Here, Kitty Kitty


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Scene Title Here, Kitty Kitty
Synopsis Helena's figured out the easiest way to get down to Red Level.
Date April 7, 2009

Moab Federal Penitentiary - Yard

After warning some of the others of what she intended to do, the day dawns on which to actually do it. In the yard, Helena is carefully watching the throng, keeping an eye out for the aggressive brunette who seemed intent on marking her as a target. It would be foolish to do so. She needs to find the moment.

It doesn't take long to find her. Tabitha usually rules the yard, and it's no different today. She's got her crowd of lackeys and hanger-ons around her, like usual. They're moving like a shark pack through the crowd, establishing dominance through their very presence.

Helena's eyes dart toward Jessica, and she begins to start - not so much walking toward Tabitha, but maneuvering to put herself in the other woman's path. Like bait. Look at the crazy, crazy blonde. Here, kitty kitty.

Jessica moves in at an arc, like a satellite orbiting the earth. It's meant to intersect the pack at the right time without looking like she's trying to do that. Sure enough, though…it doesn't take much to notice the bait, and with a sneer that's almost a snarl, Tabitha changes her course to head for Helena.

It's all about timing. Helena makes as if she's attempting to avoid the other woman - but as soon as Tabitha's within reach, she suddenly vaults herself at the woman with the intent of tackling her to the ground.

Oh shit. It's on now. The crowd immediately begins to ring the group, and Tabitha does get tackled by the quick attack, though even as she's landing, she's already grabbing for Helena's long hair as a means of control. Her crowd starts to move in to get Helena off her, and runs into Jessica from one direction and Isabelle from the other. Backup is here.

Helena doesn't wait. The minute she gets her on the ground, Helena grabs at Tabitha's hair from either side and rocks her arms back and forth, slamming the other woman's head into the ground repeatedly, even as she twists her head to try and bite at Tabitha's hand in her hair. It'll just be a case of how long she can manage until the guards get to them. She can't tell if they've been called yet, her intent is on the fight.

While Helena's helpers are taking -some- of the heat off, it's not ALL of it. Blows begin to rain on Helena's head and back, even as she starts slamming Tabitha's head into the pavement. Tabitha's trying to rally back, but the combination of the unexpected attack and the dizzyness from headbashing is keeping her mostly out of it.

Al is there. Diverted from watching a file of ants do their work, he's standing at the fence, utterly aghast. He hasn't even cheered Helena on. There's just a series of winces, as if something pained him - reaching out for a power that's in abeyance can be painful.

Helena frees one of her hands to try and ward the blows off, the other relases to pull back and slamp her fist into Tabitha's face. "You think you can just fuck with me?!" she shrieks like a harpy. "I told you to leave me alone! I told you! I'll fucking kill you!"

She's bloody already, but she's now trying to use her greater height and weight to send them into a roll so she can get on top. "You fucking bitch, you started with me!" What the fuck is she -on- about!? The others start to bodily haul Helena off Tabitha.

Alexander hisses at Tabitha through the fence, as if trying to attract her attention. He's up on the wire, gripping like a chimp, though he isn't attempting to climb it.

Helena flails her arms out on either side to strike out at those who are trying to pull her way, but as she's tugged, she brings her knee up and slams her foot down as hard as she can into Tabitha's stomach. "Don't you ever touch me again!" she screams. "Don't you ever! Don't you ever!"

And yes, by now, the guards have start to get involved, hollering at everyone to get down on the ground.

Tabitha is down and not getting up any time soon. She's good and clobbered. The guards are starting to haul everyone off, planning to throw them all down into Red and sort it out later.

Alexander goes prone, lest he, too be dragged off. But then, if he is…..perhaps he should be? He keeps his eyes on Helena.
Helena goes slack once the guards have her, her eyes darting toward Alexander. Her lips curve in a faint smile, and she mouthes a word:


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