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Scene Title Hiding
Synopsis Abby's hiding out in her apartment with Ewan and Ben visits.
Date April 23, 2009

Village Renaissance Building - Al & Abby's Apartment.

An average middle class apartment, it's populated with decidedly not middle class furniture. A solitary red suede couch occupies the immediate living room, with a battered coffee table and side tables as it's companion. A decent sized TV sits on a cupboard with a stereo, DVD player. The kitchen sports a relic from the 70's, with matching chairs that still seem to be in decent condition. The two bedrooms off the hall are distinguishable from the other, one bearing a gold cross nailed above the door, the other not.

In the corner of the living room is an ornate cage on a bird stand, a blue budgie within it's depths. In another corner is a massive cat tree house, and often occupied by a black cat with a red suede collar. It looks barely lived in, like the owners are not yet investing their effort quite yet to move in.

Ben calls ahead. He's just polite that way, and he wants to make sure Abby's alright or something. Thusly, he has brought a six-pack of some energy drink or another. Still dressed in his paramedic uniform, he climbs the stairs of the apartment building and heads for Abby's door. Elevators aren't good exercise.

The upside to living in Cat's building and one that has security is that she can guarantee that no reporters are getting to her actual door. The phone is a different matter and so she's unplugged the house phone and that leaves only her cellphone which blessedly has remained fairly reporter free. She's waiting at her open door when the elevator opens to eject it's occupant. "Hey" Dressed for hiding out in her apartment for the day, not caring to venture past her lobby, not even to get her mail. "You survived"

"So far," Ben says, raising the six-pack to about shoulder height as he advances. "I brought a present, even. Mary Jane Watson, huh?"

"Magnes was trying to protect me. It wasn't my idea. obviously, it didn't work" Abby motions for Ben to come on in. "You on a break or just get off?" In through the door she ushers him before closing it behind her. "I missed class, I missed church. They're not sending me a bill for sleeping it off at the hospital"

"Just got off," Ben reports, stepping into the apartment quickly. "I wondered what happened to that Magnes kid."

"He's around. he's just less… clingy" But just as protective. "Came to see if I was okay?" The six pack of drinks is taken as Abigail shuffles off into the kitchen. Christian radio station on, history books out on the floor and binder, where she was working away. Ewan is elsewhere in the apartment.

"Probably a good thing," Ben says. "The clinginess bit. Yeah, came to see if you were okay. Maybe threaten to beat up some reporters." That last part doesn't sound very serious at all. Because really, Ben, beat people up? "Have many of them found you?"

Elsewhere in the apartment happens to be the bathroom, where Ewan has enjoyed the luxury of running hot water (again! Spoiled!) before getting back into his own, now clean, although far from whole or new, clothes. The sounds of voices outside has him open the door a little carefully, to peer outside.

"There's been a lot of phone calls till I unplugged the phone, but only a few have made it to the front door. I imagine that the Chinatown building is getting a lot of camper outer's. but it's enough that I'm not sticking my nose out the front door" Abigail turns at the sound of the door to the bathroom creaking. "Ewan. You can come out. It's okay, it's just Ben" A glance to Ben. "Friend named Ewan is staying with me"

"You ever need a place to hide out, I doubt anyone would look for you around my neck of the woods," Ben tells Abby with a nod and an amiable smile. He looks in the direction of the hall and still smiles. Hey, someone new!

Considering the warnings about news and phones he got last night, a kid just can't be too careful. But with Abby making with the assurances, and friendly enough chatter, he's going to nod and step out properly, offering a bit of a nervous smile and a raised hand Ben's way. "Hey. Um. What she said. 'm Ewan." He has a little bit of an outlandish accent, broadly European if anything at all. "Abby? I was gonna ask, um, could we make more of that fruitstuff you made yesterday?" Here's to hoping. Eternally hungry growing boys and all.

"May take you up on it. I'm going to have to go to school and pick up notes about what I missed and hope that I don't get docked or something" Her hands in her pockets standing at the entrance to the kitchen, Abby nods. "More swamp sludge. Into the kitchen. Hows work today Ben?" She really does look okay, as relaxed as can be frankly.

Ben steps over toward Ewan to extend a hand for shaking. "Hi, Ewan. Nice to meet you. Swamp sludge for me has always been mixing every soft drink present in one cup. Work was work. Car accident, kind of messy."

Ewan is going to look at Ben's extended hand for the shortest little moment, before whatever little manners he's been forced to learn make themselves reminded. Right, people shake hands. He does take it, however, giving a properlike shake, before he slinks off towards the kitchen with a bit of a grin on his face. "We used to call that 'grog', or a 'bucket'. But Abby's sludge is really good. You really should try it." The mention of an accident is going to earn Ben a bit of a thoughtful, almost wary second look, though. "..you work law enforcement?" Hey, Abby knows all kinds of people, it seems. Just checking before he'll say anything stupid.

"He's a paramedic. He was the one that pushed me towards doing that, and helping me get started on the path. Ben's got a good stable head on his shoulders and doesn't mind telling me when I'm doing something really stupid or inappropriate" There's fruits and even a few vegetables being brought out of the produce bins in the fridge, the blender pitcher pulled from the cupboard.

"I wouldn't say I pushed so much as agreed it was a good idea," Ben comments with a wry twist of his lips. "And really just an EMT for now. Are you in school?"

