Here You Go


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Scene Title Here You Go.
Synopsis Audrey is nice and brings Cooper a present in the form of a file on a related murder and some coffee as an early St. Patricks day present. He wants to marry her. DENIED.
Date march 16, 2010

NYPD Headquarters

"No… hey…. can I talk to some one who speaks English?" What is it about talking to people who don't speak your language that makes you think that talking a bit louder and slowly will help matters. "No.. English." That's exactly what Cooper is doing currently. A heavy sigh escapes him, his head hangs down. "Yeah.. I heard the first time. No Habla…"

It takes effort to not slam the phone down on the receiver, he's been all day trying to see if the Mexican police have had any luck on identifying the Jane Doe. By the look of sheer frustration on the detectives face, he has obviously had no luck.

Settling back in his chair, he grabs up the mug his daughter painted for him and takes a sip. What else could possible go wrong today? Pale green eyes glance upward almost hopeful a meteor will come crashing through the ceiling and put him out of his damn misery.

Murphy's Law. It's not a meteor it's Cooper's favourite Brunette, stalking in on heels and only one cardboard coffee cup from some little shop that server really good coffee and for a disgusting price.

"Hey there coop. Nice to see you working" There's a glance for the gratuitous pink box in the hope of getting a powdered donut and making Cooper's day that much more delightful. "Got any leads I don't know about on our copy catter?"

The looks he's sending upward, turns into a brief glare, You are one evil bastard., before Cooper twists his chair around to flash the agent a smile. "Agent Hanson. You are looking particularly, sharkish today." The words spoken in such a way that they sound bright and yet snarky at the same time. It's a compliment really!!

A glance goes to the pink box perched on the edge of his desk, moving to snatch one of the last two donuts before she ganks it for herself. A part of him ponders for the smallest portion of a second if he could lick both of them before she snagged one, but decided on the smarter course of action. A man has to have some dignity, though he doesn't have much.

"I haven't a damn thing. Even called back down to Mexico to see if any identity was found yet on the Jane Doe." He turns his chair towards his desk and then stops, a hopeful look going her way. "You wouldn't have anything to share with me? You seem to be much more versed in all this somehow."

She's probably shoot him if he licked both. As it stands, the coffee cup is slid across to him and it's plain to see that the top hasn't been opened yet. "Really? Sharkish? Man. All my spa sessions must be paying off if I have nice smooth skin like that. Thanks for the compliment there Coop." And she doesn't even go for a donut. Someone's playing with him and it's in the smile.

"No hablo espanol Cooper?" Turns out someone else does. "I can make some calls for you on it, if you like. Think they'll think more of you if a Homeland Agent calls on your behalf" There's a file dug out of a soft sided briefcase, a literal red bow on it.

"You co-workers are idiots, incompetent and can't seem to manage to put down details at scenes into files that need them. Person who killed Hunter killed before February. A Mr. Mizuki Mimura-Rasmussen aged 30. Killed in his home with traces of the same ash from the hunter scene and…a missing brain"

"You know… foreign language in a lady is sexy… and no I only speak English. Poorly, but it's my only one." Cooper says with a straight face, eying the offered cup of coffee suspiciously. He can't help but wonder what it's laced with. "But hey, if you can get them to identify that illegal. Hey, I will buy you few rounds at Old Lucy's."

The new information gets a sharp look from the detective, the mug and donut drop on the desk and he sits up a bit eagerly. "You're shitting me." It's a statement not a question, greedily the file is taken, a look like a kid at Christmas on his face. "Ooooh Agent Hanson. Marry me." Of course, there is no amount of seriousness in that proposal.

The ribbon is undone and he almost makes a comment about ribbons and the agent herself, when he opens the file. "Jersey? Seriously?" He glances over at her, a brow lifting. "I.. think I remember hearing about this one before the transfer. I was narcotics, so I was never involved." His finger taps on the report. "This maybe the first one? I mean blunt force? Or could just be he got better tools." Glancing up he thinks to ask, "You put the word out across the globe, see if any other agency comes up with similar?"

"Only put out word in the US, I'm gonna put out feelers but so far only seems confined to jersey and here. I'm thinking, Mr. Shadowman, he didn't have the one power that lets him copy Sylar's little" She aim's a finger like a gun and draws an imaginary line across coopers forehead. "Know he had smoke manipulation by then, so" Audrey shrugs. "Missing brain too. Your Mexican Jane Doe had ash at the scene too. I'm gonna take speedy gonzalez with me and we're going to go interview the wife but, hey, I thought I'd be nice and bring you a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."

Audrey pulls away from the desk, heading for the doorway. "And your track record cooper, I don't want to be another ex Mrs. Cooper. You better be careful, you pushed the line with Mr. Logan. He could have ripped you a new one for misconduct unbecoming an officer with what you bantered at him in Burlesque." She slips her hands into her pants pockets. "Enjoy your light reading. Oh and Ivanov and I are going to the Hunter Funeral. See what we can scare up. Maybe we'll get lucky and perp might stupidly show his face"

"Yeah thanks." Cooper calls back, holding up the file briefly, sounding a touch distracted as he goes back to looking over the file. Brows dropping curiously in thought. "Let me know if something else pops up." He glances at his computer, eyes narrowing in thought. "I'll see what I can find on my end, though it seems like you got it pretty damn well covered." Glancing over his shoulder to the woman, he gives her a sheepish grin, "Doesn't leave much for me. Trust me, I ain't complaining about it either." A hand lifts in farewell. "Take care Agent."

Leaning forward he picks up the cup of coffee she brought and gives it a sniff. Eyes narrowing a bit. Wonder if she spit in it.

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