Nester Conroy

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Name Nester Conroy Aliases

Registered Non-Expressive

Gender Male
Birthdate August 11, 1999 Age 53
Height 6' 0" Build Average
Eyes Light Brown Hair Blue
Residence GATEWAY Arcology, Sector 1-10
Employment HORIZON Initiative Chrononaut
Parents Albert Conroy (father; deceased)
Joan Conroy (mother; deceased)
Siblings Nicholas Conroy (brother; deceased)
Marital Status Jessica Conroy-Kensington (wife; deceased) Children Jeremiah Conroy (son; deceased)
First Scene Cracks Last Scene
Profile Conroy is a former Raytech intern with aspirations to join SESA before the HELE. He is now a member of the HORIZON project's temporal expedition team that has been making trips back through various timelines in an attempt to prevent the HELE and understand how the world came to an end.
Nester Conroy
portrayed by
Michael Rosenbaum
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