Ames Abel Burgess-Tracy

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Name Ames Abel Burgess-Tracy Aliases

Registered InExpressive (Augmented)

Former Ability Telepathy
Telekinesis (fusion)
Gender Female
Birthdate September 3, 2015 Age 36
Height 5' 8" Build Thin
Eyes Hazel Hair Blonde (currently pink)
Residence Effie's Couch, GATEWAY Arcology
Employment Scallywag, Ne'er-do-well, troublemaker, and procurement specialist.
Parents Elliot Hitchens (father; deceased)
Marthe Burgess (mother; deceased)
Wright Tracy (mother; deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Ames Burgess-Tracy tried her hand as a member of GATEWAY's Civil Defense Bureau and failed out of basic operations due to a "catastrophic disrespect for authority." Fortunately for her, she's a survivor. Ames life is lived on the fringe of society in GATEWAY, serving as a go-between for the poorer levels and the executive-elites. If someone needs extra rations, a synthetic organ, or an illicit substance they know to go to Ames.
Ames Abel Burgess-Tracy
portrayed by
Faye Marsay
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