Beckett Shepherd-Ryans

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Name Beckett Shepherd-Ryans Aliases

Registered InExpressive (Augmented)

Former Ability InExpressive
Gender Female
Birthdate June 3, 2023 Age 28
Height 5'9" Build Slender
Eyes Green Hair Brown
Residence Gateway Arcology Sector 7-5
Employment Human-Synthetic Production technician
Parents Finn Shepherd and Lucille Ryans, deceased Siblings June Shepherd LĂȘ
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene

Beckett is a biotech specialist working in Human-Synthetic Production. She also moonlights by offering those in the Nevers (unauthorized) augmentations for a lower cost than they can get "upstairs." Her work is good but very few are willing to take the risk in less-than-sanitary conditions. In the Nevers, she's known simply as Kett.

Beckett Shepherd-Ryans
portrayed by
Elizabeth Olsen
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