of course, if Lori DOES go, and take her entourage with her, then Kameron will go to chat with Brian and his new friend.

"Brian." He responds, holding his hand out to Cardinal. "Nice to meet you Richard." He gives a little smirk. "Did you get called Dick a lot in elementary school? I can sympathize though, my last name is Fulk." He gives a little shrug with a grin. Before returning his gaze to Kameron and Lori. "Maybe I won't get to meet somebody famous today. Maybe it's for the best."

"Not really," Cardinal answers dead-pan, reaching out to clasp the offered hand firmly, fingers and palm callused, but not too roughly, for a moment before releasing it, drawing back that hand to tuck into a pocket again, "The nuns were a little too free with those rulers of theirs to let kids get away with that shit." Behind his shades, his gaze returns to the women, noting, "Friend've a friend, I take it?"

Aw, but Cardinal and Brian were such interesting people, who wouldn't want to meet them! WHich is why Kammy is turning, with Lori heading off for the night, paparazzi and all, to approach the two men. Joe's hand clasped lightly in her hand, swinging his arm with an overexageratted motion, and keeping mind to sort of 'watch' where she's going via cane. "Let's go say hello to Brian and his friend, Joe," Kam suggests to the smaller boy. Aaand the last she 'heard' the two chatting was in /that/ direction… though hopefully Joe would correct her path if she's wrong!

"But they let you say shit." Brian points out with a little grin to the other man. He gives a little nod in confirmation to Richard as Kameron approaches with Joe in tow. With Lori and the cameras gone, the young man steps forward, one hand raising to give her wrist a little squeeze. The one not occupied by Joe, that is. "Hey." He greets softly.

"Not back then, they didn't," drawls Cardinal, turning his attention to the blind woman heading their way with cane and boy. As she's greeted by Brian, though, he doesn't interrupt, merely rocking back on his heels a bit and looking back after the departing swarm of paparazzi with a frown, making sure none of them linger behind to check out Lori's 'friends'.

"Hi," Kameron smiles lightly, head turned towards Brian's voice, then Cardinal's. "Ah - am I interrupting?" Whoops. That's just terrible form, Kam. "I wanted to apologize for not saying hello properly before. I was going to introduce you both to Lori," both of them, really, since she wouldn't just leave poor Cardinal in the dust there, "But there were all those cameras, and.." Yeah. All three of them have reasons for not wanting cameras nearby.

"Kammy, this is Richard." Brian informs, "Richard. This is Kameron." Should he offer his hand, Brian would be more than willing to guide Kameron's hand to his. His hand retaining a loose grip on her wrist. "And this is Joe my," Son seems too strong of a word. Boy who I watch, seems to weak. "Kid." There. Perfectly balanced.
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"Nah," Cardinal shrugs one shoulder with a slight rustling of his jacket, reaching out-once Brian's lifted her wrist-to clasp her hand briefly, a smile tugging tight up at one corner of his lips, "Just shooting the bull, is all, and keeping away from those tabloids. Kameron. Kid. Hey."

Ah good. Kameron pauses, her hand finding Richard's with Brian's help. "Nice to meet you, Richard," Kameron smiles, "And you've already met Prince," who was feeling a lot more sociable than usual. It was still a bit of a surprise that Prince bounded off like that. "Shooting the bull," She muses, "That's always struck me as a really strange turn of phrase." She is careful not to ask what the conversation was about. It was probably Man Things (tm), she should not be privy to.

Joe offers a bright smile to Cardinal, when he himself offers his hand after Kameron goes. Shaking hands is fun! It's an adult thing to do, and adult things are always a thrill.

Brian smiles affectionately over at Kameron when she notes how odd the bull phrase is. Not a great way to start off a conversation, but the way she relates to people always makes him smile. Well, most of the time. When he's not super depressed about dying and all. Letting his hand slip off of her wrist, he looks down to Prince then back up to Cardinal, secretly hoping this won't turn into an awkward silence.

At the kid's offer of the hand, Cardinal regards him for a moment, and then actually smiles, if a ghost of one, reaching down to solemnly shake the smaller hand before ruffling Joe's hair. "Cute kid," he quips, then looks back up to Kameron, both brows raised a bit over the edge of his shades, "So. Lori Levonian, eh? You've got some famous friends there, seems like."

Aaaand just -seconds- after she makes that comment, Kameron realizes just how it came out, and blushes brightly, flustered by her social faux pas. "Oh - Oh! I- I mean, I wasn't -! I meant -" When Joe lets go of her hand to shake hands with Richard, Kameron lifts her newly released hand to scratch behind her head, "… should I start over..?" Well, maybe not. Giving an amused smile at the compliment paid to Joe, Kameron tilts her head, half expecting Brian to take pride in this. He -is- the proud father - kinda sorta. "Lori? Honestly, I'm as surprised as you are," she chuckles, "I met her in that deli - Pastrami's?" .. god she's bad with place names. "No .. um.." lowering her head, she presses a hand to her mouth, muttering. "Why did I say pastrami? I don't even /like/ pastrami…"

A broad smile is worn like a badge on little Joe's face. As he releases Cardinal's hand he immediately goes to play with one of his best friends- Prince.

Brian's grin is ever expanding as Kameron keeps digging herself a little hole of awkwardness. Finally after he thinks she's had enough, his arm slips up around her shoulders, giving her far shoulder a little squeeze. Tugging her into him-gently. He grins broadly. "You never told me you knew a famous person." Thinking about it, he supposes she has said 'Lori' a few times, but he would never have guessed she meant that Lori. "Why did you say Pastrami?" Who would name their place Pastrami, anyway. "Piccoli's, maybe?" Starts with a P. There's a chance.

