Hogwarts For The Evolved


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Scene Title Hogwarts for the Evolved
Synopsis The Lighthouse staff and other interested parties have a meeting to figure out what to do about Lighthouse.
Date December 4, 2010

Pollepel Island

Common Room

"Okay. So.. You sit here."

Brian points to the chair to his right before looking back up to Doyle. Waving around a tiny gavel. "And then they'll all sit in this circle thingie.. Oh. And remember, don't suggest robbing banks. I don't know how these people will respond to that." Winters gives Eric a light smile, taking a step over to the other man. "How do I look? These are the only clothes I have that would pass as formal here… But. Uh. I wanted to look professional." Bringing up his arms as if to be inspected by the puppeteer.

Wearing a very nice black button up with a harsh red tie contrasting against the darkness of the rest of his apparel. Though he doesn't seem to notice that one of his wrist buttons are undone. On the other arm, a pink Disney Princess Mirror is strapped to his arm.

On this evening, this common room has been commandeered by Brian and Doyle. A circle of chairs surrounds a coffee table decked with platters. Brian has gone to the work of stealing chairs and food to make the appearance of a normal meeting. Though the snacks are less than desirable like.. just jerkey and crackers, Brian has done his best.

Behind his chair a large mirror has been placed so that all sitting in the circle can spot it. A chair has been placed in front of the mirror as well, just for mirror girl.

"I hope we get ideas man. I'm getting tired of Lance waking me up with goofy shit." Brian whines quietly, "I need a room back. With a good solid lock." He nods solidly, eyeing the other man.

Peeking her head in, Monica seems to be making sure she's got the right place before she actually steps in. "Hey, Bri," she says with a soft smile. She's actually got some fashionable (but warm!) duds on this time, which is somewhat out of character, but hey, that's what happens when you have to borrow your friend's clothes.

But more importantly, she carries a little brown bag with her, like something a school kid would have lunch in. Or a hobo would have liquor in, however you want to see it. But Monica, she's got candy in hers, which she moves over to set next to the jerky and crackers. She's been off island, is what it looks like.

"Am I early?"

"I still think that it was a good idea," Doyle mutters under his breath as he settles down into the seat proffered and leaning back — shifting now and then to adjust himself. He's dressed in khaki pants, suspenders and a white button-up shirt. He hasn't shaved in far too long, and his face looks somewhat like a jungle that's gone completely wild. "You look fine, Brian," he chuckles faintly, "Seriously, I don't think anybody's gonna care."

There's a pause, "Have we figured out anything for Paul? And…" Oh, there's someone here. He looks over to the door, raising a hand and managing a faint smile, "Nope! This's the right place. Come on in."

"I'm working on something to help Paul," Gillian says quietly from her corner of the room. She's been unusually quiet lately, and today is no exception. It doesn't have anything to do with the inch and a half of dark hair that's rooted out of her dyed red hair that's pulled back into a ponytail. If she were self conscious about it, she'd likely be wearing a hat.

As people start to gather, she moves closer to sit down in one of the chairs. "I just have to find someone with phasing— though if all else fails, I might see if I can augment them. Maybe jumpstart them into controlling their ability. Not sure I can augment someone phased— I augmented someone with a similar ability and they made people fall through a floor once, though."

Samara had slipped in without anyone noticing, one of the delights of being intangible. She'd worked hard to get back here for this meeting, having woken up somewhere extraneous this morning. Paul had, fortunately, woken up before she'd fallen asleep. The good news about her sleep is she looks slightly more rested than earlier, the dark circles having disappeared from underneath her eyes.

At the large mirror, however, she freezes as she stares at her reflection. Her cheeks flush slightly at her reflection as she assumes that chair in front of the mirror, she's not used to having so many people able to see her at once. And it seems vain to sit in front of her own reflection, but then, that's the only way anyone knows she exists at all. Regardless of the slight nerves, she manages a broad dimpled grin. She's dressed in the same clothes she's been wearing for four years, evidently: a grey t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans.

Not long after Monica, Ygraine increases the number of faux-redheads present as she ducks through the doorway - offering a slightly nervous smile. For her part, she looks as if she's just come in from outside, with mud spattered on her jungle boots, and her heavy biker's jacket hanging open over a baggy woollen sweater. Around her waist is fastened a utility belt, with a bulk pouch that some might recognise as containing the night-vision gear the Ferry gave her some time ago.

Pausing momentarily to survey those already here, Ygraine raises a hand in an uncertain little wave of greeting, then moves to take a seat… only to double-take at the arrival of Samara.

