Colette Demsky

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Name Colette Demsky Aliases

Registered Expressive

Ability Photokinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate October 31, 1991 Age 59
Height 5' 6" Build Thin
Eyes Green Hair Gray
Residence Gateway Arcology, Sector 1-7
Employment Horizon Initiative
Parents Judah Demsky (Adoptive Father, Deceased)
Richard Nichols (Father, Deceased; Disowned)
Evangeline Nichols (Mother, Deceased; Disowned)
Siblings Nicole Miller (sister; pending)
Marital Status Tamara Brooks (partner; deceased)
Tasha Demsky-Lazzaro (wife)
Children Hugo Demsky-Lazzaro (son; adopted)
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Colette Demsky is a member of the Horizon Initiative, one of several Expressives whose abilities are key to the operation of their time traveling technology. As her ability is fading, Colette is rapidly losing her ability to see, as well as hold on to the anchor of her work to keep her stable.
Colette Demsky
portrayed by
Wallis Day
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