Hey Southern Chick


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Scene Title Hey Southern Chick
Synopsis Amadeus tries to dig a bit more in his father's life, via his fathers former lover.
Date August 31, 2010

Abby's Apartment, Le Rivage

Not having anything like a pesky home, or a job, or any other reason to get up in the morning, usually Amadeus spends it sleeping. But today he's decided to wake up, on a mission! Said mission is find 'That Southern Number' whose name he can't remember, and get to know her, and by proxy, learn about his deadbeat dad! He's brought along a shopping bag with all the essentials of stopping by a girl's apartment, so lucky the bag is black and not see through. But among those things are Italian subs and pot.

Knock Knock Knock!

"Hey, Southern chick, it's me again!" he calls through the door, before elaborating, "Amadeus Deckard!"

If she could see what was in the bag, he might not even get the door opened. Flint might confiscate it, Flint might confiscate him. Flint might do a lot of things and Abby might smile if she knew about the scuffle that ensued with the invocation of her name. Not the first time that he's scuffled over her name.

The knocks on the door give way to frenzied barking and eventually Abby peeking through the peephole with surprise and subsequently opening the door after yanking back on the dogs collar that threatens to barge towards Amadeus and give him a piece of his doggy mind.

"What now?"

"My dad's a dick, so I wanna hang out and find out what people like about him so much. And he seems to like you enough to fuckin' throw me through a table, so I thought you might be a good place to start." Amadeus holds up the black grocery bag of treats, then lowers it again. "I ain't gonna give up that easy, fucker's hidin' somethin', I can tell, it ain't like I don't do it too."

"Your father had the decency to clean his mouth when he came into my home" Rhett's scrabbling at his collar, wanting out with a snap of teeth. "OF which, you will do or you can kindly remove yourself from this building, am I understood?" Flint accosted his son? By accosted, she means tossed him over a table. "and speaking ill of young ladies is not the way to get invited into my home"

"Hey, I ain't speak, uh, ill of you. I was just askin' what the deal was, like how's he get a chick like you hangin' out with him. Guess it pushed a fu— freakin' button." Amadeus seemed to pause every muscle in his body to catch the swear, then breathes a sigh of relief. Censoring is hard. "Alright, I'll clean my fuuurrreakin' tongue." Another sigh, and he knows this is going to be an ordeal for him.

"I healed him. I was a healer. Your father got into many scrapes and I fixed him up. I got kidnapped, and he went after me to find me. Your father and I have a strained relations hip that has no real definition. Satisfactory enough?" If Flint were here, he'd know immediately the look in Abigail's eyes and the way she struggles to hold onto her dog. It's only because of the barking and someone opening a door further down that makes Abigail open her door proper and let him.
From afar, Melissa tugs at.

"Can't argue with that, even a fine Southern number can appreciate gettin' saved from a kidnapping." Amadeus heads into the apartment, briefly eyeing the dog as his nose twitches a few times. There are old instincts he has to ignore, he's six feet tall, he is not a cat. He repeats this a few times before gaining any sort of comfort near the creature. "I keep hearin' all sorts of different stories, it's like he's a million freakin' people at once, I don't get 'im. Sometimes it feels like lookin' in a freakin' mirror when I hear about his life, but other times it's like, somethin' doesn't freakin' fit."

"This fine southern number has a name, and if you can't see fit to remember it…" Abigail lets go of Rhett who barrels at Amadeus and derails for the bag, teeth and tongue and fur all going hell bent to dig his body into the bag and set in on the sandwiches. "And he didn't save me. Listen, you know nothing about the man. You say you've heard all sorts of things, but until you actually manage to talk to him, Mister Deckard, you won't really know. Do you understand?"

"I tried to talk to 'im, he doesn't like me, doesn't want me, he threw a wallet at me like that made up for anything." Amadeus suddenly holds the bag up, getting driven back into a wall as he closes his eyes tightly. Alright, so maybe the dog is a bit terrifying. He opens one eye while trying to protect his bag, finally just saying, "Guy who used to have cat telepathy and spent a lot of time in cat heads. I'm kinda about to piss my pants here!"
"Don't wet my carpet or you'll learn the extent of my southern manners"