With a covered basket in her arms, Kaylee makes her way into the common room, eyes sweeping over those there, teeth catching her lips as she sees faces she really hadn't in several years. A weak smile goes to Ygraine and Quinn, to of her rescuers, but she doesn't approach them. Instead, she veers towards the table of goodies, so that she can put the basket there.

Her long blonde hair pulled up in a loose bun, only way to tame the long lengths of hair. Her clothing is a bit on the baggy side, but wearable, with a dark brow sweater and jeans. She's warm at least. There is a glint of gold where a necklace is visible, the rest tucked into her sweater.

She gives Brian and Doyle a bit brighter of a smile, "Brian. Nice to see you again." Kaylee lifts the tea towel that covers what's in the basket, letting waif out the sent of fresh rolls, possibly still warm. "I made some rolls for tonight, though we'd all think better with something on our stomachs," she mused softly before letting it drop again, so that she can move to give Doyle a quick hug, if hesitant one.

"So wonderful to see you, Eric. I'd like to talk to you before I leave the island on some errands." The request is murmured when Kaylee moves to pull away and find a seat. When she sits, her back is straight, feet tucked under and crossed at the ankles and hands folded in her lap. Rather ladylike.

QUinn isn't too far behind Ygraine, something which shouldn't be terribly surprising to most. Her arms are huddled close to her button up black coat, brown books echoing footsteps as she makes her way into the room where this meeting is being held. She wears big headphones around her ears, but there's no evidence of music coming form them at this moment. It's more likely that they're simply serving as makeshit earmuffs for the time being.

"God it much be feckin' 0 degrees out here," she comments with an idle shiver, waving as she comes to a stop beside the Briton, looking around - and her eyes focusing on the mirror with a squint.

Wait a second-

"I've got to talk to Gabriel Gray about that one." Brian murmurs to Doyle on the topic of Paul. Looking down at his wrist, Brian instantly grimaces. "You dick. My button is undone. You said I looked fine." Hastily trying to do the button, he frowns in dismay as it proves to be somewhat difficult. As Gillian walks in, Brian nods soundly to Doyle. "Yeah. She's handling it." As difficulty with his cuff button continues, Brian saunters over to Gillian's seat. Practically throwing his wrist in Gillian's face, he gives her an apologetic look. "I can't get it."

Smiling over at Monica, he gives a little wave with his other hand. "Hey you. Thanks for coming." At the bag he gives a faux gasp. "A present? For us! What did you get?" He asks a little too excitedly.

Then Kaylee walks in. That's awkward. The girl he pretended to be interested in to get closer to a psychopath. "Hey." He offers with a gentle smile. Though he flashes Gillian a nervous look.

His eyes skim over to the mirror where he spots the entrance of Samara. A warm smile plays at his lips, his fingers raising up in a small descreet wave. Mouthing 'hi', he keeps his eyes there for a moment before looking back to Gillian. "You okay?"

"You've got to talk to fucking who about— are you— have you completely lost your mind you crazy bastard— ?" Doyle stammers the words out, just staring at Brian. But then he's greeting the others arriving, and he bites his tongue, leaning back looking like he'd just bit into a lemon. Time to yell at the duplicator about it later.

A faint smile's forced for Gillian, "Hey, Gilli. Been awhile… Kaylee." There's a pause, actually a touch surprised, one arm reaching out to reurn the half-hug, "Sure. Sure. You know where to find me."

"Nothing but pure sugar. The kids aren't comin' to this meeting, are they?" Monica steps over to Brian after setting her stuff down, a sort of amused indulgence in her expression as she picks up his wrist to fix the errant button. She, oddly enough, doesn't flinch at the mention of talking to Sylar, but she does give Brian a sympathetic look as Doyle takes some umbrage. Wups.

The mimic does greet the others that come in, just a sort of shy smile here and there.

"Eric, stop, it's my suggestion and I know exactly what I was doing when I made it," Gillian says in a quietly frustrated voice, though she's more frustrated at Brian than anyone else. There's a reason she didn't say the name of who she was going to to help with Paul, and her brother should have understood that. "If you know someone else who can fix broken powers, then name it, but Gabriel's the one who taught me how to control mine and he has phasing."

It's not Brian that's likely going to have to talk to him, but she may leave it to him anyway. It really depends. But… There's a glance toward the blonde woman, that seems to come with a kind of awkward flinch. Her brother may have attempted to seduce the woman, but Gillian has her own issues, which are neither here nor there. "How many people did you invite to this anyway?" she asks, glancing sideways at her brother.

