Here Comes The Sun


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Scene Title Here Comes The Sun
Synopsis Wendy needs out before she goes crazy and hops back on refrain, so calls Peyton up for a quick short walk for coffee.
Date March 2, 2010

Coffee Shop, Upper East Side

Wendy wants out, but because she doesn't trust herself outside her front door pretty much, the brunette had called up Peyton. Inquiring if she wants to go get some coffee, how about braving the cold with her - that fucking cold - and get some around the corner. She was bundled up, protected against the cold and waiting down in the lobby for her friend. A shower, dressed in clothes that were more appropriate for the sharp turn that the weather had taken. Sure she still had sunken eyes a bit and looked like the tail end of sick, but she also wasn't OMFGGIVEMEREFRAINRIGHTNOW state.

It's only a few minutes past the time they set to meet that Peyton steps into the lobby, a chilly gust of wind accompanying her as the doorman holds the door open — Peyton's never really been one to worry too much about being on time, though she's never purposely rude to be late either. "Hey, Wendy," she says brightly enough, heading toward her friend. Her face is almost back to normal after her run in with Danko and the wall — the cut above her lip is still healing, but she no longer looks like Rocky the Raccoon. "You look like you're feeling better?" The statement is lilted upward, the question mark audible in Peyton's voice as she surveys her friend.

"Getting there. I might be able to actually work tomorrow. Though I should just leave the shift to Kaylee and take another day. Shockingly, Corbin didn't fire me when I told him I why I looked like shit Friday" The brunette leans forward, hugging the other woman. "Nice fucking lip, kiss a doorknob with that?" Wendy asks, cracking a tired smile. "Kicking the habit Pey. Seriously this time, didn't take the half assed, easy way out. Bella stuck with me for a bit and slapped an IV in me to help and gave me other shit to make it not so bad. Coffee?"

"Same doorknob, but it's mostly better," Peyton tells her friend, squeezing her fondly in the hug, then looping her arm through the others to escort her out of doors. "Coffee and shopping sounds good. And I'm proud of you. I know it's not easy. I wasn't actually an addict or alcoholic when they put me in rehab, but they still put me through the paces and I saw enough people who were doing it for real to know it's rough. Of course, they all thought I was in denial and called me horrible things to try to get me to see the truth, so it was rough in another way for me. It's rough being the only non addict in a place full of them." Peyton doesn't normally talk about her few weeks in the rehab clinic — especially as the only reason she was released was because a phone call came telling the clinic that the girl's parents were killed in Midtown. "That kid got picked up by my friends, by the way. Hopefully the hotel charges weren't too bad?"

"He barely charged anything, movies, that was all. Like I care. I paid it, tipped the housekeepers. Fluke's a slob it seems. Hope whomever he's gone to kicks his ass about that' Not bitter, just Wendy being Wendy and she lenas forward to place a quick light friendly kiss on the injured lip. Like a mother kissing a boo boo."There, all better!" She chirps to Peyton and gestures to the door to go back out and brave the cold. She really needs out.

"Remember I passed out at the Gala? Well the paramedic that helped me, he paid a visit. Fucker can borrow people's abilities, make a copy. He wanted to see how I was and to copy mine. Seems he's looking for a healer"

The kiss gets a laugh. It certainly doesn't bother Peyton, who's been kissed much more ardently by women in the past. But then Wendy's words get a head tilt of curiosity from the clairvoyant. Borrow people's abilities? "Was it Peter Petrelli?" she asks, frowning just a touch at the name, since she's had an earful of it lately. She hadn't seen him at the party, though of course Gillian had informed her he was there. "And what, he's going to go scanning everyone in the city looking for a healer? Kinda ironic, actually, since I guess he was able to heal before." She bites her lip, realizing she shouldn't be telling such secrets that shouldn't have been told to her — but then, Wendy will probably just assume he had stolen the power in his past and lost it when he took a new one.

"Petrelli was his last name?" She digs the yellow sticky note out of her pocket, looking at it. peter and then the number. "Never said his last name, but he borrows them, yup. I mean, I still have mine. Guess he needs a healer, I dunno. I hope if he gets it, he might swing back by and see if he can't give me back my fucking fingers" The yellow post it is showed to Peyton then tucked away. "He's cool. Took out my IV, offered to get me in at the Suresh Center for help if I needed it. Till I pointed out that since he now had my shit, he might not want to go there. Hives of evo's and all that. Lest he get what I did at the Gala. Dunno, he was pretty fucking cool. Get the feeling he hasn't smiled in a long time. Nervous around others. Offered to come around and change my IV's in the future if I wanted it. Wonder if that was a euphemism…. Anyways"

"Yeah, as in Petrellis," Peyton says with a laugh as the name doesn't seem to click in her friend's drug-addled brain. "You wouldn't like him if it was a euphemism, since he's into worse stuff than you think I am, saving the world sort of things. I met him a while ago, but I doubt he remembers it. He was kind of a different person then." She remembers the night fairly clearly, Peter stepping out of the shadows and then walking with her into the elevator and up to Cat's apartment. She had decided that night to quit pitying herself for having a power, for his was one so much more dangerous, so much more of a curse than hers. "Here?" she asks, nodding to a coffee spot that's more style than substance, pretty to look at with $5 lattes.

