High Society's Ballroom Notoriety, Part II


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Scene Title High Society's Ballroom Notoriety, Part II
Synopsis The Police Fundraiser's Gala goes smoothly. For most of the evening. This is how it went down in the auction room.
Date April 9, 2019

The Marriott Hotel: Auction Room

The auction room is similarly circular as the ballroom it's attached too, less glittering and less large, but still grand and elaborate. Plush red carpets, tables pushed towards the wall, and men in suits and women in dresses offering to tell you all about what is being put up for auction. Music from the ballroom drifts through, but conversation is what's important here, drinks still being distributed by tuxedos, perhaps to loosen the wallets of New York's elite.

Most of the auction lots are represented in cards lined neatly up on the tables. A high quality photograph of a diamond necklace, for example, is secured upright, displayed easily, with a list just before it for people to write their names and price. Jewelry, antiques, ticket sales to sports events and Broadway shows, it's all there. Thirty items in total.

Gabriel isn't quite sure where he is going, just that he is going somewhere that isn't the nearest exit. Depositing an empty wine glass on a tray, a hand raises to check that his tie, and he wanders further into this separate room, spacious as it is.

No dancing goes on here, people mingling in clusters, trading anecdotes and whatever smalltalk goes on out here. Everyone is dressed as well as they can be, it seems, and even the auctioneer assistants are in tuxedos and dresses. They're there to make sure the silent auction continues smoothly, but only in as much as not getting in the way of conversation and mingling. Classic jazz drifts through from the ballroom, but not enough to drown out the murmur of conversation.

Warding off one of the assistants moving to perhaps point him in the direction of things he can't really afford, Gabriel ducks inside, looking for someone, and apparently not finding them. He's dressed in a well-fitted tuxedo, crisp white shirt, thin black tie. Nothing to reinvent the wheel, and he looks about as comfortable in it as can be expected.

"I didn't have time to get them dad's" Abby's adjacent Deckard, her hands clasped around the red clutch, decidedly out of place with the whole affair. When your the healer on retainer, your pretty much invited. "So I don't want to stay long. I don't trust her around the children. Not entirely. Worried she might fry one of them" Who Abby's referring to, only Deckard knows.

She's dressed in black, red dangly earrings, a beautiful and modest dress with some sort of jeweled thing under her bust. "Shouldn't have said that I wished for excitement. Of course something would happen" There's a moment where Abby lifts her hand, tweak, adjust, fidget with Deckard's bowtie and then she's back to behaving. "Oh, There's Gabriel" A more familiar face in a sea of strangers and people she's healed over the years.

Elisabeth has arrived.

Although few enough people outside the law enforcement profession would realize it, Victor Childs is here in his workclothes. Those clothes happen to be wholly appropriate to this setting, consisting of a nicely tailored pinstriped navy suit, white shirt, and a tie in metallic gold silk. The fact that he's carrying betrays itself only occasionally as he reaches for something and his unbuttoned coat betrays the hip holster on his right hip and the badge at his left hip.

Currently Vic is enjoying a glass of champagne, and yes that means he's consuming alcohol while technically in uniform. Let somebody try to write him up for it, go ahead. He's willing to bet even the Chief of Police is doing similar tonight. The detective finds himself automatically angling toward Gabriel. It's been a while since they've spoken, so he raises his glass to try to get the other man's attention while having a walk over in that one's direction, utterly failing to notice Abby and Deckard yet.

Were Deckard to reach up to check his tie, he would find that it is slightly crooked. Unfortunately, his right hand is busy with an ill-advised flute of champagne. He feels stupid holding it, which is fine, because he looks kind of stupid holding it, and if the mild rankle at his nose after he takes a sip is any indication, it's not really his thing.

Tuxedos aren't really his thing either, but he looks decent enough all the same. It's a sooty shade of matte black, sharp at the shoulders and crisp at the white of the collar underneath, tailored to play down lean lank into something marginally more dignified than the norm. Very marginally.

"They should be fine for a few hours." He's lying, blue eyes skimming sideways after the pass of a familiar face. Then she's — hhkkk — fixing his tie and he rankles his nose again, weight shifted over awkwardly onto one foot, about as tolerant as a horse with a sore mouth and a sharp bit.
Rebecca has arrived.

His gaze lands on Abby and Deckard, at first, which would mean Gabriel fails to find the number one priority, but the second priority of his searching. Ah ha. All in good time, however, Gabriel reaching out to pick up a flute of champagne off a nearby offering surface. Elegance is apparently all about the expensive, free booze.

And he's come to see why, hence his strategic retreat into this room. Victor saves him for standing too awkwardly, however, the younger man getting a look from Gabriel before he's meeting him halfway in a few casual strides. It's easy enough to forget who the man's sister is, unless you have a perfect memory, and all, which might account for the slight hesitation before Gabriel is saying, "Evening, Victor." He also raises his glass a little to Abby and Deckard, upon Hearing his name uttered by the blonde woman across the room.

Entering one of these things is always an adventure for Elisabeth. Especially since most of the time she comes as the date of the NYC FBI SAC. And yes, that's a whole lot of alphabet soup… and yes, there are a whole lot of rumors about that relationship in the law enforcement circles, given who they are — is her kid also his? Are they sleeping together in spite of the fact he lives with a guy, openly gay? All kinds of things have made the rounds for years. And Elisabeth Harrison seems to ignore all of them all the time. She splits off from her escort with a smile at him as he makes the political rounds and she heads for a glass of champagne, the spaghetti-strapped black gown giving her a sophisticated air that Liz carries well. In the crowd throughout the hotel are plenty of faces she knows, and she smirks as she watches Abby tweak Deckard's tie from across the room. Lifting a glass of champagne from a tray, she murmurs into her former protege's ear from about six feet behind him, "Awww…. don't you clean up so nice?" And then she steps around a group of matrons gossiping madly about the chief of police to pause next to Gabriel and Victor. "Gotta love these kinds of events, don'tcha?" she asks wryly. "Everyone put on our best faces now, parade around like prize show poodles. And stop eavesdropping on Abigail, Gabe. She might be making eyes at Deckard, and then you'll wanna wash your ears out with soap or something," she teases.

