High Speed Chase

BROOKLYN — Just before 5pm on Wednesday agents of the Department of Homeland Security were involved in a high speed chase in pursuit of Brandon Timm, a suspect that the NYPD were watching in connection with the bank heist in Flushing, Queens back in March. Timm was chased into a salvage yard in Red Hook where he was apprehended by authorities pending investigation into his involvement with the bank robberies.

It is not clear at this time if Timm was the Evolved in question that perpetrated the robbery, but he is believed to have fled from investigators that came to question him when he returned to his home on the afternoon of the 7th while under surveillance.

Further investigation by the NYPD revealed a stash of money in Timm's home in Brooklyn believed to be the full amount stolen during the robbery in March. Sources within the NYPD believe that Timm's accomplice, Hal Williams, who's body was pulled from a wreck in the East River back in March may have been the Evolved in question that helped perpetrate the crime.

If Timm is charged with any involvement in the robbery he could face up to 20 years in prison.

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