Hey Babs, Would You...



Scene Title Hey Babs, Would You…
Synopsis Johan gets down on a knee and proposes to Abigail.
Date December 4, 2012

Streets of New York

"Johan, where are we going?" Abigails voice is tired, it's been a long day in the Ambulances and she's been taking classes at night, working slowly towards becoming a nurse. Tonight was a night she had off, the first in a long time it seemed and Johan had decided they'd take one last run today.

"I want an Oreo blizzard" Johan smiles, his hands on the steering wheel. "I figured you could use one. A change from your swamp sludge since you don't have class" The grin on his face widens even more as he flips the switch that turns the sirens on and cars ahead of them start to diverge and clear a path for them. no where near proper use and likely to get him in trouble if he were to reported.

"Don't knock the swamp sludge. It's not my fault you won't try it. You'd like it" She rifles through her vest, in between looking outside at the passing cityscape. She'll have to restock the bus, well no, likely Johan would do that. He was nice like that. "It's fruity. No one believes me except Josephine."

"Swamp sludge. It'll never touch my lips" He flips the turn signal, a few moments before turning left.

"Don't knock the swamp sludge till you've tried it buster" Even so many years down the road, her accent still remains. "I'll take a heath. Won't kill me to have one today" Not that Johan didn't already know what kind to get her. They'd been dating for about two and some years now."You should take off the sirens Johan. You don't need to be cited for it again"

"Fine fine" The switch flipped and the piercing sound dies and traffic returns to normal. "You look tired, you should go lay down in the back. I know you were helping that last patient"

"Just a little" More than a little. "Movies tonight?" She sounds hopeful, get in a bit of a relaxed evening and there was a romance that she'd taken an interest in.

"I thought maybe we'd go to dinner, but we can do movies if you want" The ambulance turns again, the Dairy Queen in sight. Some small corner affair with little to no parking. But that's not an issue for an ambulance.

"Nothing saying we can't do both. I can sleep in tomorrow." out of her seat Abby moves, dressed in the navy uniform, stethoscope around her neck as into the back she moves. Just a little rest wouldn't hurt. "Make sure it's thick" when he pulls over into a parking spot that was just vacated. Abby lays back, arm flung over her eyes, fingers slightly sticking against the black vinyl of the gurney mattress.

"Thick, gotcha. Back in a few Babs" The door closing behind him, locked so she didn't have to worry about anyone trying to get in while she catches a few minutes.

"Babs" She never quite gets over that pet name. Abby inhales deeply, letting out a big sigh. Heart attack earlier, he'd be fine. What else had there been? Old lady fell down the stairs. Someone with a bloody nose that wouldn't stop bleeding. Two seizures, and a partridge in a pear treeeee. Christmas songs stuck in her head thanks to it being the cusp of December.

It's ten minutes later before the back doors of the ambulance are being opened. "One heath blizzard" comes Johan's voice. Odd, he opened the back doors instead of hopping in the drivers seat. Abby lifts her arm, looking over at the brown haired man, shifting to sit up and get her treat, ask him why he came in the back when she pauses.

There must be ten other EMT's and paramedics outside, on duty, off duty. Holy lord there's her parents. And there's Johan.

On a knee.

With a Heath bar Blizzard in hand.

It's the ring, sitting so casually around the spoon. A modest diamond, white gold, half carat. THe blonde's face drops in shock.

"Johan?" There's a heartbeats pause. "You brought my parents up for this?" So that's where all his money had been going. Her blue eyes go from everyone assembled to her partner with the outstretched ice cream.

"Abigail Marie Beauchamp. I have your fathers permission. Will you marry me and be my wife. Have a dozen children and live happily ever after?"

Oh holy lord, she's going to have that coronary right about now. Right blankety blank now. She can feel her heart just stop and it seems to never start until she's nodding her head, ponytail bobbing up and down as she reaches over to touch the ring around the frosted plastic spoon. "yes. Yes Johan, I will. And i'll beat you up for doing this, oh lord i'm gonna cry" She already is, even as Johan's removing the ring and sliding it onto her left hand.

"Yes Johan, I do"

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