A small wave, given by a small waggle of fingers, is given to Ygraine and then Quinn in turn, paling Sami's face slightly. Her eyes widen and her mouth gapes momentarily, but she recovers quickly enough. She forces a bigger grin, this one more strained than the last. Straightening in her seat she mouths a single word in greeting, 'Hi.' It's easy enough to see, over-annunciated for the benefit of the onlookers.

Brian earns an easier smile and a quick thumb's up sigh. All's well. She thinks.

Things are… odd, to say the least. Ygraine smiles and nods a greeting to Kaylee, looks faintly hurt at Brian's apparent total lack of recognition, and then returns to goggling at the reflection in the mirror. When it - she - offers a greeting, the Briton abruptly looks guilty, and waves and mouths 'hi' in return.

Glancing at Gillian, Kaylees cheeks develop a light flush and her eyes fall away again. Lips press together and brow tip upwards with a touch of worry or… maybe even guilt. Hands curl in her lap and for a moment, the telepath looks like she might leave, but… she forces herself to relax a little. However, she send an apologetic look Gillian's way, before timidly looking away to her hands in her lap.

Beyond that, the telepath stays strangely subdued and silent in her seat. If anyone feels awkward it's Kaylee, who spend so long in the past, she feels a little out of place with this group.

THis is honestly a bit more than Quinn was expecting! But that's not exactly a bad thing. Lots of familiar faces, with the sole exception of Gillian. Even Samara is familiar to Quinn, a fact which elicits a loud gulp and nervous wave offered to the mirror, before she turns her attention back to Brian and the others. "I hope not," Quinn answers in response to Monica. "It's too cold for me t' watch my language." She grins, and then looks around with narrowed eyes. "Though I am pretty certain we'll see someone before the end of the night." And by someone she of course means Lance.

Nodding his thanks to Monica, Brian winces over at Gillian. "I didn't think they would hear me." Oops. "And I kind of forgot.. that he… Woops." Brian admits, giving his sister an apologetic frown. "And I trust her." Brian adds in as if to ease his siblings irritation. "I left it open. Why do you think I didn't get enough chairs?" Distractedly he glances to Monica. "No, no kids. Grown up talk." Making his way away from Gillian he goes to pick up a piece of jerkey and gnaw on it.

Moving to his own chair, Brian goes to take a seat heavily. His back is to the mirror and the woman inside it, but the mirror strapped to his arm is moved up so that he can get a look at her. Letting his eyes swim across the room, Brian licks his lips. Wow. This is awkward! Holding his tiny gavel, he brings it up and gives a little tap-tap to the side of his chair.

"Excuse me everyone. If we could all sit down."

"We can all eat and hang out after we get done with the discussion. First of all, thank you all for coming. It's good to see all of you familiar faces, and I appreciate the new faces coming in. So down to business. As you most likely know, we have kids under our care. We have been displaced from our home on Staten Island. None of our people have been to the Lighthouse since November 8th. This meeting is to brainstorm on what to do with our kids. How to secure a new form of income to handle our upkeep, and any other general suggestions and or opinions." Brian clears his throat.

"So. Who would like to go first?"

Still looking rather uncertain, Ygraine raises her hand. "I'm due to go back on watch shortly, so… I should probably chip in now, if I am to say anything at all."

A moment's hesitation, to allow other people to object, then she ventures a smile. "I… well. I've spoken to Eric, more than once, about helping out with tutoring the kids. And I made the offer to a couple of the Council again a few days ago. Especially since there'd been… talk of someone rather… dangerous being asked to do some work with them. I'm certainly happy to help with that, and Robyn's offered to help with music lessons in the past, too. And if there's a need for any more books, or more of the tech I brought with me from this last trip off-island, then I can certainly see what I can get my hands on. More wind-up laptops might be hard to get hold of, unfortunately, but I could try. Especially if they're helpful with the kids."

She shrugs slightly. "As for places to stay… if you want some help scouting sites, then I've got some basic surveillance gear - like the night vision kit - and I can reach vantage points and take routes few other people can. So physical investigation of possible sites, I should be able to help with more easily than most." A slight pause. "I, ahh, think that's it from me, for now."

At the chiding from the amplifier, Doyle shuts his mouth with a grimace. "Fine. Fine," he mutters under his breath, "But if he so much as lays a finger on any of the kids, he'll be eating his own god-damn brains for breakfast."

