Here Comes Another One


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Scene Title Here Comes Another One
Synopsis Tracy wants information and to file a report, only, you know, doesn't want to take the time to file it. Aude and Leland are the ones helping her and in the end, they both watch her walk away with sighs.
Date May 26, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

The New York Police Department Head Quarters is an old stone building, rennovated many times over the years. The plaster walls are not as cracked and in need of repair as the various Precinct buildings around the city. The fluorescent lights give the room a rather sterile glow. Old posters, civic reminders, duty rosters and newspaper clippings are tacked up on the walls, rustling every time one of the doors opens. A high, wooden desk sits on the north wall, manned by two clerks, who records all visitors and arrests.

The way out to the street lies to the south, while doors to the offices of the Head Quarters lie to the northwest.

Tracy Strauss had to take a taxi to get here. That does not make for a happy Tracy Strauss, since she has a new Lexus she could have driven here. Sure, driving in New York is hell, but she likes having her own car. She knows where the seats have been and, more importantly, who has been done on them. So taking a taxi, while not the end of the world, was not ideal. And 1PP? She walks in there like she owns the place. "I need to talk to someone." She says to the person at the front desk, slapping her card down on the table, designating her to be the Special Director of Communications to the President.

Detective Leland Daubrey sits at his desk, clad in a casual, but respectable suit. He's got a stack of folders by his elbow, a cup of coffee to his left and is typing reports into a computer with an old tube monitor. The NYPD hasn't yet upgraded to LCDs, at least not for him. He lifts a brow and peers over the top as Tracy marches in and declares herself queen of the station. Hm.

The person at the front desk just looks over his shoulder, bellowing "Officer Castalides" Which gets the attention of Aude, parked at a desk and looking up. Paperwork sucks, but it's better than having to deal with a lot of other stuff. "Got someone. Can you find out what… Ms. Strauss" After reading the business card says. "Needs?"

"Fine Frank" Clipboard tossed down, the petite woman comes over, a glance to Ms. Strauss and a gesture off to the side and within hearing of Leland. "I'm Officer Castalides, how can I help you Ma'am"?

There's so many choices right now. Report the man in her car? No…no, that's what Matt Parkman is for. But there's something this place is needed for. She walked in here, intending to report what happened. But something changes somewhere between there and here. "I'm here on special authority of the President of the United States." She says, wearing a pencil dress and pearls, her hair down - it changed from up to down on her way here, and her makeup became a bit softer. That crazy SOB wasn't wrong when he said her beauty sometimes got her things. "I have a particular request of a very sensitive nature that I need filled immediately."

Leland makes a few marks on a file, then bites a pencil between his teeth as he types. He keeps half an ear on Tracy and Aude, though it remains at eavesdropping for the moment. Except for the occasional glance towards the two women, he looks for all the world to be just inputting information into the computer. She's Aude's to field unless he's asked to step in or someone says otherwise.

"Got a badge Ms. Strauss? OR a way to confirm this?" The dark skinned officer offers up. There's a sigh from her as she looks around the room, for someone higher than her. Her eyes land on Leland. "Detective Daubrey? I got someone for you"

"I have the authority of the President of the United States. But if that isn't good enough, I'm sure I can have a few phone calls in to your superiors. At your expense, of course." She gives the woman a chilly smile. "I assure you, it is of the utmost importance."

"Asking for credentials is standard procedure, miss. Surely someone who deals with things political understands that. You gotta understand that waltzing in and saying 'I'm with the president' shouldn't mean sh…squat." He's got horrible language, most of the time. But the detective tries to keep it clean. Sometimes. He stands from behind the desk and inclines his head towards Aude. "You show us some credentials and we'll do what we can to help." The man's got an accent, indicating he's not a New Yorker, but a Bostonian.

