Hold On


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Scene Title Hold On
Synopsis Help is coming.
Date Monday February 23, 2009

Rusty Warehouse

At one point in the not-so-distant past, this derelict warehouse was used to store loading equipment for the dockyards of Fresh Kills Harbor. Today, it serves as a makeshift prison with storage containers converted into simplistic cells that look out across the warehouse's concrete floor, blocked off with three steel walls and one made from industrial-grade wire mesh with an electrical current running through it to prevent escape.

Each cell is outfitted with a cot, a toilet and sink to provide the prisoners with fresh water, as well as a bucket that can be overturned and used as a stool.

Another night of fights, another round of healing for those who took to the cage unwillingly and survived enough to get Abby's gift. So it is, that Abby's shuffling past Magnes cage at a god awful early morning hour, opting to take a little time to sit, look in on Magnes. The little stool she's been dragging with her while her guards sit at the far end, waiting, biding their time, is placed down in front of his cage. No going into it for her. She's been eschewing that. Not liking the Pyro at the end and his habit to make himself almost too hot for her to touch him on purpose. "Hey" She's worn down, the red bulls depleted and in the little box at her feet as she plunks down, leans against the cage with her head.

Magnes sits on the bed with his legs crossed and eyes closed, the underside of the mattress visibly straining under his weight. "Hey, Abby." he says in an uneasy tone, still not opening his eyes or seeming like his usually enthusiastic self. "You alright?" he asks, opening one eye to take a brief peek at her before closing it again.

"Peachy" Like she'd say otherwise. "You need to come here Magnes" That's so mysterious sounding. "Please" It's quietly asked. Her blue eyes peer through the bars to him and his bed. He's having a hard time, the bed looks ready to break. "Your gravity is showing"

Magnes sighs, his weight suddenly easing up as he stands and walks over to her, dragging the upside down bucket so he can sit next to her and offer his hand. "I couldn't figure out why you seemed mad at me, I mean, other than wanting to save you. I said stupid things when we got captured, but it's like, it wasn't really me. I don't know what was wrong, I was just saying stupid things. And for some reason I thought if I said you were my girlfriend, they wouldn't hurt you."

"They hurt the ones you love, the ones you like, and friends Magnes, to make you do, what they want you to do. It's how everyone does it." She closes her eyes, seeming to rest quietly. "It's his touch. He can make you happy, so very happy, like there's nothing else in the world but his touch, and if he keeps it up just a little bit longer, keeps his hand on your throat… you might just die of bliss" He's used it a few more times on her since she and Magnes were parted. "I didn't come here to talk about that" Her hand slips through the bar, offered to him.

Magnes takes her hand, not really having to fake the blissful feeling when she starts healing, he's been training rather hard, and training with your body's weight can be painful when one screws up. "Sorry. Is something wrong?" he asks, then whispers, "We'll get out of here soon, if that assassin guy's plan comes through…"

"Assassin guy?" Abby looks up from Magnes's hand, having to work really hard at concentrating, keeping it up.

"He was supposed to kill me a while back, but that's not his job anymore. He says he's gonna get us all out, and he'll need my help." Magnes explains, his grip gently tightening protectively. "It could be a trick, but I don't care, it's a chance to save you."

"Someones coming for me Magnes. They're coming for all of us" The healing stops, there wasn't much to heal, but she keeps her hand in Magnes grip for now. "He has Deckard. John Logan caught him. I don't know how. he took out an eye. he's in the room next to mine. But there's people looking. Isabelle. There was another person. I managed to tell him who to go tell. They'll all know where this place is, where I am, everything. If he manages it. I told him to go to Jessica, and to Isabelle, to Agent Parkman, Agent Ivanov. Everyone. I wasn't kidding when I told Logan that he shouldn't have tried this" There's vehemence in the blonde's voice. "Just hang in okay? Your assassin friend too, make sure everyone hangs in. Help is coming. They know where we are" Abby voice cracks, her eyes wet. "They treating you okay?"

"As good as you can be treated in this place. You know, some of the fighters actually get paid to fight? I fought a blood manipulator, I think I dislocated her arm with my shirt, she was getting really serious, I didn't have a choice…" Magnes explains, since he didn't give any details of his fight before. When he sees her eyes wet, he reaches out with his free hand to run a thumb under one of them, shaking his head. "Hey, it'll be alright, Abby. Like you said, they're coming for us. I won't let anything like this happen again, I won't let you go through this again…"

"I didn't visit anyone with a dislocated arm. I think they only, they only bring me to the ones who are here unwillingly" Abby's far from pulling away from the touch, taking comfort, or a fraction of it, in the touch. "this isn't the first time, i've gone through this, it's just, it's a lot different this time around. She gave me food and coffee and she kept me happy and appeased, Logan.. the food isn't great and I get red bull when I heal and I'm so tired Magnes. It could be worse, I know. He could be shoving me in a cage here or making me fight" her fingers interlace with Magnes's fingers. "Hows your new trick coming?" Her other hand comes up, wiping at her eyes.

"It could be worse, but you shouldn't even have to put up with this much, it's not fair. I don't care if you have a power, I don't care about some stupid fantasy I have about you being a super heroine, you don't deserve this." Magnes moves his other hand to place it over the one he's already holding, shaking his head again. "I think I understand why those guys are so protective, but I'm not gonna do that, you deserve at least a little bit of normalacy. I'll protect you, but my priority will be making it easier for you to live, I don't want you to feel like you have bodyguards surrounding you. And, I'm getting really good at that power, I'd show you but, they might think I'm trying something…"

"Nobody deserves this" Abby whispers. "Don't show me. Save it, for when they make you fight again okay?" The guards are getting up, making the usual motions that indicate they've had enough of being nice. "Try and get rest Magnes. Find out who your assassin is. THey'll come for you guys, at some point. They can't just waltz in, not with all the evolved that they have working for them. So bide your time" She pulls her hand back from his, gently, heaving herself up to her feet.

"Be safe, Abby. This'll all be over soon." Magnes says with one last squeeze of her hand before she pulls it away. "I'll win the next one!" he says with a determined tone, watching the guards take her off.

"I pray it's so" The stool is taken by one of the guards, Abby's arm taken by another as she scoops up the empty red bulls and makes her way with them towards whatever method of transport gets her from the brothel to the warehouse. No looking back. Not at all for the blonde in her stained pink coat.

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