Seren Evans

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Name Seren Evans Aliases

Registered InExpressive (Augmented)

Former Ability Í̸̼m̷̨̄a̶͔̽g̸͚̓ȉ̷̧ṉ̶̈a̵͈͛t̷̙͐i̵̝͗o̶̘̍n̵̼̏ ̴͙͒P̵̥̈́r̴͍͘o̷̹͘j̴͈̈́e̴͔̓c̴̖̏t̷̥́i̷̼͋ò̸͎ṅ̸͕
Gender Non-binary
Birthdate February 27, 1995 Age 56
Height 5'7" Build Willowy
Eyes Slate grey Hair Yellow-grey
Residence Raytech Employee Housing in the NEST
Employment Executive of the Power Union, Gateway Executive Council
Parents Deceased Siblings None
Marital Status Deceased Children Ember Evans
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Seren Evans serves the Gateway community as the Power Union Executive. They have a history with Gateway since its inception as Project: Agartha. The years following the solar flares have changed them in many ways, but they remain determined to fight for a better future for as many people as possible.
Seren Evans
portrayed by

Asia Kate Dillon
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Photo Name Who Are They?
Ember Hope Evans

Played by Mackenzie Foy
Wanting to contribute in their own way to Gateway's continued future, Seren volunteered genetic information for use in one of the late-stage prototype synthetic wombs. The child's viability lit a spark in them, giving them a much more personal reason to ensure the best Agartha possible for the next generation.

Ember is aged 15 now, reserved in nature and craftsy out of desire more than discipline. She enjoys creating and repairing, ever the mender or customizer of clothing, but she especially enjoys taking on personalized projects that are meant to lift a person's spirits or otherwise celebrate them. Given Seren's early childhood manifestation, Ember was tested early for Expression. Despite testing positive, with the rampancy of the Decimation, it's almost a guarantee she'll never manifest.
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