"You lie horribly when you try to placate me" Because that's what he's doing. And maybe Deckard would like it better if she was making eyes at him. But shit's hit the proverbial fan. How many can say that they have honest to go time travelers in their living room eating spaghetti with their children? Raise your right hand. Gabriel is soon joined by.. Victor, followed by Elisabeth. "Want to go play nice? Or do you need to escape?" The healer inquires, now keeping her hands to herself.

"Gabriel." greets Vic warmly with a smile and a hand to shake. It's the guy thing. Women tend to hug instead. He doesn't bother forcing his own smalltalk on the other man since other friends are coming up to do their own talking. Instead he falls into that cop mode of very actively listening. Abby and her date (he looks mugshot-familiar…) get a lift of the glass from him until he notices Liz. "Hey Liz, Abby, Abby's Date." he greets, covering the other three in one go. Someone else can introduce Flint Deckard to him, because he's just not that sure that's the man he's looking at right now, but suspects it strongly.

Felix has arrived.

Expressive eyebrows raise at Elisabeth's teasing reprimand just after his handshake with Victor is executed, and Gabriel allows half a smile to play out across his face as he stands by the two. "If we're not meant to be listening in on everyone's conversations then that takes out half the fun, doesn't it?" he rhetorics at the woman. A glance around to indicate their surroundings. "It's not so bad, depending on where you go and who you wind up talking to." He's not so liquored up for it to show visibly, unless you know him well, but he does take a generous sip of his champagne which by now is tasting as harmless as apple juice.

Walking in from the ballroom, as she manages to glide through, Rebecca Nakano is most definitely not dressed as one would normally see her. Her gown is almost kimono-like, though there is that bit of ball gown flare to it. Perhaps once a kimono that has been modified to meet the need here tonight. She no longer wears glasses on her eyes, having switched to contact lenses long ago to avoid unnecessary reflections, and her hair is tied behind her in a long ponytail of flowing black locks that almost reach the middle of her back. She actually appears to be dateless, which should not surprise anyone in the least, not being much of a social butterfly. She stops hear the entrance and looks around, offering a smile to familiar faces as they wander by. The Asian-American daintily carries a champagne flute in her hand and takes the occasional sip now and then.

Following Abby's lead, Deckard pans over those nearest until his eyes land on Gabriel, who is raising a glass. He gets a chin lift. Sup. Very elegant, Deckard.

Before he can get much further than that there's a female voice making jabs about cleaning up well or something to someone else, or — possibly him. He's self-conscious enough to knit his brow and look back over his shoulder regardless, free hand going to Abby's hip in an innocent brace while he baffles after the source, and precisely how dumb he looks on a scale of 1 to Better Off Getting Drunk At Home. The gesture might be construed as comforting, but it's more like a distracted effort to keep from losing her or tipping over while he peers after potential perpetraitors.

"It's not lying, just." Something…else. He sips his champagne again in place of elaboration.

Felix's in that severely tailored tux that makes him look like what he really wanted to be in life was a twenties era movie star. He's too dour to ever really fake smiles well, but he can manage pleasantly civil without straining things….and thus he's getting the gladhanding out of the way for the evening. Police chief, Mayor, city councilman. Trying to keep it from being too clear that he'd much rather be home on the couch with Lee.

"I know you didn't mean me when you said that crap." Vic points out to Liz with a smirk. His eyes catch Nakano and he cranes his head a little to the side, catching an appreciative look at her. Sure, he's been divorced for a couple of years now, but it's rare that he actually makes eyes at anyone. That's all he does now though is eyes. "That Ivanov I see coming in? Looks like a couple of gnomes in a suit with stilts?"

"Hi," Deckard tacks on to Vic once he's swallowed and given the younger man a quick, skeptical looking over. His hand falls away from Abby's side while he does so. Abby's date. Ffffff.
Elisabeth just laughs softly at both Vic and Deckard. "Deck, meet Vic. Vic, Deck." She deliberately leaves out the whole name stuff, cuz… you know what? Not the time or place for Victor to get a bug up his butt — considering who he's currently hanging out with. "How've you been, Gabriel? Haven't run into you in a while. Not since Abby's last stupendous soiree." She grins, glancing toward Felix's slow progress through the room. "Yep, that's him. Once he makes nicey nice, I'm sure he'll stop by. He doesn't venture far at these things…. he figures standing next to me keeps them off him at least half the time," she says as she rolls her eyes and sips her champagne.

PDA's! The possessiveness, or maybe the stability it offers doesn't bother the blonde as she offers a smile, complete the somewhat aborted movement of Gabriel in their direction. "My significant other" is offered up to Victor after Liz introduces him. Because introducing you 50 + year old boyfriend when you look maybe a day over mid twenties or early twenties just seems wrong. "How have you been? All of you?" Plaster on that fake smile Abigail! show a bit too much tooth.

Spotting Elisabeth, Rebecca smiles and moves in her direction. Her feet dressed in elegant flats — Becca in heels is probably a terrifying thing — she glides her way across the floor towards the gathering crowd. Then she spots Victor as he looks at her. The eye contact is brief before she gives a light blush and drops her gaze, continuing forward. Perhaps there's a light smile on her lips as well. "Evening everyone." she says, as she approaches. There is still plenty of liquid in her flute, as she takes another small sip.

"We're fucking," Deckard elaborates politely for Victor's benefit on the tail of Abigail's 'significant other' classification. Mouth slashed into a thin knife of a smile, he switches champagne flute from right hand to left so that he can offer the former for a shake. That's the classy thing to do! "Nice to meet you, Vic."

Okay now. Now. Gabriel has business to take care of, and he hawkwatches Abby and Deckard's approach, completely neglecting to make with the introductions. Except there are quite a few people around, problematic ones, in fact, for this very important mission, but if there is anything Gabriel is known for, it's a certain kind of… single-mindedness.

Although it's mostly derailed by Victor's comment gets a double-take, the former serial killer glancing towards Felix at Victor's description and a shared smile. Quickly rescued by Liz's question before he can comment further. "I've been fine. Working." It takes him a moment of sipping his champagne and realising there's a missing piece to this exchange, oh, right— "How about you?" There's a hint of apology in his voice and a slight plea in his body language. He's really not good at this.

