Merlyn Hitchens

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Name Merlyn Hitchens Aliases

Registered Non-Expressive (Augmented)

Gender Female
Birthdate June 12th, 1994 Age 57
Height 5'4" Build Petite
Eyes Green Hair Silver
Residence Gateway Arcology, Sector 3-12
Employment Executive/Personal Assistant to the Executive of Human Resources
Parents Katie King (mother; deceased)
Unknown Father
Siblings None
Marital Status Widowed (Elliot Hitchens; deceased) Children Ames Abel Burgess-Tracy (Sort of)
First Scene Last Scene
Profile The Executive/Personal Assistance to the Director of Human Resources, Merlyn uses her charm, wit, and cunning to fit in like a chameleon in all sorts of social circles. She's very good at her job, using a silver tongue to make connections to all kinds of people… and set them up with what they need. She also raised Ames Abel Burgess-Tracy upon the death of her parents.
Merlyn Hitchens
portrayed by

Florence Pugh


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