Abigail lets it go for a second more, then two before walking over to physically haul her dog off Amadeus. "He's harmless, you have food. He only goes after bags with food in them. As for your father, congratulations, you're like everyone else, such it up. You can't just waltz into his life, declare you're his son, and expect him to accept you with open arms. not when you're him. He doesn't accept me with open arms. You know how you were right now, with Rhett? That's you and your dad, only you're the dog"

"I ain't an expert at this, y'know. I don't make it a habit of trackin' down fathers and sayin' I'm their son. I ain't never done this before, I didn't know what I was walkin' into. Most I knew is he had somethin' to do with criminals, 'cause I'd heard his name a few times." Amadeus heads over to one of the red couches, sitting the bag on the table to remove the subs and a bottle of Jack Daniels, then moves whatever else is in the bag, which seems like a box and a few other things, and sits them on the couch next to him. "You seem like a nice chick, uh, Abby was your name? I don't mean to be a dick, I'm just freakin' confused."

"You sure as heck knew where to find him. You could have phoned, sent a letter. Questionable legal status aside, you could have found some cheap investigative company and had them find an address to send something to since you seem to have the money for alcohol. That's how people find missing parents. A warning before showing up and insulting their friends in front of them. He's hit people for far less"

Rhett wants badly, whatever is in the bag that he's putting out and so Abigail drags the unruly animal off to her bedroom, dropping him on the bed and closing the door quickly. "And pray tell why you are making yourself at home in my home when I haven't given you permission to? Gracious southern manners that I may have, I don't much care for you Mister Deckard. Nor for your … Gift from your last visit" Lips pressed into a tight line.

"I didn't insult you, I just mentioned you. I didn't get why you'd hang out with him, he said 'Fuck you', so I said 'Fuck you', excuse the language, I'm just tryin' to explain the story. So I stood up and took a punch, so he grabbed me and threw me right through a freakin' table. 'Cides, I got this money from him, he threw his wallet at me." Amadeus nods to one of the subs, indicating that it's her's. "I know a straight-laced chick like you won't like a guy like me, but I still try, y'know? I already know more about the guy from bein' here for like, what, freakin' ten minutes? And it's really freakin' hard not to drop f-bombs, I'm tryin'."

"Give me his wallet. Right now" Christ, Deckard threw his wallet at Amadeus and the guy just took it. "You are go alike your father. This is ridiculous. I'm not as straight laced as you think" Striding over with hand out to take the wallet, aka, get the damn thing out right now and pass it over. "And I'm not hungry right now thank you and I don't drink until at least dinner and even then, I don't drink whiskey.

Why did he have to bring the whiskey.

"He took all his important shhh—stuff out of it, it's just money. I think there's like three hundred bucks left. I used some of it for a hotel and to buy some books." Amadeus reaches into his pocket, then offers over the wallet with a nods for her to take it. "Whiskey's the only freakin' drink, but I guess it ain't for everyone. Tryin' to cut down on the pot, just in case I get around to the whole job thing." Then, he just offers a little grin at her. "You look pretty freakin straight-laced to me, but I've been proven wrong before."

"Looks can be deceiving. One can be straight laced in one aspect and behind the mask…" There's another. The wallet is tucked away, to be examined later and money replaced in it. "Please don't make yourself comfortable. I don't know you, I don't find that I much care for you. Your father, it took me time to get to know him and I surely didn't like him off the bat" She doesn't say that it doesn't bode well, her liking Amadeus.

"You've said your peace and I appreciate that you thought to bring whiskey and food, but you can leave now, please"

"Put me out after you get me all intrigued. You're a mean one." Amadeus laughs, grabbing the bag, then slips one of the subs and the whiskey and slips them back into it. "You can eat that later." He starts heading for the door with a little smile on his face, as if he somehow accomplished something. "You can't be all that bad, you didn't say 'And never return', or 'You ate all my goddamned Godiva'. Though you didn't really give me a chance to do the last one."

He places a hand on the knob, looking back at her one last time. "I might drop in again, but I don't wanna be a total pain in the… butt, so I'll give it some time. You've got my number."

"I can't wait for you to meet your aunt" Abby mutters, escorting him to the door. "I'm kicking you out before my dog goes berserk and chews through the door." She has his number, and thankfully, he doesn't have hers. "I'm reserving judgment on you. I'm too busy to be bothered to think of you as more than an annoyance"

"I'm flattered." is all Amadeus says, not commenting on the mention of an aunt. There's something for him to think about for a while. He slips through the door, waving her off without looking back.

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