And Deckard is worse, at least. Gabriel glances at him with a raised eyebrow. Fair enough. Of the little circle of people, he shifts around enough to not wander away but just insinuate himself next to the older man, muttering something that sounds like, "I need a favour."

Vic busies his mouth for a moment with the glass of champagne so he doesn't say something off-color to Abby. Interestingly Deckard's comment makes him more at ease. "Yeah I speak fluent Abby. I know what 'significant' means." he replies to the other man, easily meeting the hand and shaking it in turn. He shares a wink with Elisabeth. And then he asks it…the question that Liz most likely is the MOST tired of hearing out of him. "Seen Monica around? She said she'd be here tonight if she could get Jay a sitter." Which, anybody that knows Vic knows he offered to sit and let just Monica come, because he utterly adores his boy.

Want to see Abby turn bright red? How about choke on some Champagne. Then your in the right room because right now, she's doing just that when Deckard opens his mouth. "Oh lord" Under her breath, a look to Deckard and his new best buddy Gabriel. "I think I need the ladies room…." if her foot just happen to land on Deckards, such a pity. Same for Vic's. high heels are vicious. You can't really blame her. But she's looking like she might be peeling away from the small group.

Brian has arrived.

Elisabeth herself is wearing 3+-inch heels, putting her at nearly 5'10" tall. It's nice to not be intimidated by either high heels or one's own height wearing them. She smiles toward Rebecca, and then stares at Deckard. "Not after that comment, I bet you're not," she replies with a snicker at him as Abby escapes. "Christ, Deck… that was crass!" She lets Gabe off the hook with a smile. "I've been well, thanks." Though there's strain around her eyes that he may note, the source of which she's doing her level best not to think about right now. Glancing at Vic, Liz looks apologetic. "I haven't, actually. I hope she managed to get one… I wish you'd call me when you can't. My nanny'd be happy to take Jay and keep him with Cam for an evening."

Well, Liz does make a wonderful beard, considering. Though it's sort of a token effort, since who Fel is actually with is more or less common knowledge among the upper echelons of the NYPD, and definitely in that task force. How else do you explain that level of cooperation between two agencies long known for their rivalry? Felix finally manages to negotiate the gauntlet of politicians, and comes wandering up to where Liz is.

Monica has arrived.

There's tension in the back of Deckard's hand, tendon lined like bone under the skin despite the fact that he seems a little more at ease at Victor's field and return. "Yeah, well." Anything he might have said next is lost in a grunting exhalation and a wince when the point of a wayward heel lands square in the middle of his foot. Fortunately whatever other crass things he might have to say about it are left to any eavesdropping telepaths to sort out, as Gabriel is muttering about needing a favor at his ear, and he's forced to man it out in flinching silence. Elisabeth gets a hard look for her observation and that's about it. "What is it? I don't think I'm invited to the lady's room."

Monica had almost considered not coming at all. She didn't feel comfortable leaving Jay with the sitter when he started to sneeze and came down with the sniffles. She'd even told him after she was dressed she was going to stay home so he'd have his mommy. But it was Jay, her precocious little boy, who explained in his high pitched voice that 'daddy would be there' and that if Monica didn't show up when she said she would, that it wouldn't be fair. She didn't quite buy the innocent routine but the pleadings of a child won out and Monica finally made her way to the ball. Of course, it involved three phone calls to the babysitter on the way there asking if Jay really was alright and she was assured he was sitting in front of the t.v. glued to some new brain game his father had gotten for him. Typical. After she got there, Monica smiled at several familiar faces and then sought out one in particular. She was sure Vic was already there. Speedsters.

Gabriel is using the thin champagne glass to gesture, so it's fortunate he's drunk most of it. He also smells like fruity wine, so there is that, and there is a slightly too loose sway in his stance. Comments of lady's rooms go misunderstood and largely ignored. "You were talking to Gillian Petrelli," he says to Deckard, managing at least to keep his voice quiet, but not at a whisper by any stretch of the imagination, the last name coming up easily when he doesn't give himself time to think about it. He's also not thinking about the implications behind asking, "What tattoos does she still have?" Because there are too many pretty people in this building to not make good of x-ray vision. The question is asked very seriously.

Heels. Really. Vic doesn't even move fast. He doesn't have anything for Abby except to let her excuse herself and silently declares himself innocent of Deckard's gaffes. Gabriel gets his interest though, and he inserts himself into that conversation quietly, all ears and attention. And he is not stealthy about it, going into a near huddle next to Gabriel.

Raising an eyebrow at the boy-huddle, Elisabeth looks at Felix as he joins. "Oh good, you made it," she comments mildly. "Things are about to get interesting, cuz see… all the boys just huddled up to do a favor for Gabe, and I suppose if I'm anything like a good friend, I'm going to excuse myself to console Abby in the loo." She smiles at her boss and friend. "Wanna see what the boys are up to?"

Becca takes another tiny sip. She doesn't have children or even a significant other to discuss. Still the wallflower it seems. She blushes a little deeper at the topic of certain conversations, but otherwise remains fairly quiet. She raises her eyes and gives a little grin at Liz, her eyes moving towards the huddle as her eyebrows perk up curiously.

Not particularly. Fel gives the other men present a polite nod, but there's only one of them in that little huddle that he's anything more than civil with at best. "Console Abby for?" he wonders, lazily reaching out a hand to snag a goblet of wine from a passing waiter. He'll likely nurse the damn thing all night.

Abby has left.

Even more ignorant of Victor's sibling status than he appears to be of acceptable social procedure when it comes to introductions, Deckard downs the rest of his champagne in a single long swallow while he listens. The windblown grey ruff of his head dips a little after that — just enough to insinuate that this is indeed some kind of top secret conversation going on over here. "I…just the one on her wrist, that I saw. I didn't look look." Fearing perhaps that he might be losing points accordingly, he lowers his voice another notch or so before expanding with a muttered, "It was dark." Dark, glowy x-ray eyes. It's hard enough not to get slapped at one of these things when you don't have special effects to screw you over. Eyes on Gabe, they flick over onto Felix at the sound of his voice. He stiffens. All over, like. Not just in his pants.

