Huruma Dunsimi

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Name Huruma Dunsimi Aliases

Registered Expressive (Augmented)

Ability Empathy
Gender Female
Birthdate October Age 85~
Height 6'5" Build Lean
Eyes White/Palest Gray Hair Gray
Residence Gateway Arcology, Sector 6
Employment HEAR(Senior Archivist)
Parents Etana, grandmother (Deceased) Siblings (Deceased)
Marital Status Single Children Juwariya Naika-Dunsimi, daughter (Unknown)
Mihaja Naika, daughter-in-law (Unknown)
Dajan Dunsimi, son (Unknown)
Badrani Dunsimi, grandson (Unknown)
Azaly Naika-Dunsimi, grandson (Unknown)
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Huruma is a senior archivist with HEAR, a secretive phantom who manages a private library in Sector 6. Even in the shadow of Decimation her ability clings to life. Despite a formal discharge from civil defense and other roles, she continues to pass down her skills and experiences. The Old Guard knows that retirement is a myth.
Huruma Dunsimi
portrayed by

Grace Jones / Art

I must think of a new life,

And I mustn't give in.


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