Matthew Parkman Jr.

Gateway Resident Database: InExpressive

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Name Matthew Parkman Jr. Aliases

Registered InExpressive

Former Ability Quantum State Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate July 2nd, 2007 Age 44
Height 5' 10" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence GATEWAY Arcology, Sector 2-1
Employment HORIZON Senior Administrative Council
Parents Matthew Parkman (father; deceased)
Janice Parkman (mother; deceased)
Robyn Quinn (adoptive mother; deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children Else Trafford (adoptive daughter)
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Matthew Parkman Jr. is a senior administrator of the HORIZON project beneath Nova Van Dalen. Matthew oversees Horizon's day-to-day activities and facilitates between departments. Matthew's ability faded in 2046, significantly setting back the project which had up until that point partly relied on his ability.
Matthew Parkman Jr.
portrayed by
Kyle McLaughlin
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