Rolling her eyes, Liz snickers. And then she lowers her voice and whispers to Felix, "Deckard just announced to the whole room that he and Abby are fucking," she tells him, deliberately as he sips from the glass. She grins wickedly at Rebecca, who's within hearing range of her whisper as well.

Vic seems more than casually interested in Gillian's stuff, but he's a little behind the game so he asks Gabriel, "What's with her tattoos? Did she get them removed?" By way of explanation he tells Deckard, "She's my sister, so…" And then his Victor Sense tingles. There is a Monica nearby, which he sees over Deckard's shoulder. That leads to him physically peeking around Deckard to look at her, just to make sure.

Gabriel's shoulders slacken a little at the unhelpfulness, glancing towards Victor and having the decency to look vaguely sheepish. The dregs of his champagne glass are downed. "Can't you look look now? She's in the ballroom." There's nothing firm about his request, no irritation or real threat. That was a long time ago. People change. Like, they get whinier, and there is certainly an undercurrent of 'pleeeease' to Gabriel's request while trying not to make it sound lecherous. Victor get an apologetic shrug and the explanation of, "She says she did, but— it's complicated."

Later, Eileen will probably mock him for man-gossip, but for now, Deckard gets an expectant look, around the time Victor gives his heavy handed hint.

"Good for him," Felix says in a murmur nearly as quiet, taking a thoughtful sip of the wine, and trying not to make a face. Definitely not up to Lee's picky standards. "A bit cruder than I'd've put it, but…." He shrugs, lazily.

There are reactions, and then there are reactions. Granted, Rebecca is not unfamiliar with such words. She works at the NYPD for crying out loud. But, certain words always bring a blush to her cheek. Words that never cross from her tongue past her lips. Her hand moves up to cover her mouth, lest someone wears her sip of champagne and she looks wide eyed at Elisabeth. "Oh my.."
Elisabeth just elbows her companion lightly and grins. "You're an ass," she says with affection. And she nods to Rebecca. "Yeah," she says, "Exactly. It's gotta be a guy thing or something." She glances over and spots New York's junior congressman wending his way through the crowd. "Hey, look… your favorite person, Felix!"

Monica picks up a champagne flute from a passing tray and then catches sight of a familiar looking gathering. Or at least a gathering of such faces. And is that…? She makes her way over to Vic as he speaks to Gabriel, giving a nod and a smile. "So I come in on the most interesting part of the discussion I see…." She took a brief sip from her glass and knew it would do her the rest of the evening. She wasn't ever a big drinker and the one glass would be plenty to calm her nerves.

"My shoes are too point-y." The complaint comes from none-other than Mr.Fulk.

Wine glass swaying precariously in one hand, and his other arm slipped around what could be a supermodel or a playboy bunny or something in between. The woman (who emphatically agrees that his shoes indeed are far too pointy) is dressed in a dress that reveals just as much of her that would be allowed in. Brian is dressed sharply, though a pair of tinted blue sunglasses hang from his collar. The man watches his feet for far too long before he finally looks up, a slow grin winding up his lips.

"Dickard and Gabey." He says happily, under his breath the pretty woman on his arm quickly asking what that means, though her question goes ignored as Brian leads the pair of them towards the man-huddle.

Vic immediately picks up for Monica, "Gillian's had some kind of tattoo removal. Remember how she used to be all done up like a biker?" Exaggeration, really. But still. It's family-related gossip and that's what you do, exaggerate and gossip. And just because it's Monica he reaches out to hug her. Muttered conversation ensues that has everything to do with their son Jay.

"Wh — right now? Just walk in and — " Brother alert. Deckard hesitates, chilly eyes lancing back over onto Victor as if to see if he's joking or…no, he doesn't appear to be joking. Somehow, none of this is enough to keep Deckard from chuckling lowly to himself. Odds are, the empty glass in his hand isn't the first one he's pulled his way through in the last couple of hours.

"Yeah. I can look. You," Gabriel is the you according to the plant of Deckard's hand at the other man's shoulder, "need to slow down before you trip and accidentally blow something up. Also, you owe me. So, when Abby reappears — convince her I only said that thing because…I don't know. What sounds good? My feelings were hurt or something." Thump thump, goes the hand. "Hullo, Brian."

Fulk is nodded to just as Decks disengages from the aforementioned man huddle, eyes skipping down and up for whatever reason before he heads off in the direction of the ballroom. He is a man on a noble mission. "Nice shoes."

"Oh, god," Felix mutters, irritably, having more or less prairie-dogged at the announcement of that congressman. "That bastard needs to leave his wife and just come out of the closet. He said the most obscene things to me after that last stupid press conference we had to do on the budget legislation. I'm glad Lee didn't hear him, or he'd've put him through the wall." He links arms with Liz, like she's a talisman that'll protect him.

Monica tilts her head as she looks between Gabriel and Deckard. She glances at Victor but rather than ask him, she proposes the question to the other two. "Look at what exactly?" She'd heard bits and snatches of the conversation as she appraoched. "Who has what tattoos where?" She glanced at Vic as if he might possibly have something to tell her. It's not as if she's seen him like that lately…well, she's not going to go there.

"I - I see." Rebecca says. She is still blushing and she takes a tad larger swallow from her glass than she normally had been. She turns to Brian as he's pointed out by Liz and watches as he walks this way. She grins at Felix' reaction assuming that the two are not on the best of terms, perhaps. She turns to Liz and starts to say something, then nearly chokes again at Felix' comment.

Gabriel looks a little baleful at Deckard for a moment, before shrugging, placing his glass - already empty, but whatever - down on a nearby flat surface. "Fine, but yes, now. I'll— "

"Excuse me?"

That would be the voice of a woman in a nice dress with a sweet smile. Holding a clipboard. She insinuates herself into the little group of men + Monica. "Are any of you gentlemen bidding tonight?" she asks, sharing a wink with Monica as if perhaps she's sparing her. Gabriel starts to shake his head, then changes his mind.