The puppeteer's arms fold over his broad chest as he listens to Ygraine speak, grunting slightly in agreement with her, "I don't want Varlane around the kids too much either. Not after the way he endangered them all at the Hill. So if we can get some other people willing to tutor them…"

"Um…" Monica speaks up from her spot against the wall. She stands, sitting doesn't seem to be much of her thing really. "I'm no brilliant professor, but I can do some tutoring. I was in college right up until the fall and everything. I've got a… pretty resourceful contact or two," it may be a bit of an understatement, for the people of Endgame, but whatever! "Might be able to get something to use for text books, even. I could ask, anyway."

"If we took everyone who endangered them away, they couldn't even be around each other," Gillian says toward Doyle, noticing the apologetic look from Kaylee, but not really doing much to acknowledge it. There's a small gesture as if to tell her she can stay, but she'd already decided to anyway. "But I don't know what happened at the Hill. They can likely use some better tutors, though, and anyone with knowledge can easily share it. As for money, I was going to say Cat. I had actually talked to her about this a while ago, before the 8th, back when it seemed Linderman wouldn't be in any position to offer us assistance, and she'd agreed to help with expenses more than once, but what I think we really need to consider…"

There's hesitation, because this is something she's not sure everyone will agree with… "Do we keep them in the public eye, or do we remove them from it entirely? The Lighthouse has been loosely affiliated with the Ferry, and I think now is the time it should become fully part of it, and the kids be in the network and not in the public eye. From my experiences in the Institute, I can never live in the public eye again, not as myself. And they literally use the Registry as a shopping list. And there's no telling when they might decide they need one of the kids. Lance would make a pretty damn good intelligence person if he got training, Lily can look into the past, Mala, Joe— any of them. I don't think they should stay here in the castle, especially not during the winter, but I don't think we can open a new orphanage and call it safe."

Though she winces, and listens worriedly to Gillian, Ygraine opts to at least briefly return to her own topic. "I think it's safe to say that we can cover a wide range of education in different topics, if we tap a few members of the Ferry. And I delivered a shipment of books to the Lighthouse a few weeks back", she says with a smile to Monica, before looking to Eric. "But I'd be surprised if there's not a need for more. I'm sure that if a shopping list could be drawn up, a few of us could work on trying to find it all. Tech might be harder to come by - certainly safe tech that won't pose any security risks - but I'm hoping that the two wind-up laptops'll cover that… but yeah. Figuring out how best to protect them's got to be a higher priority than drawing up a roster of teachers or a wishlist of gadgets."

"I agree with Gillian." Kaylee speaks up softly from where she is, glancing up from her hands finally. She looks a little more confident in her words. "These kids don't need to end up picked up by the Institute. I don't want what's happened to Gillian… or Joseph… Lynette." Brows furrow slightly as she seems to struggle with some thoughts.

It may not have been that long, but for her it's been years and it shows in her words. "If I remember right… they had a girl… ah… I can't remember her name off the top of my head, she was in Ferry hands for a time?" Kaylee looks a little nervous about speaking up, but she continues. "If she's the result being in their hands and the Institute knew the Lighthouse was loosely apart of the Ferry? "She slowly shakes her head. "I say keep them hidden, it's too much of a risk."

Her mouth opens to say more and then stops, seems to reconsider before Kaylee adds, "As for the tutoring, I can probably help with the reading, some of the math, even if I'm not a teacher, I'm willing to help these kids at least learn skills they will need."

Quinn offers a nod at the mention of her name. "I can certainly come around an' team music an' look after the kids every now an' then, but I can't actually stay on the island." She looks over at Ygraine for moment, then to Doyle and Brian. "A friend of mine… Doyle knows her. Elaine Darrow, Magnes' ex-girlfriend, may be joining the Ferry soon. She was interested in helpin' out with the kids. Perhaps reaching them some foreign language, since that's what her ability handles."

Nodding in agreement with Doyle, "I don't either. I don't know why we thought that was a good idea in the first place." Brian murmurs, lowering his head and scrubbing at his hair. "Varlane is… Yeah." Looking back over at Ygraine, he smiles. "Thank you very much. Some wall climbing again would be just great." He laughs a little. His gaze settles down on Gillian. Worry settles down in his eyes at first. His lips purse. "That's not what he…" He cuts himself off quickly. Not what he started. He being Fulk, the real founder of the Lighthouse. But she makes sense, and there's no fighting that.