Great, a bitch. pardon me for doing my job you grad A super sized tampon. Of course, that's not spoken. Just a glance to Leland as if to say thank you when he verify's that what she was doing was just standard procedure. 'We can show you to a conference room if you like"

Tracy offers a little sigh, shaking her head. One well-manicured hand comes up to touch her forehead. "Of course, I apologize." She begins digging through her wallet. "I had an idiot show up in my office just today without any credentials, I should have realized. It's been a crazy day." She digs out her business card, drivers liscence, any other ID she has on her. "All I can really do for you is offer you all of this information for you to check up on me as you will, make whatever phonecalls are needed in order to confirm my identity. I really should have called." She manages a smile now that she's a bit calmer. "Like I said, crazy day. Oh, I'm also here to report a crime that took place a few days ago, but," she waves a dismissive hand, as though that's nothing. "That's a completely separate issue." And one less important, if her tone is any indication.

Leland takes the ID from Tracy and grabs a piece of paper. He copies a few things down off of the ID, including the driver's license number and the phone number on her business card. "Castalides, do me a favor, uh? Give Miss…" he has a look at the ID again, "…Strauss' office a call. Confirm her ID. Then come join us in A-1." They don't call them 'interrogation rooms' even though that's what they're mostly used for.

He motions towards the back of the room for Tracy to move ahead of him. On his way back, he snatches up the appropriate incident report forms and clicks a pen. "I'm Detective Daubrey. What can we do for you?" He offers his hand to Tracy.

'Yes Detective" The information being written down too, the phone numbers as well. Because she does scut work and the detectives, they get the glory, oh yes they do. Just like SCOUT. But then, they also get to deal with grade A super sized bitches who seem they can turn on the damp eyes just like that. Not that the woman has damp eyes. With the information in hand, the riot curled woman is off, thunking down at the desk and picking up the black handled phone, punching in numbers.

Tracy offers a hand for a shake. Her grip is firm and professional; no nonsense about it. "I'm looking for a list of the top suspected criminals currently operating on Staten Island." She offers a little smile as her hand falls back to her side. "I know this is an unusual request, and very sensitive information, but I'm at the behest of the President's office to request it." Does she have any intention of turning this information over to Mortimer Jack? Hell no. Her intention is, however, to find out why it's so useful for him, so useful that the man intends to try and kill her for it. Because after the whole thing with his eyes? She believes him.

Leland eyes Tracy. He waits until they're seated and the conference room door is closed before responding to her request. "Forgive me, Miss Strauss. Seems like a strange thing for someone associated with the president to want. I'd think you'd be more interested in crime statistics. And on that, I'm sure Mayor Bianco's office would be happy to help." Anyone who knows him in his personal life might be shocked to see him so polite. He does have a fairly good cop equivalent of a bedside manner. When he cares to. He keeps an eye on the door for Aude. Once he makes sure this woman is for real, he'll be more forthcoming.

Tracy bows her head, a little in-a-hurry but hardly about to cause the stir she caused when she walked in. "I understand this, Detective." She says, quickly. "But as I said, I am at the behest of the President's office, and I'm afraid I can't discuss the reasons that we're requesting this information. What I can assure you is that it's in safe hands." She takes a seat after she's spoken, smoothing her skirt as she goes to sit. Once seated, she's very straight-backed, hands folded in front of her.

Leland lifts a hand and then puts it to the bridge of his nose to rub briefly. "It's not the most sensitive information, really. I mean, you spend five minutes on Staten and a few names start going around. Even our records aren't up to date. We don't have the budget -" his tone tightens. " - …to police Staten. We do what we can to keep tabs on what goes down, but the Feds actually have a better idea." He clicks his pen and drops it on the folder. "If you want this information, you can fill out a request and it'll go to the brass. Considering who's making the request, if the brass decides to give it to you, you should probably see it pretty quick. But I don't make any promises."

One phone call, two, confirm, get a fax with a visual confirmation that the woman in there really is Tracy Strauss. Could be a shape shifter. Possibly. That prompts a scowl on the young officer's face. But when the third number given confirms, everything dropped into an envelope, Tracy's name written across the top and she jogs over to the interrogation room. A knock on the door and she's entering, dropping the file in front of Leland. A thumbs up when she's behind Tracy.

Tracy nods, folding her hands. "I understand that, but I came to request a rush on this information. I'll speak to the Feds as well, of course, but anything you can give me on this today would be a great help, even if it's only preliminary." She glances at the woman as she comes in, watching the file dropped, but then returning her eyes to the male detective with a police smile. She's quite aware that she checks out.

