Hiro Likes Geeky Girls


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Scene Title Hiro Likes Geeky Girls
Synopsis …so sayeth Magnes J. Varlane.
Date March 27, 2009

Forensic Lab

Late nights are not all that unusual for Rebecca Nakano as she tends to avoid most social situations preferring the solitude of her lab to that of larger crowds. The comic book that was left a couple weeks prior still sits on the desk where it was left, seemingly untouched. She has glanced at it on occasion, though no one would know that, and done a few searches. While it's true there is an existing Hiro Nakamura and all the other related information, Rebecca determines that this comic must have been based off of him, and not some sort of magic voodoo that drug him from the comic. Though Magnes J. Varlane's preoccupation with the man still leaves her baffled. She types up a report from a recent autopsy that she witnessed and lent a hand in solving.

Rebecca told Magnes to take the front door, but he doubts his ability to simply waltz in, so he does what every good pizza boy does: Delivers. He skates in with a small plain cheese pizza, telling the men at the front desk that he's from Panucci's, and he's here for Rebecca. Then he walks into her lab, closes the door behind him, then skates up about five feet behind her and says, "Panucci's Pizza."

At least she expects folk to use the door when they are coming into her lab. She has taken a few precautions since he was last here. Until she gets a handle on her ability, she's covered almost all of the reflective surfaces in the room. She has, however, began to carry a mirror around in her purse, for those moments she wants to try and activate her gift. She turns and looks at Magnes and nods. "Comic Book Guy." she smiles. It's not too much of a dig as much as it is an identifier. "Magnes, right?" she asks and picks up his comic. "YOu left this last time. I don't know if it's a collector edition or something." she figured he'd be back. "Though.. I don't recall ordering pizza.."

"I'm a pizza boy. I didn't think I could just walk in, and pizza delivery is better than a press pass." Magnes sits the pizza down on an empty spot of her desk, it is a rather small pizza. "It's not a first edition or anything, I have a few. And anyway, I met Hiro, he explained the comic to me, about why he's in it. I'm supposed to meet him soon, probably not tonight though."

Rebecca can't help but laugh. "This is a public place, you know. You can walk into the precinct for just about any reason you like. Visit with a friend, or file a report or even stop in to the lab to talk with the tech." she shakes her head, though lifts her nose. "What kind did you bring me?" she asks curiously.

"Cheese, I didn't know what kind you liked, and everyone likes cheese. I made it myself, and our cheese isn't just the usual plain tasting cheese, there's herbs and stuff." Magnes explains, opening the box for her to take a slice. "So, according to Hiro, the guy who wrote the comics, Isaac Mendez, he could paint the future. And apparently he still has paintings that haven't come true yet, all locked up somewhere or something. But, there's something I've been wondering, what are the details of how Isaac died?"

She's only met this young man a couple of times now, and he's asking alot of queestions. "Magnes J. Varlane. Tell me. Why is it you want to know this information? You do know I can't just be looking up things here and sharing them with just anyone, even if they are trying to break the law by bribing a law enforcement officer with pizza." Rebecca seems to be a little amused by the situation as she has a small grin on her face.

"I think that if I learn a bit more about how Isaac died, if it was murder or something else, I can figure out if there really is something to these future paintings. I'd ask Hiro, but he just warns me a lot, but information isn't gonna hurt me." Magnes answers, cheeks a bit flushed when she grins, then he takes the comic and flips through the pages again. "Come on, just see if it's classified information or not."

She doesn't turn to her computer right away. He's kinda of cute for a nut. His curiousity for this might actually border on obessessive. Rebecca finally turns to the computer and types in the requested information. "This is currently being handled by Homeland Security. Nothing I can do with it at the moment. I can't even look at the contents." She turns to eye him. "I hope you just didn't bring some trouble down on my head for this."

"Just say an invisible man with a gun forced you." Magnes offers, quite casually, with a straight face. "Alright, I won't ask you to search anything else. I've learned my lesson about sticking my head into things unprepared. I'm gonna meet Hiro before I look into these things anymore." He jumps back on to the wall, sitting there with his legs crossed, staring up at her. He'd rather sit on the wall than on the floor, or, you know, bother looking for a chair. "I don't know a whole lot about you, and talking to girls isn't the easiest thing in the world, but you seem kinda lonely in here."

"Are you kidding. There are billions of people on the internet." she nods to her computer. Rebecca stands and walks over and lifts the lid to the pizza. "Thanks for the pizza though." she smiles, though there is a little blush to her cheeks at the compliment. "Tell Mr. Comic Book, I said hello and to stop in and autograph my copy." She teases him a little.

"I will, you seem like his type, I think we like the same kind of girls." Magnes admits, laughing and blushing brightly, standing up and walking across the wall so he's looming over her desk, which might give one the vague feeling that he could fall down on it at any moment, but instead, he simply reaches down and grabs a slice for himself. Amazingly, none of the cheese falls down, and the pizza seems to be hanging in the direction of the wall. Gravity is weird.

Her blush draws a little brighter as he gets closer. "I thought that was for me?" Not that Rebecca could eat a whole pizza for herself. "I'm not entirely sure I'm anyone's type. But I'd like to meet him regardless." she stands and walks towards the door. "And you don't necessarily have to bring me stuff to ask me to help you out. Just.. know that I can't always give you what you want. I won't put my job here on the line."

"You're a worker bee, Hiro used to be a worker bee, and I bet he's into geeky girls, even though he's tough with a sword now." Magnes laughs, then moves away from her desk and steps from the wall so he can stand upright again. "I tried to punch him to make him stop time, then he just did some judo and flipped me on to a table."

"Geeky girls? Are you saying I'm a geeky girl, Magnes J. Varlane?" She moves towards him. "I know a little judo myself, if you want to experience it first hand." Rebecca tries to look serious, but really doesn't look all that threatening.

Magnes rubs the back of his neck, staring at his skates awkwardly when she gives him that serious look. "W-well, I mean, being a geeky girl is good. It means you're smart, a-and um, nice guys like you…"

Rebecca stops her approach and just smiles. "I'm just teasing. I know when it's a compliment and when it's not." Sure she does. "I'm heading out, Magnes. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kick you out." she thumbs towards the door.

"Oh, sorry." Magnes continues to stare at his skates, briefly looking up to flash her a bashful smile. "Well, it was nice talking to you, I'll see you soon. And I'll tell Hiro about you…" he assures, then skates his way out of the door.

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