Well, that seems to put Ewan a little more at ease, and his grin returns as he nods, heading on over to the table to sit down and rest his chin in his hand as he watches what Abby takes out for her blendering exercise. Maybe he could learn to do that stuff himself, if he's attentive. "Uhhh…" Crap. He didn't think anyone was going to ask, really. "Not really? I mean, not right now. …I've moved around." That's one way of putting it.

Ben remains standing, though he unzips his jacket. He's still in uniform. "Yeah? Cool," he says. "I kind of wish I'd had some time out of school to move around."

"It ain't all it's cracked up to be." Ewan replies wryly, canting his head a little to the side as he notes and studies Ben's uniform. "But sometimes, you can luck out. Meet really nice people." Other times, not so much. "Anywhere special you thinking about going?"
Ben cracks a grin. "Can't. Got a job to do and rent to pay. I guess it's kind of never been an option."

Ewan arches an eyebrow, having himself a quick glance up at Ben's face, trying to judge if he's serious or not. "It's always an option." he replies, before really thinking it through. "Life is full of options. Just 'cause you don't like them doesn't mean they're not -there-."

Their conversation is about to be drowned out as Abigail gives a warning that she's turning on the blender. this and that having been tossed into the mix. Mostly so she can drown out the inevitable sigh that's going to come from Ben as she looks over her shoulder at the two.
Ben's own eyebrows go up. Both! "Life is full of responsibilities," he counters, just as the blender starts up.

BREEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! The blender rips through the quietness of the afternoon, and Ewan pauses as the noise turns into somewhat more of a drone, fruitmush and general swamp sludgyness dulling the more sharp notes. Replies are going to have to wait until the vitaminkickfull goodness is done, though. So, he's just going to pull up a shoulder briefly, half a shrug that definitly doesn't agree.

There it is. Wait for it…

Ben sighs faintly.

And so does Abby. Not that you can hear any of it through the whine of the blender till at some point she's pouring in a small little scoop of powder from a canister. let it mix in, and the off button is depressed and the swamp sludge has it's sickly pea green hue. "Ben's majored in Sighs. He's the best sigher i've ever seen. He could be professional" It's Abigail, making a joke as she pours out some sludge for Ewan, herself and an offer of some for Ben. "Want some? Healthier than the red bulls"

Ewan looks back and forth between the two of them, and then cracks up a bit of a grin at the joke, taking the offered swamp-goodness-sludge with a soft 'thanks'. "Well, that sounds like a serious major… maybe should look into taking a class or two, someday." Ben's going to get a flash of that grin his way too. "Maybe you could give lessons?"

"Thanks," Ben tells Abby, heading over to collect his sludge and giving it a sniff before having a sip. "I don't sigh that often." Apparently he doesn't know.

"You sigh a lot Ben, actually. But, I'm used to it. Beware the chunks" But that's all they're getting as she takes the pitcher to rinse it out and turn it upside down in the sink after getting the leftovers into another cup to drink later. "So, you saw the TV. Ewan and I saw it last night, on the news. We haven't watched the rest of the news today though, I've just been studying."

Ewan is going to help himself to his own glass of swamp sludge, without any complaints at all, but then again we can probably blame his vegetarian tendencies for that. "Um, you didn't have to wrestle through any mobs with pitchforks or anything, outside?"

"I sigh ch…?" Ben starts to ask, but then he realizes she means in the drink. He has a longer sip this time. "No mobs with pitchforks. Just guns." Deadpan.

"Watch me get kidnapped again" Abby shakes her head. "Watch my landlords get unhappy with the reporters" Abigail moves out of the kitchen towards the window overlooking the front of the building, the few vans mingling out front with a frown. "So, whats on the agenda for the rest of the day Ben? Maybe we can take Ewan to the movies" because she's pretty sure that it's been a while since the foreigner has likely been in an honest to god movie theater

Might be as well for Ben that they moved away from the living room and any light, fluffy objects that could be thrown his way. Gently, of course, since it would be Abby's stuff, but still. Ewan makes a face, and glances towards the window as Abby heads on over to it. "…well, guns I can live with. Most people hesitate to shoot other people. It's the pitchforks and torches I really can't stand, you never know which way they're going to wave those." he mutters, finishing up his drink and getting up on his feet, to go and rinse the glass. Pausing as it seems he is offered a chance to be included, and hesitating. "..um, I really should.. work." he offers up, a little lamely.

"Please don't get kidnapped again," Ben says, a touch of weariness to his tone. Hell, maybe he never sounds energetic. A case could be made. "Uh… what's playing?" Now he sounds a bit sheepish.

"It's not like I try to get taken" Abigail points out to Ben, a glance to Ewan. "Work later, play first. I want to go out, if I borrow some of Al's clothes and tuck my hair up we can maybe get out without anyone knowing. As for whats showing, we could just go and show up and choose what looks interesting. That sound good? My treat" Cause she's confined herself all day and despite the staying out post curfew, she wouldn't mind being out with friends.

Well, how could he say no to an offer like that? Ewan leans back against the counter, letting out a quiet little sigh that's accompanied by a bit of a smile, none the less. "That actually does sound too good to pass up." he admits, and then adds, "As long as we're watching something that doesn't require too much thinking."

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