Hit the Ground Running


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Scene Title Hit the Ground Running
Synopsis Kailin starts up with trying to get a special project organized after being in the city less than a day and finds Chuck willing to help.
Date May 18, 2009

Scraped Knee Clinic

As you enter you hear a bell ringing above you. Looking up you see a little brass bell that is hanging above the door so that when the door swings open it hits the bell to ring. Looking straight ahead you see a nice dark mahogany wood desk. With an LCD computer screen sitting on it and beyond the desk are file cabinets that are neatly labeled and a lady sitting behind the desk. She looks up at you with a warm friendly smile as to show she is ready to help you. To your left you see a nice dark mocha colored couch. It seems soft and inviting to sit on and in front of the couch is a small little table littered with magazines. At each end of the couch you see a few armed chairs that are the same dark mahogany wood. On the walls you see a few paintings, they seem to be Giclées of old famous impressionist painters, above the couch you see the "beach at Sainte-Adresse" by Claude Monet and above the receptionist desk you see "Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh. And on the far wall you see "Bridge at Villeneuve-la-Garenne" by Alfred Sisley. The walls of the clinic are made from red brick. As you step towards the receptionist the floor beneath your feet creaks with protest and you notice that it's a very aged wooden oak floor as you feel a slight breeze from an overhead ceiling fan. The floor has been taken care but does not shine with a thick layer of wax, instead it has an aged antique look to it. Past the receptionists desk you see a hallway that turns to the right but just before it makes a right run you see a sign on the first door saying "Dr. Chuck Pepper" below the name saying "Office." A sign next to the door saying Examine rooms this way with an arrow pointing down the hallway. Below all print in this office you see the standard Brail writing as well.

A man in a white looking lab coat with his back to the door and he seems to be talking to his secretary. About some off work related topic sharing a few laughs and as the clinic seems to be empty and quiet. "So where shall we go for dinner tonight, since I lost the bet with you on that game last night." Shaking his head, "They shouldn't have lost!"

Bridget his secretary just flashing a smile, "Well, you lose some and you lost this one. You haven't been able to beat me yet on any sports picks." The conversation seems to continue.

Kailin steps through the door and slides of a pair of reflective shades, folding them up gently with the palm of his hand. He looks around the room with a glance left and right, his eyes picking out the details of the room. Eventually his eyes settles on the two people in front of him and he starts forward, smiling politely. "Hello. I was hoping to talk to the person in charge, whoever that is." The floor creaks beneath his feet as Kailin's eyes bounce back and forth between the two people, trying not to automatically assume either of them to be more important than the other.

Bridget was the first one to act as she heard the brass bell ring above the door. "Oh, hello and welcome to the Scraped Knees Clinic how can I help you?" Pushing the man aside. Though her question was already answered before she even finished her statement. "Err, well that would be Dr. Pepper sir." Pointing up at Chuck with a chuckle.

Turning around slowly and offering a smile, "Doctor Chuck Pepper, how may I help you sir?" Taking a few steps forward with a few stumbling steps. Looking at the man but not really. He has sort of a glazed over look in his eyes as he is looking in the general direction of the man. It's obvious he is who he says since his name Dr. Pepper is embroidered into his coat and a stethoscope is hanging around his neck.

"Well, I'm new to the city and I was just looking around." Kailin motions a hand back towards the door and looks back towards Chuck, adjusting his cuffs. "I saw your clinic here and I just wanted to get acquainted with some other the places around here. I was a field medic in the Army so I'm familiar with the business end of a stethoscope and more." He chuckles and slides his shades into the inside pocket of his jacket. "From what I've seen of the city so far, there's still a lot of work to be done around here. I was hoping to maybe get some of the medical professionals in the area to help donate time or service to some social service programs in their community. I can explain a little more if you have a minute?"

Chuck nodding, "Sure I am always willing to offer my time and services to anyone who needs it. But if you don't mind we could just stay out here and this way my assistant Bridget is here for anything. Hmm not to startle you but I was blind and I just recently got my vision back, still adjusting to the idea of seeing again after being blind for the last 8 years. So .. I am still a bit leary about moving around, things still a little fuzzy." Blinking a few times and he tries to focus on the man, "So what did you have in mind?" Offering a warm friendly smile.

The notion of being blind seems to catch Kailin off guard a little bit - despite the warning. He hesitates for a moment, but gives Chuck a nod and says, "No… no, here's fine. We can stay here. I just want to kind of get the word out right now. The city is still suffering from the tragedies its experienced and things seem to have gotten even worse. There are still parts of the city in terrible destruction and that sometimes leads to very poor living conditions. Lack of power, lack of water - those kinds of things still happen on occassion and as I'm sure you know, that breeds all kinds of health issues. And a lot of people don't like going in to get help so sometimes it is necessary for us to actually go help them." He reaches into his inside pocket and takes his card, moving forward to hand it to Chuck. "Like I said, I just got to the city so I'm still trying to put all this together, but this is where you an reach me if you have more questions or even ideas of you own. But can I know a little more about you just to get a sense of this place? It looks like a great thing you've got here. Definitely a necessity in these times."

Chuck nodding, "Sure thing sir? I didn't catch your name." Considering this for a moment and not really caring. "Well, this is just a little clinic, just make enough to pay the bills and my assistants. We receive government subsidizes to help stock the meds here and some of the medical supplies. We really only ask whatever they can afford to pay if they can at all. My main client tell are families who are unable to afford proper health insurance or are unable to go see a doctor. So they come here for assistance. We actually offer more a public service then a paid service really. But we manage to get by. Besides I don't know I would manage this place without Bridget." Smiling at the thought. "But I come from a family of doctors though, they practice in Washington while I practice here in New York." Accepting his card and unable to make out his name on the card. As he was still getting used to the idea of being able to see again. Setting the man's card on Bridgets desk as she picked up the card and gave it a look over. "His name is Kailin, Chuck." Then filing the business card away and sliding Chuck his business card to offer to the man. Chuck responding with a nod and taking a few tries to actually find the business card on the desk and then pick it up. "Thanks Bridget." Passing the card to Kailin. "Here is my contact information as well."