"No. You're right. If we open up another orphanage that can be seen in any kind of light.. We're just begging for another raid. My only concern is…" He takes a deep breath and stretches up. "Lighthouse had an open door. Evolved kids could hear about us and find us. There is a place for them if they need it. I know we only have like twelve kids. And there's so many more that could use us.. But.. If we go completely off the grid, we aren't being what the Lighthouse is supposed to be. We raise a generation of good kids. And then what? A small difference, but it's not the legacy we can make. If we go off the grid… We need some way to be reaching the kids specifically for the Lighthouse." Brian pauses. "Children hunters or something. That sounds bad but… Something like that." Glancing into the mirror that reflects a mirror he waits a moment to see if ReflectionGirl has anything to say.

Apparently outnumbered in his opinions of things, Doyle's hands lift in surrender. "Alright, alright," he sighs out, letting them fall back to his sides as he leans back in the chair with a sulky expression upon his face, "I'll just shut up, then." Brian's words mollify him a bit, but he's shaking his head all the same.

"Elaine was good with the kids. I'm fine with her," he murmurs, then looks more seriously to Brian, "So… what, we find somewhere off the grid, start up a secret orphanage, send people out to hunt for young Evolved coming into their powers to bring there? Like some— some sort've Harry Potter school for the Evolved?"

"Well, teaming up with the Ferry might help there. In finding the kids that need you. Us. Help." Monica looks over at Doyle, a smile crossing her features there. "You say it like that and kids'll be faking powers to try to get in." But to the crowd at large, she rolls a shoulder a bit, "And not to be the black cloud… but where're we going to hide a secret orphanage?"

Ygraine can't help but giggle at Doyle's wording, grinning as she shakes her head. Then she shrugs slowly at Monica. "There, I think we need the Ferry to help. There's space for a hidden orphanage in various places - Grand Central could hold several. But sites that are suitable homes as well… those'll be rather harder to find. We'll need to find out from the Council what options they think they have. There might be some safehouses they'd consider handing over, that haven't been betrayed to the authorities. And if not… we can see about buying somewhere, perhaps. Even ignoring the possibility of help from Cat, it's not as if property's all that expensive in many parts of New York, if we do keep the kids in the area. But… yeah - sounds like we've agreed that we can draw up a roster of tutors, and that we need to check out sites for a secret orphanage. Right?"

"Sending people out is a thought, but there's also— what if we set up in a place where kids might come on their own?" Gillian suggests quietly, grateful that some people are supportive, but not really finding the school idea exceptionally funny. That's a huge responsibility and not everyone can be in twenty places at once.

"Like for example, if we set up the safehouse on top of, or below, an arcade. Children would come to it anyway to get away from responsibilities and life, we could meet them, get to know them, and draw them in if they need protection."

While she's been listening, Samara isn't entirely certain what to say. She shoots him a lopsided smile, it's weak amongst the debate, uncertain in many respects. The smile fades some amid the discussion of how to resurface. Brian's glance to the mirror produces a small shrug and signing in response— she can't talk such that they can hear her, and her sign language leaves something to be desired: she has to spell everything, sometimes making the words difficult to catch (on the plus side, her spelling is improving). 'THE ARCADE MAKES SENSE TO ME. OR A KID-FRIENDLY HANG OUT OF SOME SORT. BACK HOME WE HAD A POOL HALL WE HUNG OUT AT. IT WAS LIKE A DROP-IN FOR YOUNG PEOPLE."

A hand goes up from Kaylee, brows tipping down a little. "If the kids go underground, I'd like to suggest that maybe… loosen the requirements some?" She glances at the others, especially Gillian. "There is a little girl, I've… had fall in my lap. A mute girl that I don't even know if she has the gene, but her mother was Ferry at least. From what I can get from her memories, which are sketchy at best at her age, that is." She's feeling a bit more confident speaking up, so she continues.

"And something like an arcade… or something of the sort makes sense. More then just for kids to come to the orphanage, but also cause…" Kaylee spreads her hands a little, "You got all these kids in your care that need to get outside. To play." A small smile tugs at a corner of her mouth as her hands return to her lap. "Else it'll be the issues here all over again. Cause my other thought was a ranch of some sort, cause it's away from major scrutiny."

"I like the arcade. We have like a pizza place in there or something, and our older kids can work." Brian gives an admiring glance to Gillian, smiling slowly. "That's a great idea, Gilli." He tilts his head up. "If we can get enough money, combined with the money we have saved. Maybe we could get a big place. House more kids, underground." Looking at his mirror. "Our Ghost says, 'The arcade makes sense to me.'" A pause as he waits for her to sign more letters. "Or a kid friendly hang out of some sort…. Back home we had a pool hall we hung out at. It was like.." Another annoying pause, but he smiles rather than get agitated. "It was like a drop-in for young people."