"Me. I am." Liar. But he shuffles over to look at the offered clipboard, picking up the pen. "I've always wanted to see Cats," he murmurs, as he writes something down on the sheet, smiling amicably at the woman who stares in wide eyed wonder at the page.

Who knew tickets to Cats were worth thirty-grand? And who knew men could be called Gillian? Hey wait a minute— "Thank you," she says. "Enjoy your evening." She bustling away, likely to tell on him, but Gabriel has had way too much wine to care, stepping back over to the conversation and looking exceptionally more cheerful now. "Hi Brian." Smile! "We were just discussing Gillian Petrelli." Meaningful glance at Deckard.

Deckard has left.

Oh Lord. Elisabeth laughs at her companion and murmurs facetiously, "Well, you want me to say something about his inappropriate interest? I could out him right here tonight, pretend to be drunk off my ass and yelling at you about how you already have me and Lee and you're not allowed to bugger junior congressmen who have no pull!" She winks at Rebecca, thoroughly appearing to enjoy teasing Felix to within an inch of his life.

A light laugh came to Monica as the woman decided to focus on the gentlemen, putting them on the spot. But she takes the opportunity to lean over and whisper something to Vic. This gains a look from him as he arches his eyebrow and starts talking in rapid fire under his breath, which causes her to do much the same in return. But he looks at the group and quickly excuses himself as she shakes her head. "I knew I should have stayed," she murmured. But she would finish making her appearance at least as she promised and then she could make her way back home. She wasn't much one for too much partying to begin with and she imagined she'd find Vic already there and her babysitter dismissed for the evening.

That earns Liz a completely fish-eyed stare from Felix. He actually reddens. "Oh, sweet Jesus, no. I have to deal with that idiot on a regular basis. Not allowed….." There's only one sanctuary from that, which is his wine glass. He waves off the woman with the clipboard with a lazy gesture.

"Yeah. They're too pointy." Brian says when Deckard compliments his shoes, then the man is quickly making his way off to the ballroom. "Asshole." Brian mutters under his breath before directing a charming smile to Gabriel. "Gabriel. How's Bai-Chan?" The replicator asks, bringing up his glass to take another swallow. A lazy smirk sliding up his lips about Gillian Petrelli. "She's ho-" A wary glance at retreating brothers, "spitable. Both of them. Very welcoming people." Another toothy smile as his arm winds up his date's back.

A slow look winds over to Rebecca, where his head tilts just a bit, offering a small smile to her before returning his attention to Gabriel and talk of Bai-Chans and Gillians.
Monica continues to hoover near Brian and Gabriel, clearly amused that her ex sister-in-law has somehow managed to become such a topic of conversation. "So that explains why Victor wanted to make such a quick exit…." Of course, he had his ulterior motives. She seems to have no problems simply and casually mingling. She adjusted herself casually by drawing back her shoulders. Though she felt comfortable enough in the ivory dress she wore, she kept thinking to herself that somehow or another in one hour those heels were coming off.

Chuckling softly, Elisabeth says to Felix, "Cam's got a piece he wants to play for you. You should stop by tomorrow." She glances up to him, and whispers so only he will hear, "We need to talk." And then she looks at Rebecca and says, "Becca, are we still having coffee this week? I might have to reschedule." She realizes, too, that she's been rude. "Hello, Monica. It's good to see you again." Her relationship to Victor has put her in proximity to Monica at various times, though she doens't kow the woman well.

Rebecca was laughing softly at Elisabeth's comment as she turns to who they are addressing and catches Brian's gaze, which as been par for the course this evening, causes her to blush a nice shade of red. She brings the flute to her lips and takes another drink trying to cover her shyness. She slowly diverts her gaze back towards Elizabeth and Felix, when Liz asks her about coffee and she nods. "Yes, of course. Anytime you like. You know me, I'm almost always sitting in the lab waiting for someone to ask me to go to coffee." she teases Liz.

Cat has arrived.

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Checking the door to see if indeed Deckard has gone, and he has, Gabriel is quick to snatch up yet another wine and/or champagne from a passing server. Considering his run in with Gillian and his conversation with Eileen just before they left, he deserves it. "Bai-Chan is fine, he's staying with a friend tonight," Gabriel says, attention afforded to the man who had actually made it possible for him to adopt his son. "Apparently coming to this thing wasn't cool enough, especially when I told him he can't drink."

Speaking of drinking, another generous sip is taken, and Gabriel smiles apologetically at Monica, then nods to Liz as she returns to his circle of conversation. "Guy talk's over." Yeah, he'd heard her and her talk of guys huddling.

"I should be free after work," Fel says, mildly enough, as he looks to Liz. There's an arch of a brow. What?

Monica smiles slightly at Elisabeth, "You too," she says with a slight nod. She's still holding onto her champagne though she hasn't touched it since her initial sip. "How is everything?" She inquires, wanting to be pleasant at least, despite the fact she feels vaguely uncomfortable. She glances over at Gabriel and laughs a bit, "In other words, I missed the good stuff?" She chuckles again and nods.

"Good to hear." Brian says taking another deep sip which completely drains the rest of his glass. The empty glass earns a very sad look before the replicator looks up at Gabriel. "JoeJoe-" Pausing a frown is given. The boy who is technically man now, demands to be called Joseph. "Joseph," Brian says with a bit of irritation, "Is gearing up for…" Vague hand gestures that don't really mean anything as the man tries to think of that elusive word he was going to say. "Berkley!" It's practically spit out, once he finds it. "Soon. Sad. To see them part.. or whatever." He adds in as an afterthought giving a shrug.

Leaning in something is whispered to the yellow dressed woman who soon after takes his empty glass and strolls off, presumably to get more. Good girl. Once she walks away, the man turns a bit to watch her go for a moment before returning his gaze to Gabriel. His eyes go beyond the man taking in the others, Elisabeth, and Felix, Monica. People he's had odd histories with say the least. A tentative wave is offered to each should they deign to look his way. Then finally he gives another glance at Rebecca, taking a slow step that way, though not fully abandoning Gabriel just yet.

