Leah Hesser

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Name Leah Hesser Aliases

Registered Expressive (Augmented)

Ability Temporal Perception
Postcognition (Gemini)
Gender Female
Birthdate August 18th, 2008 Age 43
Height 5' 11" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence GATEWAY Arcology, Sector 1-8
Employment Assistant Director of Operations, HORIZON Initiative
Parents Cedric Hesser (father; deceased)
Carol Hesser (mother; deceased)
Marital Status Will Abrams (domestic partner; deceased) Children Leona Hesser (daughter; deceased)
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Leah Hesser is the assistant director of the HORIZONS project to find a habitable timeline for the relocation of all GATEWAY Arcology survivors. She worked with her daughter Leona on this project and with their combined abilities helped chart a course backwards through time. When Leona was critically injured in a lab accident, Leah had her daughter's ability transplanted into herself through the Gemini process before her daughter died. Hesser is now in the late stages of Gemini Degeneration Syndrome. Due to already having an ability when she was given her daughter's power, treatments for this disease have been unsuccessful. Her prognosis is terminal.
Leah Hesser
portrayed by
Sigourney Weaver



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