Kailin nods to Bridget as she reads the card and says, "Kailin Knight." He reaches out with dexterous fingers, taking his card. He looks down at it for just a moment to glance it over and he adds, "Nice to meet you." He smiles looking from Chuck to Bridget and back again. "Well, Doctor Pepper, it sounds like just the kind of place that the city needs. Just from riding around the city I can tell that there are tons of people here that can't possibly have health care." He taps Chuck's card lightly in the palm of his right hand as he speaks. "I work in acquisitions for government departments, so I know that there is always some overstock somewhere that I'm going to try to be redirecting to places in need. Some of the older storehouses are happy to clear stock that isn't moving and this seems like just the kind of place that could use it." Kailin shrugs lightly and says, "We would just have to find away to get people to these services or these services to the people - which is sometimes a big obstacle. Some people don't want help, but they need it."

Chuck nodding, "Yes, and I am willing to take it on the road. I have visited several other districts and they all have there short fallings, but all need the assistance just as much. So if you do need me just call the number on the card which will get a hold of Bridget and she should be able to get a hold of me. Sorry no cell phone just yet, I just recently got my sight back and so I am working on trying to be a normal person again."

"I understand something like that…" Kailin hesitates for a moment, glancing down towards Bridget for a moment, then back to Chuck. He clears his throat and asks with a smile, "Look, I don't mean to pry or be rude, but can I ask how you regained your eyesight? I mean, I know it seems very personal, but something that… intriguing is bound to pique the interest of anyone, especially anyone who knows anything about medicine - so I know you've gotten the question plenty." He waves a hand and adds quickly, "If you don't want to talk about it I understand. But in the off chance that you do want to share your story, I'd love to hear it."

Chuck shrugging, "There really isn't much to tell, there is a lady named Abigail I met her in a bar of all places and she told me that I she could heal my eyes and so I took her up on her offer and well, I can now see, err well sort of well, hopefully once I can get readjusted to it. She works in this coyote ugly type bar, you know the kind where the girls get up on the bar and dance to music." Glancing back towards Bridget. Then to Kailin. "She is really nice woman and she helps out like I do except she isn't a full fledge doctor but she can heal in other ways..kinda of has a touch of healing.."

Kailin chuckles lightly and gives a nod to Chuck. "That's interesting. Because Abigail's one of the people I had in mind to help with this project I had in mind." He nods again and pulls open his jacket lapel. Sliding in Chuck's business card he closes it and smoothes it out again. "I met her. Very nice girl. Southern hospitality and all that. One of the first people I've met here. So its quite a coincidence that one of the next people I meet knew her too." He shrugs and continues, "Well, I guess not, when I think about it. Considering what she does and considering that this is a clinic, I suppose its only natural that you two would eventually cross paths. But still, that's just a positive sign that this is actually going to do some good."

Chuck nodding and smiling, "Yes and beautiful as well." Looking a bit lost and then coming back to reality. "Yeh, sure I would like to help you out in anyway I can, just call. I have been wanting to get more involved in this community, you know give back. But it looks like I have found a way." Then thinking about Abigail, "She was the first woman I saw after I got my sight back, imagine that." Chuckling a moment and unknown to him as Bridget rolled her eyes. "I have to admit thought she doesn't seem like the dating type, but she does seem like the helping type. I think we might make good team if you can bring us together for the good cause Kailin."

Kailin laughs lightly and nods, saying, "Well, actually, I don't know. I wouldn't say that she's not the 'dating type', so long as your date doesn't have to include a roll in the sheets. I mean, I know she's religious, but she's still a woman. I'm sure if she met the right person she'd be willing to give it a go. She's not an actual nun, so its not completely off the table so long as you're willing to take things slow." He shrugs lightly and adds, "Granted, I've only met her, but that seems to be the logical conclusion that I got." He pushes back his cuff to check a silver watch. "But yeah, I haven't been in this city long enough to even think about dating, so who am I to give advice?"

Chuck letting out a friendly laugh, "Oh well it's not like it's going to happen, I try to stay out of the dating scene to be honest, it's just not very conducive to work. Besides the only thing I have ever learned about the dating game, is they are never happy." Receiving a rather mean look from Bridget and a comment, "With words like that no wonder why you are not dating anyone. feh." Looking at Kailin a moment and then back to her computer screen. "Well, if I know New York there is always something interesting going on somewhere."

Kailin suppresses his chuckle at Bridget's words and shrugs to Chuck. "I think I'll need a little longer in this city before I decide to try to be with someone. I can't just jump in and out of relationships. Chaos isn't good for my life. I need something stable and reliable. It has to be the right person - and I'm pretty picky, so that opportunity comes around very rarely." He smiles wistfully and says, "But I never give up hope and I always like to see other people happy." He raises his eyebrows and sighs, smiling towards the doctor as he extends a hand. "Well, I'm gonna go ahead and get on out of here. Thanks for your time and your help. I'll talk to you again soon, I'm sure."

Chuck nodding and he manages to make out the man hand and his first attempt at reaching out for it he misses it by a few inches but correcting the posistion and grabbing it firmly and offering a shake and then releasing. "Looking forward to it, be safe out there. It is a crazy city."

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