Glancing up from the mirror, Brian gives a solid nod. "It sounds great to me. Of course we'll need to have adjustments on it, some escape routes… Stuff like that. But.. I really like the idea. Doyle?"

"It's not a bad idea," Doyle admits with a slight shake of his head, "I'd suggest a puppet theater, but, well…" A grin, "…I imagine that nobody goes to those anymore. So I guess an arcade'll work. Where're we gonna get the sort of money we'd need for something like this, though…?"

Ygraine nods warmly. "Sounds like a very good idea to me, too. And definitely with escape routes. I can help with scouting ways in and out. But… money? There'll probably be all sorts of development grants available for 'worthy causes' in rebuilding the city, if you want to hide behind the legitimacy of state or charitable funding. Or we tap the network - and perhaps Cat - again."

Rising to her feet, the Briton looks apologetic. "But… I'm afraid I should be on my way. Sentry-duty calls. Do let me know if there's anything I can do. Books, shopping, scouting or whatever. I want to help." Raising a hand in farewell, she slips out of the chamber.

"That's assuming Cat's assets are still solid, but I'm sure she has some in another name somewhere— she's pretty careful about a lot of that," Gillian says, drawing from her own memory. "I think she'd be willing to help us secure the money to buy a building and some games, and other things we can put in there… We'll have to get fake IDs for the kids, but that's right up this place's alley," Gillian says with a gesture, meaning the Ferry in general, and not the building.

"We can scrounge up some money on our own, too, and once it gets up and running we can work on getting keeping upkeep with whatever money we manage to make." Which she hopes is enough to pay property taxes or rent, or however it ends up being.

"And I think we can take in your girl, too," she says to Kaylee, nodding at Ygraine as she moves to leave, but staying on that topic. "If you think she should stay with kids her own age. Not all the kids have manifested, and part of the whole idea of the Ferry is us all working and living together, whether we have abilities or not." Even if everyone in the room happens to.

With a lopsided half smile Samara hmmms quietly as she tilts her head. 'IT'S A BUSINESS. WE COULD FIND PEOPLE WILLING TO POOL RESOURCES FOR IT, MAYBE? WE AREN'T LOOKING FOR FINANCIERS, WE'RE LOOKING FOR INVESTORS. ESPECIALLY IF WE'RE AIMING FOR AN ARCADE, RIGHT?' Her lips purse tightly together before another smile, this one far more mischievous than the last, pulls at the corners of her mouth. 'I COULD SPOOK MY BROTHER INTO PUTTING IN MONEY.' With a a wink and a shake of her head she signs again, 'BUT SERIOUSLY, IF ANYONE IS AN UPSTANDING CITIZEN WE COULD GO THROUGH NORMAL SMALL BUSINESS STUFF I THINK.' Not that Samara knows what that entails.

"Your forgetting the little little kids, Eric." Kaylee points out helpfully, brows lifting a bit. "Little kids always want to hear stories and I'm sure the youngest ones will be less enamored with the idea of playing video games all day. Not to mention an inability to reach the controls." There is a slow shrug of her shoulders for the big guy and a somewhat shy smile. "So I say build a small puppet theater in there as well."

Glancing at Gillian, Kaylee nods, her expression clearly relieved. "Thank you and I really do. She needs more then just me and… I'm still adjusting —" she trails off and brows furrow. She shakes her head, "That's not important, but… my life isn't as ready as I would hope to take on a child full time. Not yet anyhow." Her gaze drifts to Brian and Doyle. "Not to mention, being around kids would be good for her, help her maybe relax a little more with strangers. It's not like I would not be around to help with her or the other kids, either." she pauses and glances down again, "If it's alright?" Gillian is the only one that should know why she's asking that.

Watching the mirror for a long moment, Brian decides to paraphrase Samara this time. "She has a brother that might be able to throw some money in. She thinks we could look for legitimate investors. And if anyone is an upstanding citizen we could go through normal small business stuff." Brian falls quiet at that. "I'm pretty sure most all of us are blacklisted, Sameye." Brian returns with a little grimace. He glances to Kaylee. "We've taken non-evo kids before. We'll take them again." Brian gives another little nod. "If anyone could pass a legitimate background check, we could get a business loan. But none of us has a clean record with the ol' U S of A. Which is why we're all here. We need to find someone who is clean…" Brian pauses for a moment before looking into his wrist-mirror. "How much arm bending do you think it would take to make Tahir our front man?"