Leland's shoulders relax a little when Aude comes in with the news that she isn't just a crazy in a nice pair of shoes. He folds his hands together and leans forward. "I don't have the authority to release this information, Miss Strauss. Plain fact. This has to go higher up, and you know how bureaucracy goes." He smiles, but it's not the brightest of expressions. "Castalides here can help you with the info request form. And I'll make sure it lands right on the Captain's desk. But that's all I can do."

Oh great. More scut work. "I'll get the I 654" She offers, none so brightly. Back out the door Aude goes, skipping - not - to get what the woman needs. Some of the engine scouring coffee as well. Anything to please the president's lady.

Tracy bows her head. Meh, she'll go through DHS. So much easier than paperwork. "Of course." But she won't mention that now. "Oh, the other thing, the crime. Have you seen the….the report on television of the young woman speaking the Humanis First crowd? I was there at the time, and the woman began threatening violence on me." She waves a hand, the whole thing is absolutely insane, and she makes that clear with her tone. "She followed me later into a lounge I spend my evenings in. Apparently, if I don't get a personal guard or speak to the authorities about this, my friends will never let me hear the end of it."

"Do you want to file a report?" Leland's a pretty by-the-book cop. That's why he and Felix clash so much in terms of how they go at cases. "If she threatens you again, there'll be a record of it and more for us to work with if she keeps harassing you." He opens the manilla folder with a slide of a big hand.

Tracy doesn't shrug, but if she did? This would be the case for it. "I didn't know if 'inciting a riot' was technically a crime or not. Mostly I did it to get Nalani off my back." Yes, the editor of PAUSE magazine was riding her about the whole situation. "She threatened me during the protest. If it's a matter of your business, then that will be that. If not, well, then." She lets her sentance end there.

"Inciting a riot certainly is a crime. Though this sounds more like uttering a threat." Leland makes a note on a pad of paper in chicken scratch writing that would make a doctor proud. He is capable of writing much neater, but personal notes scribbled end up being handy. The name doesn't automatically ring a bell for him, but then again, he wasn't directly involved with Nalani's case. "It's up to you whether you want to file a complaint, Miss Strauss. Doesn't matter to me."

File a complaint. Great, fabulous. She shoulda asked for a beat today instead of desk and paperwork. She'll get Stanton to fill in paperwork tomorrow. "More forms to get?" Aude asks, the young officer laying down the cup of coffee with creamers, sugars, a stir stick and the aforementioned form for the frosty woman to fill out.

And yet it seems all for naught, as Tracy moves to stand. "I don't see how it is really that important, I imagine all police departments are keeping a close watch for terrorism and retaliation, especially given the day's events." Yes, bad Humanis First. And bad Evolved. Bad everybody! "But if anyone asks, I came down here and did my best." She offers her hand across the table. "Thank you kindly, Detective."

"No, I got it here." Leland raps the folder and nods to Aude. He eyes Tracy as she stands. "If your time's too valuable for fifteen minutes of paperwork so that we have an official complaint on record, that's your call. We may keep an eye out, but it makes our job easier if there's a paper trail." For the first time in the meeting, he lets a little bit of his grumpy temperment slip through. "The NYPD is stretched pretty thin these days." Thanks to funding cuts trickling down all the way from the federal level. He reaches across to shake her hand, politely. But just politely. She works for the man holding the purse strings. Strings that are pulled too tight for him to do his job properly.

Which leaves Aude standing off to the side, hands at her belt, watching and waiting like a good little police officer.

Tracy lowers her hand after the shake. "Detective, if you've seen any of the news coverage today, you know why 15 minutes is a long time for paperwork. Maybe in a few days I can come and fill it out." But she hates paperwork. It's why she has underlings now. "All I can tell you about the woman is that she called herself Miss Cee, is Asian and tracked me down to the Orchid Lounge. If that helps in any ongoing investigation, you're more than welcome to the information." She sees the police officer standing to the side and gives her a little, albiet barely sincere smile.

