Scene Title Hit
Synopsis There is such a thing as itchy trigger finger.
Date March 16, 2009


They talk about an itchy trigger finger. It has to be a provable fact. Sam's finger is itchy like nobodies business and she has been prowling around looking for her next target. The fact is, she's come to term with the idea of 'harmless evolved' and 'dangerous evolved'. That just doesn't include the actual ability of the person, but their mindset as well. A heavy evolved rights activist could bring a lot of trouble to this country. So it's just not relegated to ability.

But this one is all ability.

He's a strong one too. And not a very nice guy. She has seen him walk around pushing his way through this and that. He takes what he wants as no one will try and stop him. She doesn't know his name, but she's nicknamed him 'Ox'.

She saw him carjack someone, force a girl to go with him somewhere, and drove away without paying at the gas station. He should be in jail. Or worse. She followed him. Honestly, if he never had an ability, she would want to shoot him anyways. He's a menace, plain and simple.

He goes into the burger joint almost every day. They know he's coming. They have his food all ready and waiting. He takes it without paying and walks out. This day, she's perched just inside a window across the street. He pushes someone out of the way as he exits the building while someone's trying to go inside. He comes out with his unpaid for goods. But that's okay. He won't get to eat them.

He doesn't feel a thing when the bullet leaves the chamber and slices through his forehead. The screaming is expected. Not his, of course, but those around. They don't concern her as she packs up her things. Her rifle is disassembled and she picks up the shell and drops it with the rest of her gear. She closes the window and slips back to her bike, where she puts on her helmet and zooms off down the road.

They won't recognize her with awards or decorations, but she serves her country none the less. Someday, they'll start noticing the bodies. They'll start looking for her.. or who they think is her. She'll be ready.

But she's starting to feel like maybe she needs a more public target.

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