"I can offer a bit of money," Quinn offers with a grin, waving as Ygraine makes her way out - she knew the woman might have to leave before they got here, and has preemptively said her goodbyes. "It's only a few thousand - like… 7 or 8, but I can still offer it up t' help with setting this up however it can." She crosses her arms, waiting to see hoe that goes over. "Friend a' mine worked in an arcade in Boston. They aren't really places that see a lotta business anymore, so it might not attract attention if the occasional kid makes their way there…"

"Legitimacy is hard to come by these days," Monica says ruefully. "But I guess the first step is to see what resources we have or can get… money, people, real estate, so forth. We'll be able to better assess what we can realistically get our hands on once we know what we've got to work with."

"I have a clean ID, and it may be clean enough to run a business, but I don't really want to draw attention to myself," Gillian admits, shrugging her shoulders. Likely she'll soon be going by that name of choice full time, but it's her face that isn't going to pass any tests if people are looking for her. "I want the Institute to think I'm dead, so I need to avoid getting picked up, or showing my face too often in places they might be looking at. Especially under my new ID. I want to keep that safe, in case of emergencies…" Wireless got it especially for her— and it uses their mom's maiden name, so it's personal.

"If we do get a front man, I want it to be someone we know well— cause there's a lot of people I don't trust anymore. Not after what happened to me."

Samara tilts her head, considering Tahir's stance on pretty much anything and everything. Biting her bottom lip, she shrugs, 'I FREAKED HIM OUT AND HE FIGURED HE NEEDED THE GHOST BUSTERS WHEN HE SAW MY REFLECTION. I THINK I CAN PUSH HIM TO DO IT. WOULD BE EASIER IF HE COULD HEAR ME THOUGH.' And there is that. Maybe if she wrote him a letter or something. Her cheeks flush a little. 'HE CAN BE TOTALLY CHEESY, BUT HE DOES ACTUALLY CARE.' Like that time he beat up Tyler Reid because of the junior prom fiasco. Her nose wrinkles at the memory, but it's quickly pushed out her her mind.

A hand raises slowly from where she's sitting, a bit of a smirk at the fact she can't believe she's doing this but… "I have a clean record… believe it or not." Kaylee gives Doyle and Brain an odd look. "Even despite my past stupidity in who I associated with." She doesn't explain the whole protected by the Institute thing either.

"I'm taking a trip off the island come Monday. I'll know for sure then, when I test my card." Which has been sitting in a cigar tin for one hundred or so years. Kaylee lifts her shoulders slowly, brows lifting as if to ask, 'well?' "Also open to shopping lists while I'm at it, I can pick up supplies while me and my little sister are staying there."

"If we can swing it. I think it would be best if we have a front man who's non-evolved. We don't want to draw more attention than we need to. If we have a registered non-evolved owning the place.. There's an author who wants to help us out. The author of the Amplified series. ..Whatsherface. I don't know if that would help us though, trying not to get attention." He glances at Gillian, giving a little nod. "Tahir is Sameye's brother. He's a tv guy." Brian explains. "And if Sam says we can trust him. I think we can."

"We need to find someone we can trust but.. We're running out of friends who can be out in the open." Glancing over at Kaylee, he purses his lips then obviously decides to allow Doyle and Gillian to answer her, because he's blinking to both of them.

"Savannah Burton!" Quinn offers to Brian with a wide grin. "I've met her. She's really nice. Her books are awesome too." Not that that's relevent. "If she wants t' help the Ferry, that's all the better. But someone that well known as a face, I dunno. Could be awesome, could look kinda weird, maybe? I offer t' do it, people seem t' be pushin' me more an' more int' public view lately, but I dunno if that's exactly what we want." The Irishwoman shrugs a bit. The mention of Samara's brother makes her fidget a bit, a glance given over towards the mirror for a moment, then down at the floor.

"You've got a clean record, yeah, but…" Eric seems uncertain, "…you are known by the government. So you suddenly running a business, they'd be watching it."

"Speaking as the security person here… anyone who's known to the Institute or DoEA or DHS or whatever comes next… is probably not a good idea. If they come to pick up people they know and find the kids there… well, that becomes bad. So we need someone… probably someone new. Or someone who's had really good luck so far," Monica says with a crooked smile. "It might look strange if someone famous suddenly wants to start an arcade, but it isn't unheard of… Savannah or Quinn either one, it's like the celebrities who start restaurants or clothing lines. Actually… Quinn, if you're… not wanted or anything, you might be the perfect choice, since you're not famous yet and you having this thing on the side wouldn't too much of a sudden shocker, but rather one of those bits of fun trivia that comes out about people in the public eye. But honestly… whatever we've got that works and whoever's willing to stick their name on it."