"here's fine and well fuck. great. What is everyone in this fucking city with your friends or something?" Liberal adding of the F-word. Those who know her by now know that it's not mean, it's just.. part of her vocabulary. Wendy pushes in on the door, escaping the cold for the warmth of overpriced coffee. Not that either of them would care. "Dunno, he was pretty hot. Maybe if I wasn't such a fucking mess, he'd have asked me out" She's oblivious to his status with Kaylee. "Fuck, it's cold. What the hell, it's supposed to be waning by now. It's like the day after tomorrow or something and in five minutes we're all going to like fucking freeze in spot. I had to turn up the heat today"

"I'm pretty sure he's dating someone," Peyton says with a shrug. "And no, I wouldn't say he's my friend. Or with my friends. Just… affiliated. It's kind of hard not to be… anyone who's trying to make a difference in this city kinda runs into anyone else who is, Wendy. They're good people. Some of the groups don't always agree, but they all have a similar goal; they all want to keep things like what happened to you and to me from happening again. Because shit like that shouldn't happen just because we have some gene the rest of the world doesn't. I mean, I can't curl my tongue like most people can — no one wanted to shoot me for that."

"Na, they wanna shoot you cause you're pretty" Wendy sidles up to the counter, placing her order, laying down money and making for a corner of the shop that is quiet and not many people. She'd kick up her feet and curl them under her if they weren't booted and wet, so instead she nibble on a muffin, enjoying that thought of actually keeping it down. "Had a fight with Logan. Big fight, over the refrain"

"That guy was an ass anyway. Unless you made up and are engaged, in which case, Congratulations!" Peyton says with a chuckle, collecting her own order and heading to the overstuffed arm chair to sit beside Wendy. "But." Sigh. Why is there always a but? "If he was telling you not to do it, I am going to have to side with him, walking rectum or not. Because if he was telling you it's bad shit and to stay away, he's right, you know. I mean, after we found out it was making us more susceptible to the oneiromancer and everything? But that's in the past. You know better now and it's behind you."

"yeah, he was pretty much in your camp on that" What else Logan said, she's not saying. "I kicked him out, sorta. I haven't heard from him, but I haven't exactly been, you know, in a state to deal with most of anything other than laying on my couch and puking my guts out" Walking Rectum? That's a new one. "And he's not a walking Rectum okay. Seriously. He's… he was goign to talk to his boss and see about, you know.. maybe healing me"

Peyton sighs, puffing out a lock of hair from her face in exasperation. She doesn't like Logan and doesn't want to like Logan, but he apparently was not a bad person to Wendy. "Obviously you know he was right, then, and you obviously feel bad about the fight," she says, quietly, more solemnly. "Call him and tell him that. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you're doing better, Wendy. I know I am."

'Yeah, well, not over it yet. Won't be for a while and even then" But still. Logan'd been right. Reruns of good memories. "I'll miss it. Really. But, I'm sure that i'll be better without it. Just need to have a stronger willpower and if this guy fucking with nightmares is done, gone, killed, whatever, then… maybe I will have a stronger willpower" She digs around in her pocket for her phone, lifting it out before changing her mind. She'd call him later.

"Call him — if he cares, he'll be happy to hear from you. And even if he's done with you in that way, you'll have no regrets at least, for telling him you're sorry. Right? I'm realizing this life is short and unpredictable and we need to do whatever we can while we're here to live it and not regret how we wasted it." Having virtual ghosts around perhaps is making her more mindful of her own mortality. "My guess is he'll still try to help get you a healer. Maybe Petrelli can help there too — after all, that's why he has your power, right? Though if it were that easy, you could wander around and find one… will he even know what he's looking for? I mean, you know because you've touched one, you know how it feels, but he won't know what all those sensations are until he has something to compare them to."

"You know a healer when you touch them. Some powers, they're just that obvious" Wendy points out. "You touch a healer and you feel like you're the epitome of health, like your feeling the best you've ever felt. But they are really rare. I haven't touched many" Wendy concedes. But peyton is right, someone younger than her is right. Call him, and if he's done with her, he's done with her. She'll just change the locks on the door, and if he isn't then… maybe they could talk and he could see that she was making a sincere effort. 'So. Besides, your friends, and the doorknob…"

"Things are okay," Peyton says with a shrug. "Faye — my birth mother? She's back in town. She's FRONTLINE, go figure. She took the job to help protect me, if anything like what happened to us happened again. Oh. Aaron, uh. Kissed me." Aaron and she still haven't discussed that in much detail, pretending it didn't happen for the most part. Of course, she'd avoided him anyway for most of the past week due to her face looking nine shades of black and blue. "You know — everything's normal." She snorts a little into her coffee.

"riiight" There's a little bit of I told you so going through her right now, Wendy had pointed out that aaron had a thing for Peyton. Now, well, it couldn't be more obvious. but it was Aaron. "I see Santa brought him a spine" Surprise! Wrapped in cherry red paper!

The news of her mother though, makes Wendy smile. "Fucking awesome Pey. Mommy on frontline. I'm glad it's worked out for you, really. You know, to find out why she gave you up and shit. It's a hard thing and as much as I was sorta you know, fucking ripping you for it.. I'm glad you did it" The brunette points out, Coffee's up and ready. "Come on, lets get our coffee and walk home. I don't think I got too much in me today"

"Yeah. I'm glad, too. She was kind of — in the dreams? She was my … guardian, whatever they were calling them," Peyton confesses with a smile. "She's been through so much and is still so brave. But then, you know what? So have we. I may not be brave, but I'm working on it." She stands and goes to get the drinks. "Let's get you home before those clouds make good on their threat and snow on us."

"You're fucking Brave Pey. Braver than me. Lookit who you run with." Wendy shakes her head. "Bravest fucking person I know, and don't you try to say otherwise' She fetches her coffee, bundling up again and shuffling for the door out. "God, bring back the sun already, the clouds fucking suck."

Peyton grins, hugging Wendy. She starts singing, spontaneously.

"Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun
and I say it's all right."

Who knew the girl who hung with Justin and Dave and such people was a Beatles fan?

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