A grin cracks itself across Cardinal's expression as Kameron stumbles over her words two or three-or six or seven-times, one hand raising up to scratch under his chin, short nails rasping to the stubble that shadows his jaw there. "Relax," he drawls, "You're not interviewing for a spot on Jeopardy, after all."

And Prince is perfectly eager and happy to play with Joe, barking good naturely and romping around the smaller boy. It's almost like tag, with Prince running away from Joe, then turning around and chasing him in turn. All in good fun. Totally oblivious to poor Kam's embarassment, that dog is. She's horribly embarassed from the level of pinkness in her cheeks, and a startled squawk slips out when Brian tugs her over.
"It never came up?" Kameron chuckles weakly, "At least, not the famous part." Oh my but she was star-dazzled when they first met! She's .. more or less gotten over it now. It just never occurred to her to add the 'she's the famous celebrity socialite' when mentioning her. Cardinal's amusement gets a sheepish grin as the girl chuckles, "Right - I just… sorry, I'm not so great with the whole..not-putting-my-foot-in-my-mouth thing." Pausing a moment, she snaps her fingers briefly, "That's it! Piccoli's! Brian you're Brilliant, that was going to bug me all night."

Grinning, Brian shakes his head at Kameron a little bit, a very quiet chuckle leaking through his teeth. His head comes down to rest on her shoulder for a moment, shaking his head onto it before he straightens back up. His hand squeezing her shoulder once again, though now his attention goes back to Cardinal. "So, Richard. Been affected by the curfew much?" It's as good small talk as any, right?

At the mention of the curfew, Cardinal turns his head and spits to one side. "Curfews," he observes derisively, one shoulder rolling in a shrug and that hand lifting in a dismissive movement, "Only in that a lot've shit is closed before I really get out'n about. I don't do the whole 'reasonable hours' thing, I'm day-blind."

Mm, the curfew. She doesn't like it much either - busking's harder when you have to be in at 6. She stifles a chuckle at Brian shaking his head on her shoulder, and from the sound that Richard makes, she doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to guess what that resulted in. Although at the day-blind comment, she comes OH so close to another faux pas. Literally, she raises a finger and draws a breath as if to make a point or comment, and then something - her inner voice perhaps - SLAPS her across the face with a newspaper and says very sternly, 'NO'.
She shuts her mouth, thinks for a moment, and smiles hastily instead. "Well they can't leave that curfew in effect forever. Too many people would complain. Granted it's.. annoying enough that they even -have- a curfew, but I'm sure they're doing it for safety reasons.." Right? … right?

Brian flinches a little bit at the day-blind comment. Really, there was a whole bunch of terms that could have been used rather than 'day-blind'. A little sidelong glance is given to Kameron, his arm remaining around her shoulders.. for comforts sake. Wetting his lips, he gives a glance over to Joe and the dog. Finally his attention is returned to Kameron, and at the risk of being rude to Richard. "Want to go home?"

The wince at his terminology is noticed, but Cardinal just gives an unapologetic tilt of his head over to the other man. "Hemeralopia," he says with a shrug, before the pair are given a glance between them-a knowing smirk-and he steps back a bit, offering affably, "Well, good to meet you both. Have a good night, eh? As for the curfew-well, they'll do whatever they can damn well get away with, for as long as they can get away with it."

But she's not offended or anything. "Hm?" Kameron looks towards Brian curiously, "I'll be along a little bit later. You go on ahead." Back to Cardinal, who appears to be leaving? "O-oh! Well, it was lovely meeting you Richard. I guess we'll see you around?" There's a mental groan at her poor word choice. See you. She'll's never going to get out of that habit. Oh well! "..Hemeralopia?"

"It means it's hard to see in the day." Brian explains softly to Kameron, giving a little nod to Cardinal. "No-no, we don't have to go home, if you don't want to." He says, going to take his arm off of her shoulders now. He goes to offer his hand to Cardinal once again, "Nice to meet you, Richard."

"Mmhm. High noon outside, I can see about as well as you can," Cardinal explains; bluntly and succinctly, if perhaps not in the most politically correct manner, and certainly not ignoring the twelve-ton elephant in the room. The offered hand is clasped again, firmly, and then he jerks his thumb to one side, "Maybe so, maybe not. In any case, you two should probably get out've the park before too long. The muggers come out after nightfall-and all the curfew means to them is less cops to patrol here instead of the streets."

You say, "Oh!" At Brian's explanation, and another, more amused, "I see," at Cardinal's. Sure there could be plenty of reason to be offended, but she's more amused. Political correct or not, she actually preferred that people treat her normally, rather than tiptoe around her, like her folks did. Eef. Now -THAT_ was frustrating beyond belief. "Wait, what?" Kameron quirks an eyebrow behind her shades, "It's that late?" She glances at Brian, "Seriously?" How long was she -out- here?"

"Joejoe." Brian calls, beckoning with one hand to the boy who quickly falls in line, crouching the young man goes to lift the boy up and over his shoulders. "It's getting a little late." Brian murmurs. "We have some time if you want to go get something to eat or something." The young man points out. "But we should probably head in before too long." Another wave is given to Richard.

A hand's lifted to Cardinal's brow above the plastic ridge of his shades, then away in a casual sort of salute. "See you 'round, then," he offers with a tip of his chin up before tucking his hands back into his jacket pockets turning to head off along a path-that heads deeper into the park.

Kameron shakes her head, a hand waving in what she assumes to be Cardinal's direction as he heads off. Then her attention swivels back to Brian, "No, no, I didn't realize it was so late already." She whistles briefly, calling Prince back to her side, gathering the dog's leash. "Come on, let's go. We can pick something up on the way back if you like." And with that plan in mind, she hooks Prince's leash around her wrist and prepares to head off.

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