Carl Sumter

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Name Carl Eli Sumter Aliases

Registered Expressive

Ability TBD
Gender Male
Birthdate June 19, 2012 Age 39
Height 5'10" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Dirty Blonde
Residence Gateway Arcology, Sector 1-4
Employment Head of NEST/Lead Engineer
Hobbyist Inventor
2nd in line to take over HEAR
Parents Mom: Kaylee Thatcher (deceased)
Dad: Joseph Sumter (deceased)
Stepdad: Luther Bellamy (deceased)
Other Mom: Leanne Edwards (aka: Pharo Mom/Status Unk)
Guardian: Valerie Ray (Aunt)
Siblings Emily Sumter
Hannah Sumter (status unk)
Marital Status Widowed (Olivia Sawyer, d.) Children Jolee Olivia Sawyer-Sumter (3)
First Scene Last Scene
Profile There were a lot of things Carl wanted to be growing up, the biggest was to be an inventor like his Uncle Warren. He has gotten to live that dream. After he landed in Gateway and lost his family, he was taken under Devi's wing. Now many years later, he's been appointed the Head of NEST after Devi’s passing. Carl feels way, way out of his depth. At his core, he's a man that is just trying to make the world a better place for his daughter and the rest of Gateway. But he also knows their fragile world could on borrowed time.
Carl Sumter
portrayed by

Dustin Milligan
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Photo Name Who Are They?
Jolee.jpg Jolee Olivia Sumter His tiny little girl. Jolee is named for his parents and his long lost wife. She is a lot like him. Smart to a fault. Open and wants to know everyone. She looks at the world in a way he wished he still could. He loves that little girl with his whole heart.
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