Her Sunday Best


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Scene Title Her Sunday Best
Synopsis Tracy calls up Abigail after she leaves a message to try and get more details about Pinehearst. She gets more than she'd ever hoped to get.
Date June 7, 2009

Over a telephone line.

Sundays are Tracy's day. Sure, she'll have to do some work, but most of it is paperwork. No, on this day of the week, she can sleep in. And sleep in she does, until ten at least. Then? Comes a shower. Hair wet and clinging to her form and wearing her short silken robe, Tracy comes out to find a phone message from Abigal Beauchamp, warning her away from Pinehearst. That only serves to moisten Tracy's appetite. She quickly calls back, gazing out the window as the phone rings.

There's the sound of people in the background, polite conversations, salutations, invoking of the lords name but not in vain as Abagail's southern drawl comes over the digital lines after the fourth ring but before the answering service can take it. "Abigail Beauchamp, how can I help you?"

Oh, right. Sunday. Religious people pray and shit on Sundays, don't they. "Miss Beauchamp? It's Tracy Strauss." She figures that's all she'll really need to say, given the message that was left to her. She paces back and forth in front of her window - mostly to let the DHS guys know she's there and alright. Yes, she's giving them little helpful crumbs when she can.

"That's what my caller ID days Ms. Strauss" Even religious women who attend church have caller ID. It's the standard you know. "How can I help you further?"

"Tell me what you know about Pinehearst?" She says, adding a slight inflection at the end. After all, it is a request. "Cryptic warnings only serve to heighten my curiosity - it's this bad habit I have. Trying to kick it but, you know how new year's resolutions never hold."

"Just a moment please?" So she can get out of the room from around the church folks to talk about a company that works as a front. Sorta. When she's away in some broom closet, the red head sighs softly. "They have the daughter of a friend of mine, and she's not there voluntarily. They're … not doing things with the best of intentions for the public but for power. When you left, I called up some of those people that you said my name was associated with. I was told not to tell you frankly, because of who you work for. Because Ms. Strauss, the secret man behind the company that is Pinehearst is your employer's father. He faked his own death and was quietly working behind the scenes with this company. There's another man associated with it. His name is Adam Monroe." Abigail flips on the light in the closet, looking around at the cleaning supplies.

"You need to avoid him at pretty much all costs as well. He's a charmer, but he's.. Lets just say that he's older than Methuselah if you catch my meaning. I couldn't find out more because.. I ask not to be told more. To protect myself you understand yes? If I don't know, then I can't tell. I can't get arrested for not turning them in if I don't know where they are to turn them in. I healed everyone. Like a Hippocratic Oath, or the red cross. I couldn't stand to see anyone hurt. In return, they try to warn me of who to be careful of, to try and sidestep. Someone in homeland warned me off Pinehearst. It's someone I trust. Then these people warned me off them. They're doing bad things Ms. Strauss. And from the sounds of the warning, they will have no sleepless night, taking care of people who know too much"

Thank you Jesus, finally something she can work with! "Oh, Abby," she says, finally calling the woman by her first name as she rushes for her desk, knocking over a chair as she reaches for a pen. "I could kiss you, you beautiful girl." There's quiet scribbling for a moment as she does so. Her employer's father….."My employer? The President? The President's father?"

"The one and same" Abigail murmurs. "He's alive and well, from what I gather. Listen, Ms. Strauss. I don't have proof of any of this, but, these folks who look out for me, they're pretty good at sussing out the truth. If anything seems off, if you do go to Pinehearst, or anything. Run okay. Just run. Call me when your relatively safe. I know people who can help you. Who can hide you if need be. Do you understand?"

She chuckles. Yes, that makes her chuckle. "Miss Beauchamp, believe me when I tell you that there isn't a hole deep enough where someone wouldn't realize I was missing relatively quickly." There are, after all, two DHS agents watching her with some sort of binoculars or something at this very moment."Thank you…so much for your help. I owe you a big favor."

"Everyone owes me favors Ms. Strauss. I never took money for what I did. And you'd be surprised how missing you can go, if someone wants you missing bad enough and never to be found" She herself disappeared. "Don't let on that it was me. That told you this and whatever you do Ms. Strauss, be careful. God watch over you, i'll say a prayer as well"

"Don't worry, Miss Beauchamp, this conversation never happened, as they say." And with that? Tracy will hang up, hurrying for her room to get changed. This Sunday might be a bit busier than the last one.

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