"Sorry, in this case whatever doesn't work. These children need to be safe, so whoever doesn't work at all. And no offense to your ghost, but I don't know her," Gillian says, looking for a moment at the mirror. "So I can't really trust her word. I'd much rather someone we really know we can trust. If you insist on this guy, then I insist you take it slow. Don't tell him all the details, keep it secret as possible. But I really trust people who haven't walked through fire with us. I may have had difference with Kaylee in the past," she says this bluntly, without apology. "But I trust her, because I know she has the same fears that I do."

There is a surprised look that goes Gillian's way, the telepath stares at her for a long moment. Her mouth opens as if to say something or maybe ask only to shut it again and gives Gillian a smile. Eyes blink a few times before she gives a slow nod in Gillian's direction, an unspoken 'thank you' there.

The smile Kaylee then turns to Doyle is an understanding one, "It's a risk I know, but I had to offer. Honestly, it may be better protected with my name." Brows furrow a bit in thought, as she says, " But I understand, now… I'm not sure about bringing in unknowns. I have a pretty good idea what the council might think." Her eyes goes to the mirror, briefly a brow lifting a bit. "If you do… just… be careful? Take it slowly and make sure it's the right thing. Vet whoever it is, to make sure." Again she glances at the mirror. "No offense."

"But also going underground." Kaylee glances at Brain and then Gillian. "You might talk to the council or at least some of them. Just… to let them know."

Quinn's glance towards her and subsequent fidgeting, flush Sami's cheeks and brings her gaze to the floor. At Gillian's comments, her gaze moves upwards again. For a moment She folds her hands in her lap together and presses her lips together into a thin line. She opens her mouth to respond, but closes it moments later remembering her own personal communication impediments. Her cheeks flush slightly as she manages a faint smile.


Watching the signing, Brian nods lightly. "Hold on." He murmurs, waiting for Samara to finish the letters. "She understands the concern. She believes her brother is trustworthy, but it is important for all of us to trust whoever the front man is." Winters glances to Kaylee then back to Gillian. Lacing his fingers on his lap, he glances down to the gavel on the ground. "Well. I thank you all for your comments and suggestions. I think we've learned a lot tonight. And this is a decision that Lighthouse staff will have to make." Brian glances over to Gillian. "If anyone has any closing comments, go ahead and make them now."

"I just want to make sure the children are safe," Gillian says simply. "The council may have better advice, but for now… at least we're agreed on what kind of place we need to make." Safe, underground, with some kind of kid friendly business. "It's more than we had before this began. And it's nice to meet you, ghost that I can not quite see— I think I'm going to go look for someone who would be able to help you and Paul, now."

With that she stands and nods towards Kaylee. They seem to have reached a common ground, at the very least. Maybe now they can talk to each other without awkward tension. With that said, she walks away.

She has an ex-serial killer to find.

"I meant… whoever works within the parameters. The parameters begin, whoever's not going to send up a giant red flag to the government or be on a list to pluck up by the Institute. My point was, given that, we have very few options." Monica looks over at Kaylee there, frowning just a little. "I suppose what I'm wondering is… how big a risk are you, if the government is… interestedhow interested? You know what I mean? I mean, it's the reason I don't offer my own name up into the hat. I just mean… it's something to be thinking about." She shrugs there, looking back over at Brian. That's all she's got.

"Well, no," Quinn replies with a tilted head. "The worst I have on record is bein' out after curfew a few times before they got really strict, usually gettin' home from a party or somethin'." SHe doesn't think she actually got written up that one time she walked out of a rave high as a kite and got stopped walking home, but she's not going to mention that for the moment. "I… could do it, if I need to. I'd certianly be willin' t', anything I can do t' help, as long as it leaves me time t' record music so I can actually get famous." The last bit added with a wry grin aimed in Brian's direction. "Just let me know!"

Monica's question get's a bit of a smile from Kaylee. "It's a little bit complicated and not sure I want to spell it all out right here and now." The telepath spreads her hands in a helpless gesture. "But I will say I'm in a whole different category of known or on the radar. It could benefit this whole thing or not." Even she can admit she's not certain. "But…" her gaze goes briefly to Brian. "It's something I'm willing to take up with the Lighthouse owners, if they want to know more."

Then she gives Brian a smile, "I said what I needed. Now I'm going to go find and spend some time with Joseph. Check on Emily." Pushing to her own feet so that she can leave, she nods at the basket, "Share those with the kids. I know rations can be a pain, not much of a treat.. but it's more in hungry bellies."

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