There's a slight, very subtle shake of her head and a very brief glance - the kind of split-second 'not here, but it's important' signal that passes by most unless it's being looked for or the parties are close. To Rebecca, she says easily, "Believe me, I'll be by as soon as I can — just got a few things that have shifted my priorities this week, that's all." With a grin at Monica, Elisabeth replies, "Everything's going well, thank you. I'm actually going to step that way," she gestures, "and speak to a couple of old friends." She glances at Felix, "Would you like to travel with or stick here?"

"That depends on how interested you are in tattoos," Gabriel tells Monica with a twist of a smile. He nods to Brian. "Bai-Chan will be moving out soon enough too," he says, stealing side-long glances towards the door, perhaps wondering how Deckard's mission is going. "I know Eileen wants— " There's a beep of a cellphone, and Gabriel blinks before taking it out and inspecting the small screen.

run run run run run run run

Courtesy of Deckard. "…um." What was he saying? Never mind. "Berkley's a good school, I'm sure Bai-Chan will miss him. If I can get him off the computer occasionally I might have a clue. Excuse me I think I have to— " Run. Warily, he darts a gaze towards the door as he pockets his cellphone. His exit is quick and bordering on rude, but this is an emergency (ahhh ex-girlfriend approaching) and he's. Drunk. As can be shown in the fact his shoulder collides with Rebecca's with an ensuing stumble. He at least offers out a steadying hand. Miraculously, no wine is spilled. "Ff— sorry." At least nothing explodes, like the building.

"I'll go with you for a little." Elizabeth, sexiest binky in New York - Fel is desperate not to be left alone, seemingly. He's still got his arm linked with hers.

Brian's stealth like approach goes unnoticed by Rebecca, mostly on account that she's collided into by Gabriel. She is graceful enough not to spill her drink, but apparently not graceful enough to collide into someone next to her, which results in a series of Japanese apologizes, before she murmurs an English. "I'm so sorry." She's not forward enough to chastize the drunken male, but definately a flash of irritation crosses her face, but it quickly disappears into a more 'help me' type of expression.

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Keeping her arm twined through Felix's, Elisabeth just laughs at his desperate attempts to remove himself from the same room wherein the state's junior congressman appears to be on the prowl. "Excuse us, everyone. Enjoy the auction." And she and her partner wind thier way through the crowds.

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Glancing over at Gabriel's shoulder, a little look over his shoulder, and then a little slightly drunk thinking and Brian has it figured out. Or mostly figured out. Or partly figured out. Or maybe not figured out at all really. Sliding over, one hand swiftly but gently closes around Rebecca's wrist, softly going to guide-not drag Rebecca out of Gabriel's way post-collision.

His other hand goes to clap on the other man's shoulder. "Goo." He murmurs, a little urgency showing on his features, flicking his chin like he has full permission to do so. And then an oh-so charming smile beams at Rebecca, as he takes a short step after Gabriel's retreat.

Monica smiles at Elisabeth, "That's good to hear. And of course," she says as the woman excuses herself. She lifts a glass to Brian, nodding to him as he half-apparoches Rebecca. She tilts her head a little bit as she looks back to Brian though, "Are you going to be okay?" Not that she figures she has to worry about him, but a concerned question nevertheless.

It occurs to Gabriel that he's been drinking. More than he should. Eileen is going to shank him. Unless he does so to himself first. "No, I'm really sorry, are you okay?" he asks of Rebecca. "I'm— " Not usually a drunkard? Why is he justifying himself to a stranger? Sigh. "I'm sorry. Have a good night." A grateful look is given to Brian, and Gabriel is going, hand clasped tightly around his current drink of the minute as he heads for the doors, far too late thanks to the collision.

Because he can hear muttering in a distinctive, raspy feminine voice, and eventually she comes into sight, making his brisk walk slow down significantly. Hnnnn.

Monica looks confused for just a moment and then she excuses herself as she takes a phone out of her purse and hits the speed dial as she walks off a bit. It's only a few moments before whoever she is calling answers and she begins an under the breath conversation that seems to take her attention. And judging by the animated way she starts, her arm half waving in frustration, it is perhaps less conversation and more argument. But a few moments later she's smiling and still talking, but at least in more amicable tones.

Zoe arrives alongside Eliot, her hand on his arm and her eye sharp by way of interesting potential auction items. Her initial purview makes her brows go up. Tickets to the Cats revival? Really? Fingers press to her mouth.

"Oh, what the ever loving f…" Eliot catches himself, and then asides to his wife in a low voice: "Someone really needs to kill Andrew Lloyd Weber. This is just encouraging him. Honestly."

Rebecca is caught, so it seems. She gives a grateful smile to Brian as he steers her away from any sort of further mayhem. She looks a bit sheepish at being overly annoyed with Gabriel as he apologizes. "It's okay. Really. Don't worry about it." There really was no harm done. Of course, that blush that's been hovering on her cheeks brightens when she realizes that Brian has a hold of her wrist and she glances up at him. "I — um.. thanks." The arrival of Zoe catches her attention as she manages to gain her balance and offers a wave, before turning her attention back to the congressman.

HIM. Gillian enters the auction room at a brisk walk and walks straight up to Gabriel once she's spotted him. That glass of wine, nearly empty at this point, is still held in her hand, and it's definitely gone a little to her head. Which is probably why she's even confronting him in the first place. Her deeply redded lips are moving slightly, as she mutters under her breath in a way no one else can really hear, and she walks right up to the tall man.

"You have some explaining to do, Office Gray." Vague, but either way.

Zoe looks momentarily inclined to sign up for tickets to sign a bid to Little Shop of Horrors (o/Suddenly Sylar is standing beside you…/o) when she spots the wave. "Ah, there's Rebecca!" Zoe's in muted gold, backless and slitted up to her thigh, just the way Eliot likes. She detatches from him momentarily to go exchange cheek kisses with the other woman.

Turning a bit Brian's smile enlargens, "Nomica~." A shake of his head, "Moonica." He says pleasantly with that big smile, "I'm fine! How are you?" though it slightly diminishes when she retreats to go on her cellphone. He exhales a shallow breath before turning his slightly blurry vision to Rebecca. His eyes go down to his hand which happens to still be fixed around her wrist. ops. Slowly releasing her he gives a smile, "Yeah no pr-" Vibratevibrate.

