Hollingwood Speaks Out



"This is a special report of NBC news, I'm Thomas Marina. We're going to be cutting live in a moment to our investigative reporter Melissa Anderson who is outside the home of Pause Magazine editor in chief Nalani Hollingwood. Hollingwood, as many of you may know, has been in a great deal of hot water today after the release of a scandalous article at the end of her November 2010 issue of Pause Magazine."

"Hollingwood has agreed to break her silence and speak with reporters in a press conference, and— my producers are telling we're ready to go. Let's now cut live to Nalani Hollingwood."

When the broadcast cuts from the reporter's talking head, the aforementioned Nalani Hollingwood stands in front of her building in gray Chanel, black pumps and white pearls with hair down and perfectly draped over her shoulder. West stands to her left and just behind her as she smiles to the camera's and microphones. "Questions and concerns surrounding the November issue of pause magazine has reached me and I feel compelled to answer those questions that have arisen instead of letting them linger in the air. The integrity of my publication has never been in question, even now. Those who come to us in the hopes of using our pages as a way to get their message or product to the reader are always recorded to ensure that my interviewers, reporters and editors do not submit erroneous articles that would open myself and my company to any lawsuits."

"I have heard the tapes of the interview session between Mayor Lockheart and Mister Westen, and can personally vouch for their completeness but will not be releasing them at this time. Mayor Lockheart was cautioned heavily about partaking in the interview beforehand but chose to go ahead with it. I applaud her for her honesty with regards to a topic that has many sides to it and is very volatile. Clearly it is a deeply personal choice for her to declare her opinion regarding the evolved population and yet still she has provided generous funding to the Light House Orphanage for evolved children."

"I stand by West Rosen, as I stand by Sylvia Lockheart and I stand by my magazine and hope that America can and will benefit from the future pages of PAUSE that will be dedicated in some small part to dealing with and bringing to the American public a less censored and less puffy piece of reading. I'll pass you over to Mister Westen."

Like Nalani, West is dressed to impress, though his attire is blacks and pastels, a dark suit with a bubblegum pink undershirt and black tie, hair swept back from his face and smile bright. "I don't think there's anything I really need to add about this that Nalani hasn't said. But, I stand by my journalistic integrity, which admittedly most of you isn't aware existed. That's fine, I won't fault you for not reading in Indie newspaper. But, this is who it is, I tell it like it is."

West flashes the camera a smile with a raise of his brows. "This is a serious discussion that Mayor Lockheart and I had, serious and risky, but she made the choice. I can't speak for Lockheart, but to me it sound like maybe she had a guilty conscience. But that's just my take on things, and I applaud Sylvia for being brave enough to come out and tell us how she really feels. And that's— all I've got."

When the broadcast cuts back to the studio, the reporter is seated with a look of mild exasperation on his face that briefly passes. "There you have it, a statement from Pause Magazine surrounding the scandalous interview with Mayor Lockheart. We'll be keeping you up to date with 'round the clock coverage of this surprising development as it unfolds.

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