Hugo Demsky

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Name Hugo Demsky-Lazzaro Aliases Hugo Villanueva, Hugo Demsky, Hugo Lazzaro

Registered Expressive

Ability Vapor Mimicry (argon)
Gender Male
Birthdate September 3, 2005 Age 47, appears younger
Height 5'8" Build Lean
Eyes Brown Hair Dark brown
Residence Gateway Arcology, Sector 5-5
Employment Expedition Specialist for the Civil Defense Union
Parents Colette Demsky and Tasha Renard-Lazzaro Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile The adoptive son of Colette Demsky and Tasha Renard-Lazzaro, Hugo works as an specialist for surface expeditions. His ability is diminished, but still fairly reliable. He looks younger than his true years because of several years spent in his mimic form as a child, and all the time spent in non-solid form keeps him from aging normally. He is not looking forward to the loss of that particular benefit.
Hugo Demsky
portrayed by
Prince Royce


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