Stuffing his hand into his pocket, he pulls out his phone and flicks it open. Text message! Reading it, he tilts his head, raising a finger at Rebecca as if to say 'one moment' he steps forward towards Gabriel. "Gabey." He calls out, "Three tats under drees. One viney, one triangle and one idk." A lazy smile. "He wants to know why you care." And then his eyes drift up to the woman who just arrived. Oh. And with that the Phoenix figurehead turns around sharply to face Rebecca again. "So! How are you!?" He says a bit overly loud, his eyes momentarily zooming over to Zoe and Eliot.

Eliot glances around and then spots Rebecca. He releases Zoe as his wife heads off to say hello to the other woman, and tucks his hands in his pockets, smiling quietly.

Auctions aren't all bad, really. Sure, they sometimes have a tendency to result in less than neighborly behavior, but on the whole, they bring out the good in people. And when paired with an organizational fundraiser, they most certainly bring out the good in the Zarek Group's highest profile representative (in the auction room, at the very least), Elias di Meo, formerly (and secretly) the elusive thief and terrorist, Elias de Luca. He cleaned up his act nicely enough and managed to blend right into straight society with little more than a knowing grin and sly nod from the few who know the truth. Good enough for him.

Adding his own bid to an especially eye-catching brooch that obviously belongs in his collection, he takes stock of his situation. Some faces he knows fairly well, many more he doesn't, and then, of course, a few that he simply can't go through the evening without saying a friendly 'hello' to. Certainly in light of the incident that seemingly just occurred elsewhere in the room. Time to get involved in something he might have no stake in, moving across the room with a single tele-jump that no one in particular takes note of, using the general lack of notice to casually walk alongside Brian, even as he seems distracted by other matters, and calmly inserts himself into the conversation he obviously was not a part of. "Can't speak for the lady, but I'd say the night's treating me well," he says, "What about you?"

Slow walking for the door comes to a halt. Gabriel looks this way, and that, as if maybe there's another Officer Gray she's referring to. There isn't, so Gillian gets an easy smile from the officer. "I thought you liked musicals…" And that trails off as Brian approaches, and debriefs him, and all he can do is stare at the space Brian had occupied.

Stare frozenly. That was not— he's going to kill Deckard. Except not actually.

Gathering up whatever dignity is left, Gabriel's back straightens as tall as it will go, and he looks at Gillian. Raises an eyebrow, and his glass to sip from. "Well now I know."

Monica closes her cellphone and sighs. "Men. I mean, did he honestly think — " She stops talking to herself as she hears a slury voice that sounds vaguely like Brian and the slurred name sounds vaguely like her's. She smiles, "Sorry, I didn't mean to disappear like that. Victor seems to think he has to double check everything." But really, it was endearing. At least he cared, but honestly. "And I'm good," she says to Brian and then mouths to Rebecca, pointing. <How much has he had to drink?> She tilts her head and stiffles a laugh as he says 'Gabey', coughing lightly.

Cheek kiss and another as she greets Zoe. "How are you?" she asks her friend as she is bellowed at by Brian. She considers maybe he's deaf? "I'm just fine. Thanks." She offers her hand to him. "Rebecca Nakano." she introduces politely, her blush sticking firmly to her cheek as she tries not to look too terried. Zoe would know just how much of a wallflower the forensic officer is and how much of a dater she really isn't, and how awkward she ends up being around guys who show interest. Not that it's a bad thing, there's just something rather ungraceful about her when she feels eyes appreciating her.

"Brian," Gillian snaps as the man turns away. There's a furious expression building on her face, one that the wine isn't helping with. Her eyes settle on Gabriel, rather than the man who just sprouted off her tattoos in front of him. Three of them, at least. "Whoever you found to invade my privacy— " Oh god is she angry. It takes everything in her not to just punch him in the face. Her hand tightens into a fist as if she might. She could toss the wine on him as well… "They missed one," is what she ends up rasping angerly. He didn't have a full 360 degree view of her body, after all. It's very likely he's missed one.

"You better hope I forget tonight before I see you in private, Gray," she adds, voice whispered.

Hold on reaching for that crown, Elias. The Fords are easy runners for the high profile Zarek Group members title. Oh, if this were a beauty contest, there'd be sabotage and hair-pulling. But as it is, Zoe just puts an arm around Rebecca, starting to steer her toward Eliot - which reflectively, might not be the wisest idea, but the devil's path is forked, and it's either the loud drunk guy or the snake charmer.

"Right, right." Brian says to Monica with a little smile. A nervous look over his shoulder to Gillian and her angry version of his name. He doesn't like when his name is said like that. And then Zoe is hijacking Rebecca and taking her away! Hmph. A little wave is given to Rebecca before the man looks to Elias. "Heey there." He says lazily, pulling up a smile. One hand comes up and pats down firmly on the other man's shoulder twice. "There's about to be a metaphorical explosion in here." He says, jerking his head over to the ballroom. His hand remains on Elias' shoulder. "Wanna get me to dry land so we can laugh with Deckard?" A winning smile, suggesting that is exactly what Elias wants to do.

After a brief disappearance, Vic Childs returns looking much the same as he did when he left, except his glass of champagne is gone and he's adjusting his tie. And there's a good-natured look of narrowed eyes in the direction of Monica. Fortunately he appears to have missed whatever fallout happened from Gillian and going over her tats for her. Still, he does generally drift over toward his sister without outright getting her attention just yet. Best to let some steam vent first.

Eliot, the aforementioned snake charmer, grins at Rebecca as Zoe brings her over, offering her sanctuary from the loud drunk guy. "Hey Becca. Nice to see you again."

Monica walks over to Victor, now however she is more amused than she is angry or even irritated. She stands there next to him for a moment, a knowing smile on her lips. "He got you too, didn't he?" She doesn't have to ask what the little boy might have said to his dad. She can just guess what sort of expression her ernest face schooled into at the appearance of his father. She knows because it's probably the same look he gave her when she kept insisting she would stay and take care of him if he wasn't feeling well. That little boy was 7 going on 77 half the time.