"I'm out there living that news coverage, Miss Strauss. We're the ones getting shot at, don't forget." Leland's managing to bite his tongue, but there'll be toothmarks in it later. He stands when she stands and gives Tracy a thin smile. "Have a good day, Miss. We'll be here to take your report if you decide it's worthwhile."

Blah blah blah. More fancy rich folks who can't be bothere to fill out paperwork. Watch, she'll send in an assistant or something. Aude just smiles back to Tracy, a, by accounts sincere, smile on her face.

No! She doesn't send an assistant. But shh for a moment, she's checking her blackberry. "If you can send it over to my office I can take care of it later. Or if I can just give you the information and sign a statement, would that be enough?" She can hear the desperation in the Detective's voice and, in truth, she does want to help. But really, she's in a rush, and filing a report seems so unnecessary.

"The report could have been filled out in the time we've spent talking about not filling out the report, Miss Strauss." Leland's tone is a bit colder than intended. The words fall flat off his tongue. He glances towards Aude and gives her a brief look. Always the people who think they're too busy. Always.

"Perhaps Detective, I'm sure I can have a car drop the paperwork off at your place of business and take your statement at your convenience Ms. Strauss" Aude offers up, all the more easier and better to get this woman out of here so she can be all woe is me and my time, elsewhere

See, there's a person with an acceptable solution. "That would be fine for me," Tracy offers up, glancing back to the male Detective to see if he also approves of this plan. "I very much appreciate such an offer." Aww, now the cold Miss Strauss actually likes Aude. What is poor Aude to do!
Leland makes a bit of a face at Aude's suggestion, but he schools it away quickly enough and nods. "I suppose. When someone's on patrol in the neighborhood." And then to Tracy, "If there's nothing else?"

Aude's just gonna stand there still. See, gets the woman away from here. Thank god.

Tracy shakes her head, and then bows it gently in Lelands direction. "No, that will be all." She promises, turning toward the door to open it herself. She doesn't need to be escorted, she's a big girl and can see herself out. "I appreciate your time and help with this, Detectives." She thanks them both, eager to step out as much as they are to have her away.

Leland watches Tracy go. He closes the folder, stands it on end and raps it on the desk. His lips purse together into a thin line. "Charmer," he murmurs, only when he's sure she's out of earshot.

Aude stands at the door, watching the woman walk off. Under her breath, ever so barely heard by Leland, and even then, it could be mistaken. "Only thing worse would be if she was evo" could have misheard her. Oh yes he could, but Tracy is too far gone by then for sure. She heaves a sigh. "I'll see if Officer Stanson wants to do the honors?"

Leland eyes the door and gathers up the paperwork. "That was a total waste of time." He starts for the door, his famous temper flaring more now that he's out of the view of a civvie. He stops by Aude. "Don't be in any hurry. Only if duty permits. It's not fuckin' important enough for her to take fifteen minutes, it's not important to us either." Petty? A little.

"I'll tell Stanson on my way home tonight. I don't gett off till 4 so" Aude gives a shrug. "Some days, I hate working in pp1. All the ritch bitches come here thinking that they'll get better service than the ones who don't have any money"

"Nnh. Same old story everywhere. Someone is always bound to be uncooperative." Leland makes his way back towards his desk. "At least people here aren't as likely to spit in your damn face just for askin' a simple fuckin' question." He goes for the coffee pot.

'no, they'll slap you with lawsuits" She looks at the abandoned cup of coffee in the room and fetches it. Can't let good motor oil go to waste. She even sips at it, drinking it straight, nothing to temper it. "Besides letting Stanson know, anything else Detective?"

"No, s'fine, Castalides. Thanks for your help. Didn't mean to make you be the paperwork gofer." Wasn't that long ago that Leland was a beat cop. He remembers what it was like. He pours himself a cup of coffee, sniffs it, then decides to give it a good glug of cream. Then he makes his way back to his desk.

"It's what I do Detective." And with that, Aude is off to her corner, to her own paperwork. Not before stopping by Stanson and telling him he won the lottery. The grade A extra absorbant *$^$&#$ lottery.

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