Dry land, huh? once again, Elias takes stock of the situation. "Hm. Gabriel, Misses Petrelli, and alcohol." He's careful not to say this too loud. "No good can come of this, clearly. You know, a quick exit might just be in our best interests, at least for a good laugh, and all." And, of course, Deckard. "Say, where is Doctor X, anyway?"

Shaking Elias shoulder, Brian jerks his thumb in the direction of the ballroom. "Come onn~" He practically whines. Glancing over his shoulder again. "He's in there. Let's goo!" He says hushedly and urgently as if a bomb was actually about to go off. He gives the older man a pained look, waiting for him to make with the magic.

Having been steered away from Brian before proper introductions can be made, Rebecca finds herself face to face with Eliot now. Hmm. Maybe she should have stayed home and had popcorn in her pajamas. There's always been something about Eliot that she can't quite put her finger on, but he always seemed to make her blush. And blushing is bad. Evil! She nods, smiling politely as she glances from Zoe back to Eliot. "Hello Eliot. Nice to see you both." You /both/. Really. She takes the final swallow from her flute glass and promptly retrieves another. It's her first. She can have another. She may need it before the night it through.

Gabriel stands still, maybe she can't see him if he doesn't move, as he's so sharply reprimanded, remaining mostly stoic in the face of anger and hissing. Half a glass of wine in his hand and the other clenched at his side, although unlike Gillian, there's no urge to strike out.

"Why, will you have the urge to show me the last one?" he asks, voice snippy. "Believe me, I'd sooner hang myself than remain in the same room, so don't worry." Harsh words, delivered quietly and with some conviction, even if it is alcohol-fueled and unnecessary. He steps to the side, intending perhaps go around her, head for— something. Fresh air.

Although there is quite suddenly a yell from the ballroom, something that— sounds a lot like "Just fucking die!"— perhaps indicating exactly that explosion of Brian's, and Gabriel casts a blankly quizzical look in that direction. What. "Magnes?"

"Shut up." Vic says to Monica with a smile, shoulder-bumping her gently. He looks toward Gillian and asks his ex-wife, "What'd I miss?" Although yelling prompts the answer to that apparently. "Uh…."

And Vic too looks in the direction of said activity. Sounds too much like disorderly conduct to just not react to.

"No promises how close I'll land us," Elias says, just to make sure there's no confusion. Shutting his eyes and focusing for a few moments, he an Brian make their silent, and very instant, exit from the auction room, leaving Zoe and Eliot as the undisputed king and queen of the Zarek Group.

In the auction room, at least.

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"I'll be glad to supply the noose," Gillian mutters with a glare, voice dark and raspy. It was the yell from the ballroom that draws her eyes, suddenly causing her to blink. For a moment she takes a partial step in that direction, but stops herself. "Why don't you go make sure your partner doesn't commit homicide?" she says, before turning as if to leave… and nearly walking into her brother. "Victor…" Is she running into most the men in her life except her husband tonight?

Gabriel blinks at the door. Blinks at Gillian. He drops the glass of wine which bounces off the carpet and spatters liquid in a haphazard puddle, and actually— takes her advice. God. Why did Magnes have to prove Eileen right tonight? Why?

Gabriel has left.

"Hey Gilly." returns Vic at his sister. His demeanor is gentle. And he jerks a thumb over his shoulder, "I'm…just…gonna go make sure Gabe's partner doesn't commit homicide." And he's going after Gabriel in less of a hurry.

Monica sighs as she was just about to say something when everything seems to break loose. "Wonderful…." She deposits her glass back on a tray that makes it's way by and really wishes she had selected the pant suit to wear instead of the dress now. "Come on," she says to Vic and gives Gillian a waneful smile. HOpefully this wouldn't take long.

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Rebecca turns her head at the noise and follows the others into the other room.

Zoe's eyes go wide. "We're missing drama." she informs Eliot as she watches Rebecca depart. "I'm not sure whether to be disapointed or pleased."

Rebecca has left.

"Well," Eliot says with a tired drawl. "We can go check it out if you want," he says, raising his brows. Because if he's not the center of it, it really isn't that interesting.

"You sound bored." Zoe points out. "We have to pass through the ballroom to go home anyway. If it's interesting, we can stay. Otherwise, home or Rapture, if you'd like." Is she crazy? If the by-law is 'anything more interesting than Zoe', going to Rapture is like inviting him to browse the candy aisle. Either she's crazy, or confidant she can keep his attention.

"Oh Magnes," Gillian mutters under her breath, before approaching the auction area and looking at items she'll actually bid on. Short thirty grand already, she had intended to spend more than that tonight anyway… It would seem, unlike some, she's not interested in watching the drama at all. Maybe she trusts the men who ran out to take care of it. And then she looks at her dress. Where some plum wine has been spilled on it. "…I'm going to punch Gray next time we're alone."

"I kind of am," Eliot says with a snarl. As he gets older, his own powers tend to crush his ability to not be the center of attention. He's getting used to it; and now whenever he'snot, it becomes an issue. He looks at Zoe and smiles. "We can do whatever you like." Last chance to not put him in a throng of hot twenty year olds, Zoe!

"Gillian, soda water." advises Zoe, but then leans over and murmurs something in Eliot's ear, and once having done so, will start to lead him out by the wristcuff, possibly grinning.

"Thank you, Zoe, I'll go do that soon," Gillian replies, smiling in a friendly fashion, before she reaches to write down a couple bids. Excessively high bids, many of them, though not as retarded as the bid for the Cats tickets that Gabriel made for her. At least she doesn't hear sounds of gunshots or people flying through walls in the other room…

"Good night, Gillian," Eliot says, glancing over his shoulder as Zoe drags him out of the room and off to who knows where. Wherever it is, the prospect is making him smile like a demon.

"Good night. It was good seeing you both," Gillian adds on to the woman's husband, before turning back to the auction items. The jewelry, especially.

This scene occurs concurrently with High Society's Ballroom Notoriety, Part I and High Society's Ballroom Notoriety, Part III.

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